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All airlines are susceptible to delays and cancellations at times. However some are more likely to cause disruption than others.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) airline delays data for 2016 depicts EasyJet, British Airways and Flybe as having the most flights delayed by 3 hours or more over the course of the year. Between the three of them, they were accountable for over 2000 severe delays in 2016.

If you’ve experienced airline delays over 3 hours in length, it is possible that you will be entitled to compensation in accordance with EU flight compensation regulations.

Up to £540 compensation can be obtained in relation to airline flight cancellations and delays that have taken place in the last 6 years.

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Recent airline flight delays

Information regarding the latest airline delays across Europe is displayed below. Flight Delay Claims 4 U colleagues can also access the Civil Aviation Authority’s archive of historical flight data when assessing your case.

Live airline delays and cancellations

Date - Time Airport Flight no. Destination Status  
PMO U28244 LGW Delayed Claim now
HRG U28862 LGW Delayed Claim now
LGW U28861 HRG Delayed Claim now
NTE U28968 LGW Delayed Claim now
AMS U28882 LGW Delayed Claim now
LHR KL1024 AMS Cancelled Claim now
LYS U28414 LGW Delayed Claim now
EDI BE2103 LHR Cancelled Claim now

Suffering delayed or cancelled airline flights

  • easyJet
  • Monarch
  • Thomas Cook Airlines
  • flybe.
  • Thomson

Which airline were you delayed with?

According to Civil Aviation Authority statistic, more than 130 different airlines experienced severe delays in 2016, many of which were well in excess of 3 hours in length.

British and Irish airlines are among the worst culprits; EasyJet, British Airways, Flybe, Ryanair, Thomson Airways, Eastern Airways, Loganair, BMI Regional, Thomas Cook Airlines, Monarch Airlines, CityJet, Jet2 and Aer Lingus all feature in the Top 20 in terms of number of airline flight delays of 3 hours or more in 2016.

With the exception of British Airways, American Airlines, United Airlines, Norwegian Air International and Aer Lingus, it is predominantly budget and regional carriers that comprise the list of most frequently delayed flight operators.

If you have suffered disruption with these, or any other airline in the last 6 years our team can help you claim airline delay compensation for any inconvenience caused.

Commonly delayed airlines

No airline is immune from flight delays and cancellations – below is a list of some major airlines that have been responsible for passenger disruption in the past:

Helping you claim compensation for a cancelled flight

Handling every aspect of a claim

At Flight Delay Claims 4 U, we have the perfect blend of experience and expertise – a team of dedicated claim handlers are able to guide you through the process before handing your case over to a designated airline delay solicitor who will retrieve airline compensation for delayed flights by enforcing your EU passenger rights.

  • Establishing the facts

    Our case managers will gather as much information as possible regarding your airline delays before planning next steps

  • All paperwork and legal procedures taken care off

    We deal with all the admin that is involved when making airline delay claims

  • Enforcing airline passenger rights

    Imposing EU airline compensation rules against the offending flight operator to obtain compensation for airline delays

Additional benefits

Dedicated claims advisors, specialist legal partners, detailed weather assessments, historical flight data and a risk-free ‘no win, no fee’ policy make Flight Delay Claims 4 U the perfect choice when seeking support and representation for EU airline compensation claims.

Even if your initial claim is rejected by the airline, compensation for late flights can be recovered in court. We’ll assign a specialist solicitor to your case, so there is no need for you to attend the hearing itself – your legal representative will pursue compensation on your behalf.

The airline delay compensation rules defined by EU legislation allow passengers to claim airline compensation for delays exceeding 3 hours.

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We are dependable when it comes to prompt payment too – as soon as a case is won and funds are released by the airline, our accounts team will quickly transfer what is owed to you.

How to claim airline compensation for delays and cancellations?

We’ve made it as simple as possible to claim for airline delays and cancellations

When embarking on the airline claims process, all you need to provide is some if information about you and your flight. We’ll then assess the circumstances and discuss the feasibility of a claim before allocating an expert lawyer to the case who will submit an airline delay compensation letter to formally initiate the claim.

We won’t need any further input from you and no initial fee is charged. We carry out all the necessary admin and will only charge a fee for our services if your airline delay claim turns out to be successful.

Experts in EU airline compensation claims

Successfully claiming airline delay compensation for UK clients

Airline delays, cancellations and diversions blight air travel every day at airports across Europe. Thankfully, EU regulations are in place to protect the rights of passengers experiencing disruption. Flight Delay Claims 4 U can provide access to a network of solicitors with the essential expertise required to impose passenger rights on airlines.

  • ‘No win, no fee’ airline compensation lawyers

    We have the utmost confidence in the service we provide – which is why we retrieve your airline compensation on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis

  • Specialist airline compensation solicitors

    Our legal partners have a history of success when it comes to obtaining compensation in airline delay cases

  • Friendly and enthusiastic claim handlers

    Our dedicated claims team are able to provide you with airline claims advice as well as updates on the progress of your claim

Airline flight refund experts

Having experts on your side is always the best idea when embarking on airline delay claims; all lawyers we work with have assisted on numerous cases involving airline delays in the UK and abroad – making Flight Delay Claims 4 U market leaders in obtaining airline flight delay compensation.

Thanks to an EU directive, airline compensation up to the value of £540 can be claimed for airline delays over 3 hours in length.

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What happens when an airline cancels flights at the airport?

Passenger compensation for cancelled airline flights

EU regulations provide airline flight cancellation rules in relation to passenger compensation. As soon as airline cancellations occur, impacted passengers will become entitled to basic assistance measures to minimise the disruption faced. Where there is a the requirement to do so, airlines must provide meal vouchers, hotel accommodation, ground transport, alternative flights or a full ticket refund.

For passengers to qualify for cash compensation, certain criteria should be met; not only does the cancellation need to delay departure by at least 3 hours, but a claimant’s flight must also be departing an EU member state, unless it is being operated by an EU-based carrier and is scheduled to arrive at an airport in an EU country.

  • Claim eligibility

    Qualifying criteria include; delay length, airline nationality and location of departure airport are all qualifying criteria

  • Passenger assistance

    Meal vouchers, hotel accommodation, flight reroutes and refunds should be offered depending on the circumstances

  • Cancelled flight notification

    Airline compensation for cancelled flights will be due unless the flight operator has notified passengers of a delay or provided a suitable reroute at least two weeks prior to scheduled departure.

Notifying passengers

If possible, advanced notice of upcoming cancellations should be given by an airline; passenger compensation regulations dictate that individuals that have been notified of a cancellation at least two weeks prior to their departure will not be eligible for compensation.

If you’ve had a flight cancelled by an airline, you could be eligible to claim up to £540 compensation.

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Airline claims process

Share your flight details

By completing a straightforward airline delay claim form, you will be providing all the information that we need in order to pursue compensation from the airline in question.

A claims handler will respond to your enquiry

Our colleagues will get the process moving quickly in order to recover airline flight delay compensation.

Your airline delay rights are enforced by a designated lawyer

When contesting an airline, compensation lawyers selected by us will put forward a robust claim by calling on their considerable experience and knowledge of the EU regulations regarding airline delay compensation.

Compensation is received

Most claims for airline delays conclude with a settlement being agreed outside of court – in these situations, compensation is retrieved and the amount owed is transferred to you immediately. If your initial claim gets rejected, your designated solicitor will begin formal legal action against the airline and recovered in court.

  • Collect information that may reinforce a claim
  • Request meal vouchers (these are a passenger entitlement)
  • Keep hold of documents that relate to your delayed flight
  • Compile photographic and video evidence

The Airline has delayed my flight – what should I do?

Providing a detailed account is pivotal to successfully claiming airline flight delay compensation

When encountering delayed airline flights, it is always helpful to base a story on factual elements that can be backed up by the information that you’ve collated before, during and after the incident.

Keep an eye on timeframes as the situation plays out, pay attention to airline announcements, and don’t hesitate to approach airline staff for more detailed information. Keeping a note of responses if necessary.

Meal vouchers

When you have spent more than 2 hours waiting around at an airport because of airline delays, vouchers can be obtained to pay for refreshments at outlets within the terminal. If your airline fails to provide them voluntarily, a request can be made – make a note of their value and how far into your delay you were when you received them.

Retain all flight documentation as supporting evidence

Booking confirmation, boarding passes, vouchers, letters and emails are all potentially useful pieces of supporting evidence when claiming delayed airline flights compensation. It is a good idea to make copies wherever possible to prevent relevant documents from getting lost.

Visual evidence of airline delays

Documenting your delay circumstances with photos and video footage will be particularly useful when claiming airline compensation for weather delays as it will allow claimants to present visual proof of the actual severity of conditions in case the airline blames delays on “extraordinary circumstances”.

Airline delays and compensation experience

Solicitors experienced in claiming airline compensation for UK clients

Know-how and experience are massively important in getting compensation from airlines for delayed flights – we are able to call on the services of a wide network of skilled solicitors that have an enviable success rate when it comes to obtaining airline delays compensation for UK claimants.

Cancelled flight compensation solicitors

A firm understanding of EU airline delay rules and regulations achieved through multiple airline compensation cases handled over the last decade means that your EU airline claims are in safe hands. Our legal partners always put the client first and will be determined to achieve justice through retrieving the compensation that you are owed.

Comprehensive airline compensation help and support provided by Flight Delay Claims 4 U

With a dedicated team of airline claims experts you can be assured of the very best assistance when it comes to enforcing airline passenger rights for delayed flights.

We’ll take away the hassle from making a claim as our highly-trained colleagues have considerable knowledge of international airline compensation rules and will take care of all paperwork and legal matters on your behalf once they have received details of your flight delay situation.

An extensive knowledge of EU airline delay compensation law has been obtained through our team’s participation in numerous airline compensation claims. In addition to this experience, we can also access a wealth of information such as detailed weather assessments and historical Civil Aviation Authority flight data to present the strongest case possible.

The solicitor allocated to you will be ready for any eventuality thanks to their extensive experience of late airline compensation claims against major European airlines over the last decade.

While the majority of claims end with airline compensation pay-outs being made before court proceedings are required, it is sometimes only possible to resolve a case by taking legal action. In such situations, a specialist solicitor will be assigned to your case to attend court on your behalf and retrieve compensation through a favourable ruling by a district judge.

All of our legal partners are likely to have worked on several cases similar to yours, allowing them to put their experience into practice when pursuing airline compensation for EU flight delays you’ve suffered in the last 6 years.

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Less common airline delay reasons

Civil unrest and political uncertainty

Situations that can delay airlines

Airline travel delays can sometimes be caused by major civil and political issues. Flights can even be cancelled altogether if a terrorist attacks or political protests happen in the vicinity.

Direct and indirect repercussions

Civil disruption may not directly impact your airline or route, but could have a knock-on effect. If this is the case, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to retrieve compensation due to events constituting “extraordinary circumstances” that were beyond the reasonable control of your flight operator.

Airline delays caused by other unforeseen circumstances

Natural disasters

If a natural disaster causes airline delays, passenger rights will not necessarily guarantee compensation. Events such as volcano eruptions, forest fires, earthquakes and storms are often very disruptive and difficult to predict. Your flight operator is unlikely to be directly accountable for any flight disruption as the situations such as those above will usually be considered as “extraordinary circumstances” according to EU airline compensation laws.

Crash incidents

Although rare, crash incidents and emergency landings taking place at airports will inevitably lead to runway closure; leading to multiple airline delays and cancellations. Similarly to natural disasters, because a flight operator has no control of incidents caused by another airline, crash compensation is not likely.

Airline compensation amounts

When claiming for a flight delay, airline compensation payments will vary based on the scheduled flight distance as well as the severity of the delay. The summary below outlines the different levels of compensation paid in accordance with these factors.

It is becoming more common for airlines to settle claims quickly in order to avoid the costs associated with court cases.

Compensation Table

Amounts set by EU Regulations 261/2004
Flight distance Delay on arrival (hours) Compensation
Up to 1,500km 3 or more £226†/€250
1,500km - 3,500km 3 or more £361†/€400
Over 3,500km‡ 3 to 4 £271†/€300
Over 3,500km‡ 4 or more £540†/€600

For distances of greater than 3,500km, for the higher amount of compensation the journey will need to have departed from an EU (European) airport and be delayed on arrival in a Non-EU airport (Such as Manchester to Diagoras.) The airline is eligible to apply a 50% flat reduction on compensation awarded if the delay was between 3 and 4 hours.

Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent on the exchange rate at the time of the delay, or on the date your claim is settled
(This will depend on the airline).

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Quick airline compensation claim!

Quick airline compensation claim!

Claire Mills London

I decided to make a claim after my airline cancelled my flight to Portugal. I was amazed at how quickly I got my compensation – just a couple of weeks after my initial enquiry. All the team were really helpful and couldn't help enough. In the end I was awarded £280 for my delayed flight and I've just booked another holiday with the money recieved!

Very, happy, trust the experts!

Very, happy, trust the experts!

Melanie Bryant Chester

I’d recently had a flight delayed by more than 5 hours but didn’t really know how to get airline compensation – I got in touch with Flight Delay Claims 4 U and they advised me to submit a claim. Once my designated solicitor had sent the airline a delay claim letter a few weeks later I got the good news and received £540 compensation.

Airline cancellation compensation Success

Airline cancellation compensation Success

Petra Bejton Worcester

My airline cancelled flights to Spain because of a cabin crew strike. When I informed the claims team at Flight Delay Claims 4 U, they advised me that I could claim for the disruption caused. They guided me through he entire process and took care of all the admin – it was a completely hassle-free experience.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are flights cancelled by non-EU airlines covered by EU compensation regulations?

Yes. In order to successfully claim airline compensation for cancelled flights that have been scheduled by a non-EU carrier, the departure airport must be situated in an EU member state.

An IT glitch caused airline delays today – can we claim compensation?

When technical faults cause airline delays, compensation rules dictate that the airline responsible will be obligated to compensate passengers as it is the carrier’s responsibility to maintain operational planes and support systems.

My airline cancelled my flight because of a cabin crew strike – can I get compensation?

When strikes are in staged by staff employed by the airline, cancelled flight compensation can be claimed due to circumstances being within the control of the airline (i.e. reaching an agreement with trade unions / employees).

Do airline compensation payments vary depending on who you are flying with?

No – all airline compensation pay-outs follow standardised criteria, with the amount awarded being calculated based on flight distance and delay duration. Payments typically range between £220 and £540.

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What happens if I am delayed after being switched to another airline?

Even if you end up travelling with a different airline, compensation rights still apply if your arrival is more than 3 hours behind schedule. Any claim that you make for this delay will be against the airline that you were originally due to fly with.

What are the rules regarding airline compensation for a missed connection?

As long as all flights are part of the same reservation your airline compensation entitlements remain unchanged, allowing you to claim if you arrive at your final destination more than 3 hours behind schedule.

A runway closure has caused airline cancellations – will I get compensation?

Unfortunately not – runway closure is a decision made by airport authorities and will therefore be adjudged to be beyond the control of your airline – as a result, cash compensation is not an option open to passengers impacted.

Which airline delays the most flights?

Civil Aviation Authority statistics indicate that EasyJet, British Airways and Flybe had the most flights delayed by 3 hours or more in 2016.

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How long after the incident am I able to claim compensation?

The UK Statute of Limitations directs that airline obligations for delayed flights extend as far back as 6 years from the date of the scheduled flight departure.

Some carriers have tried to dispute the 6-year limit and have even attempted to impose their own time restrictions on claimants. However, these are to be overruled by EU courts following the precedent set by Goel and Trivedi vs. Ryanair which ruled that the budget operator should not be permitted to cite self-defined time limits when rejecting a passenger’s claim.

How do I claim airline compensation for delays I’ve suffered?

Fill out a few details in our online enquiry form and we will assess your case and contact you ahead of potentially submitting a claim against the airline in question. Working with our legal partners and National Enforcement Bodies (NEBs), we will take all the action necessary to recover compensation.

Which international airlines have the longest average delay times?

Vueling Airlines, American Airlines, and EasyJet are the worst offenders in terms of delay length – all three had an average delay duration of more than 20 minutes over the course of 2016.

Will I lose my frequent flyer rewards if I receive airline compensation following a delayed flight?

It is advisable to check the airline’s own terms & conditions, but according to legislation set out by the EU, airline compensation for delayed flights is to be paid solely in relation to the inconvenience suffered and is independent of ticket type and airline policy.

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How do I get information about airline cancellations and delays?

Your airline has a duty to keep you updated regarding the status of your flight – information relating to service delays must be provided as soon as possible and no longer than 30 minutes after the scheduled departure time. Your flight operator is also obligated to declare an estimated departure time once enough information has been established.

More general flight schedule information can also be found on live departure boards around the airport terminal.

Do airlines compensate delays of less than 3 hours?

Although no cash compensation is due to passengers suffering flight delays that are less than 3 hours in length, those delayed by 2 hours or more will become entitled to basic assistance such as meal vouchers, hotel accommodation and ticket refunds.

How is the airline 3 hour delay compensation timeframe officially measured?

EU regulations have always stated that delay duration is to be measured using flight arrival times. However, the definition of ‘arrival time’ was a grey-area and was exploited by low-cost carrier, Germanwings during their rejection of a passenger claim. In the European Court of Justice, Germanwings vs. Henning centred around the airlines assertion that the delay experienced by the claimant was actually only 2 hours and 58 minutes by the time the plane hand landed on the runway and therefore marginally below the 3 hour delay duration required for a compensation claim to be valid. However, the judge set a precedent by refuting the airline’s claims on the basis that delay duration should instead be measured from the point in time at which a passenger is allowed to physically leave the aircraft (i.e. when doors have been opened).

The passengers claim was upheld and compensation paid as directed by EU regulations.

Is there a minimum flight distance required under EU airline compensation guidelines?

No. Regardless of the scheduled distance of delayed airline flights, compensation can be claimed – although it is worth noting that the sum of compensation owed will be determined by both flight distance and delay duration.