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As a popular low-cost airline serving 30 million passengers on around 300,000 flights annually, flight delays with EasyJet are not an unusual occurrence. EasyJet flight delay statistics for 2016 show that the average delay to UK departures in 2016 was 20 minutes and there were over 2,200 instances of EasyJet flights delayed by 3 hours or more.

For any EasyJet flight delay of 3 hours or more, the obligation for passenger compensation payments will become necessary if the disruption is proven to be the fault of the budget operator and the circumstances satisfy other criteria outlined by EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004).

If EasyJet flights were cancelled or delayed in the last 6 years and have caused you inconvenience, you may qualify to claim up to £540 compensation from them.

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EasyJet flight delay information

Use the live delays and cancellations table below to view the latest EasyJet flight delays information. To officially confirm the status of yours and other flights, Flight Delay Claims 4 U can access data from a comprehensive EasyJet flight delay history thanks to our relationship with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Live flight delays and cancellations

Date - Time Airport Flight no. Destination Status  
PMO U28244 LGW Delayed Claim now
HRG U28862 LGW Delayed Claim now
LGW U28861 HRG Delayed Claim now
NTE U28968 LGW Delayed Claim now
AMS U28882 LGW Delayed Claim now
LYS U28414 LGW Delayed Claim now
KRK U26276 BRS Delayed Claim now
GVA U21950 MAN Delayed Claim now

Help with EasyJet compensation claims

A history of successful EasyJet claims

EasyJet flight cancellations, delays and diversions happen fairly frequently; if you are a passenger affected by EasyJet flight disruption, compensation is potentially obtainable with help from Flight Delay Claims 4 U who have a team of experts ready to provide advice and take on your case.

  • UK-based team

    The friendly team of claim handlers at Flight Delay Claims 4 U are here in the UK and ready to provide advice and support.

  • Knowledge of historical claims

    Our well-informed colleagues are familiar with UK claims concerning EasyJet flight cancellations and delays. Our experience can be integral to a successful EasyJet flight claim.

  • EasyJet route weather assessment

    Given that they fly to over 120 destinations throughout Europe, EasyJet flight delays due to weather aren’t particularly rare. In rejecting any claims it will be EasyJet’s responsibility to provide ample evidence that the conditions constituted "extraordinary circumstances". To build a robust counterargument, we can conduct a detailed weather assessment of the departure airport and scheduled route.

EasyJet delayed flights are subject to EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004)

As a consequence of basing EasyJet in the UK, flight delays caused by the carrier will be governed by EU legislation, regardless of scheduled destination.

The regulations permit passengers impacted by any flight delay EasyJet has caused to demand compensation on the basis that the flight was due to depart in the last 6 years and delayed by at least 3 hours.

Thanks to regulations relating to EU flight delay compensation, EasyJet passengers can claim up to £540 for any inconvenience that resulted from flight disruption.

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A lawyer specialising in flight compensation claims will enforce your rights rigorously while presenting your case. EasyJet flight delay compensation tends to range from £220 to £540 depending on factors such as flight distance and extent of delay. Flight Delay Claims 4 U make it possible to claim for additional passengers too, so if the rest of your group were also inconvenienced, be sure to include them on your EasyJet flight delay claim form.

How to claim EasyJet compensation for delays and cancellations

Let us know about your EasyJet flight delays today!

EasyJet run routes from 15 UK airports to 124 destinations across Europe, all of which can be exposed to flight delay issues. The airline’s Gatwick departures suffered around 1,200 delays in excess of 3 hours in 2016; equating to over half of all flight delays EasyJet was accountable for during this time.

If yours was one of the thousands of EasyJet flight delays in the UK over the last 6 years, get in touch and we’ll advise whether compensation is a possibility.

EasyJet has grown in popularity immensely over the last two decades, becoming the UK’s biggest budget airline and the fact they operate approximately 300,000 flights a year means it is crucial for us to get us much information about your flight as possible to build strong EasyJet flight compensation claims.

Once the details of your case have been established, we will look after your claim all the way up to its conclusion. You are allocated a specialist solicitor too, who will handle the legal aspects of your claim in an effort to retrieve EasyJet delayed flight compensation.

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EasyJet flight delay compensation claims process

Enter your EasyJet flight details

Completing our simple EasyJet flight compensation claim form with a few basic details allows us to get started. Any further information you can provide about your flight disruption is also beneficial.

Our compensation experts get in touch

At Flight Delay Claims 4 U, we pride ourselves on working professionally and efficiently. We look to initiate claims immediately in order to recovered delayed or cancelled flight compensation from EasyJet in a timely fashion.

Your passenger rights are enforced

A solicitor with extensive flight compensation experience will impose EU passenger rights against EasyJet to acquire the cash settlement that you deserve.

Receive delayed plane compensation from EasyJet

Most EasyJet flight compensation cases we work on will reach a favourable conclusion outside of court, with compensation swiftly obtained from the airline. If EasyJet refute a compensation claim, the case will be taken to court. A specialist solicitor will be selected to represent you and your case. If a judgement is made in your favour, our accounts team will quickly process payment of the sum owed to you.

  • Collect information to support your claim
  • Request refreshment vouchers
  • Keep any documents given to you by EasyJet
  • Capture photos and video footage

What to do if your EasyJet flight is delayed

Factual evidence to strengthen EasyJet claims for delayed flights

Once it becomes apparent that you are going to suffer a flight delay with EasyJet, it is worthwhile to compile potential evidence as the event unfolds. Observe the time elapsed; listen carefully for announcements relating to your flight and hang on to any documents that EasyJet provides you with. Approaching EasyJet staff for more information could also help understand the situation fully before submitting a claim.

Food & drink vouchers

EasyJet flights delayed by 2 hours or more will require EasyJet staff to distribute meal vouchers to passengers affected. They are to be of a value proportionate to the delay duration and if the EasyJet are not forthcoming in offering them, they can be requested as a passenger entitlement.

Keep hold of EasyJet documentation

Along with any letters or emails that you’ve received from EasyJet, your booking confirmation, tickets and boarding cards can all help build a robust catalogue of evidence for cases regarding EasyJet delayed flight complaints. Passengers are advised to make copies to prevent documents being misplaced.

Passenger photos can support an EasyJet flight delay claim

Capturing photographs and video footage is an excellent way of keeping a record of events surrounding an EasyJet delayed flight. For example, if you endure EasyJet flight delays due to weather, pictures of actual airport weather conditions can support a counterclaim if EasyJet are citing "extraordinary circumstances".

Our experience in EasyJet delay compensation claims

Highly-skilled solicitors

Successful EasyJet EU compensation claims are built on a foundation of expert knowledge and experience. Entrusting a specialist solicitor with your case gives you the best chance of success when approaching EasyJet to claim compensation for delayed flights.

easyJet flight delay compensation solicitors

Our panel of legal professionals will have an extensive knowledge of EasyJet compensation rules and have the experience that comes with assisting numerous claimants get EasyJet delayed flights compensation.

Here to support you from start to finish

A devoted claims team is on your side throughout the process of claiming flight delay compensation from EasyJet. With Flight Delay Claims 4 U handling your case, you will receive the support of trained claim representatives that are both knowledgeable and eager to help with your EasyJet delay compensation claim.

Claimants don’t need to be experts in EasyJet delay compensation policy or claim eligibility – as long as our claim handlers are provided with the basic details of your flight, they will be able to take care of everything else.

Your case representative’s understanding of EU legislation and case law is a result of their participation in numerous EasyJet flight delay compensation claims. In addition to the knowledge and expertise of our colleagues, Flight Delay Claims 4 U has access to EasyJet flight delay history and comprehensive weather assessments. This blend of tools and experience makes the whole process as routine as possible.

Prepared for any situation during a claim, a specialist lawyer will put their skills to use when imposing your passenger rights to retrieve a suitable amount of EU flight compensation from EasyJet as quickly as possible.

The vast majority of cases will reach a conclusion before court action is required, with an EasyJet compensation amount being paid to the claimant voluntarily. If a claim is rejected and the only option is to take EasyJet to court, a qualified solicitor will attend the hearing on your behalf to pursue EasyJet compensation for your late flight. We will have taken part in many EasyJet delay cases comparable to yours, leaving our team fully prepared for different situations having acquired experience from previous successful EasyJet flight delay claims.

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EasyJet compensation amounts

EasyJet compensation for flight delays is calculated in accordance with the length of delay and flight distance. It broadly adheres to the formula summarised by the table below. EasyJet will be familiar with delay claims being brought against them and will normally endeavour to conclude a case outside of court with an appropriate compensation settlement.

Compensation Table

Amounts set by EU Regulations 261/2004
Flight distance Delay on arrival (hours) Compensation
Up to 1,500km 3 or more £226†/€250
1,500km - 3,500km 3 or more £361†/€400
Over 3,500km‡ 3 to 4 £271†/€300
Over 3,500km‡ 4 or more £540†/€600

For distances of greater than 3,500km, for the higher amount of compensation the journey will need to have departed from an EU (European) airport and be delayed on arrival in a Non-EU airport (Such as Manchester to Diagoras.) The airline is eligible to apply a 50% flat reduction on compensation awarded if the delay was between 3 and 4 hours.

Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent on the exchange rate at the time of the delay, or on the date your claim is settled
(This will depend on the airline).

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EasyJet cancelled flight compensation

EasyJet cancelled flight compensation

Matthew Coleford Southport

We got the compensation for our EasyJet flight cancellations today and I couldn't be more smug! Having been left bemused by the EasyJet flight cancellation policy, my girlfriend and I decided to speak to Flight Delay Claims 4 U for advice. After I told them all about my situation they took care of everything right up until EasyJet paid up – couldn’t be easier!

EasyJet overbooked flight claim success

EasyJet overbooked flight claim success

Pauline Lofthouse Warwick

I was previously unaware of the EasyJet overbooking policy. To my horror, when I arrived at Gatwick for my flight I was prevented from boarding the plane because EasyJet overbooked my flight. I was so outraged with the disruption this had caused that I decided to pursue an EasyJet overbooking compensation claim and got an extra £220 on top of my ticket refund.

EasyJet compensation for cancelled flights

EasyJet compensation for cancelled flights

Francis Hughes Southampton

At the airport I was offered an EasyJet flight cancellation refund but was still angry as my holiday to Greece had been ruined. In the initial pursuit of compensation for my cancelled flight, EasyJet rejected the claim so my assigned solicitor took legal action against them, and just a couple of weeks after that, I had received my EasyJet flight cancellation compensation.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the latest EasyJet flight cancellation information?

The airport will have departure information screens situated all over the terminal buildings and similar flight updates can be found on the airport website. If you are looking for EasyJet-specific updates, these can be found using the flight tracker on EasyJet’s website. To find out even more information, it is sometimes worthwhile approaching EasyJet staff at the airport to find out what they know.

My journey was disrupted by an EasyJet flight cancellation today – can I claim compensation?

If the subsequent delays are 3 or more hours in length and the cancellations are not caused by circumstances beyond the airline’s control then an EasyJet flight cancellation claim can be made.

Why does EasyJet overbook its flights?

Passengers often fail to show up at the airport; consequently airlines such as EasyJet will overbook in anticipation of this. For EasyJet, overbooking flights is merely a way to guarantee the highest possible seat occupation rates. By selling more tickets than there are seats; EasyJet will be able to increase operational efficiency and revenue.

What happens if EasyJet denied boarding due to overbooking incident?

If you were one of the unfortunate passengers to lose their seat you could be entitled to EasyJet overbooked flight compensation. This is in addition to a flight refund and basic assistance required (hotel accommodation, meal vouchers etc).

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How do I start claiming EasyJet compensation for delays I’ve suffered?

Simply complete one of our EasyJet delay compensation forms and we’ll get in touch to progress the claim on your behalf.

EasyJet cancelled our flights in 2016 – will we be eligible for EasyJet compensation?

When claiming EasyJet compensation, cancelled flights must have caused delays of at least 3 hours, been the fault of the airline and taken place in the last 6 years. Since your EasyJet flight cancellation happened in 2016, it is only the additional criteria that will need to be met to make a successful claim.

Is it possible to get an EasyJet delayed flight refund?

Although it is usually possible to obtain a cancelled flight refund from EasyJet, they will not generally offer refunds in flight delay cases. Instead, for passengers suffering a flight delay, EasyJet compensation can be claimed in accordance with EU flight compensation regulations.

My flight was cancelled due to an Air Traffic Control strike – do EasyJet pay compensation in these circumstances?

As EasyJet cancelled flights due to strikes by non-airline staff, it is likely that they will have no liability for the disruption caused – compensation will not be required as the strike situation was beyond the direct control of the airline.

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My EasyJet flight was delayed for 2 hours – can I get compensation for the inconvenience?

In the case of an EasyJet 2 hour delay, compensation will not be in the form of financial imbursement. However, for a 2 hour EasyJet flight delay, food vouchers are obligatory.

My flight was delayed 3 years ago, the EasyJet delayed flight policy suggests I have left it too late to claim – is this right?

No. Airlines such as EasyJet will often look to impose their own rules. An EasyJet flight delay policy will always be overcalled by the guidelines set by EU legislation – therefore, the limit of 6 years remains in place, and EasyJet are obligated to adhere to this.

I’ve endured an EasyJet flight cancellation due to weather conditions – what are my rights?

To claim compensation for an EasyJet flight cancellation, weather conditions must not constitute "extraordinary conditions" – if the weather is generally considered unsafe for flying, EasyJet will have no liability to pay compensation for the disruption caused as the situation falls outside of their direct control.

What are the standard EasyJet compensation amounts that are paid to passengers?

When it comes to EasyJet compensation, how much you receive is dependent on flight distance and delay duration. The final sum will generally be between £220 and £540. The longer the flight distance and delay duration are; the more compensation is required.

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How is the EasyJet 3 hour delay compensation cut-off calculated?

Although it’s stated that delays are measured using actual flight arrival times, EU regulations have been a little bit unclear on precisely what this means. For example, budget operator, Germanwings disputed a claim for flight delay compensation by arguing that the delay was in fact only 2 hours and 58 minutes when the plane touched down on the runway at the destination airport.

Germanwings vs. Ronny Henning was the resulting court case that took place in September 2014. At the European Court of Justice hearing, a judge ruled that the delay duration should in fact be measured from the moment that a passenger is permitted to disembark the plane (i.e. when cabin crew have opened aircraft doors)

This case has been used as a precedent for defining delay durations in marginal situations.

I’ve lost my boarding card – can I still claim delayed flight compensation from EasyJet?

Boarding cards aren’t necessarily required when making your claim - just make sure that you give us as much information as you can by completing an EasyJet delayed flight compensation form.

I was forced to stay overnight at the airport when my EasyJet flight was delayed – should I have been offered hotel accommodation?

Given the duration of the delay resulting from the EasyJet flight cancelled, hotel accommodation should have been afforded to affected passengers. If EasyJet failed to do so, it is further evidence to support a compensation claim.

I’ve had a claim rejected because of the EasyJet compensation policy relating to "extraordinary circumstances" – what happens now?

When claiming EasyJet compensation it is up to the airline in question to prove that the circumstances were extreme enough to be deemed beyond the reasonable control of any flight operator. There have been a couple of recent cases that have been used as precedents for “extraordinary circumstances” interpretation:

McDonagh vs. Ryanair Ltd was heard in the European Court of Justice and decreed that extreme naturally occurring events such as the Icelandic ash cloud cause by a volcano in 2010 were “extraordinary circumstances” given the widespread disruption caused. This interpretation nullified the requirement to compensate passengers for delays occurring in such situations.

There have also been situations where airlines have disguised technical faults by blaming extraordinary circumstances. Jet2 vs. Huzar went to the English Court of Appeal in the summer of 2014, where it was declared that technical and mechanical faults surfacing as a result of airline negligence or poor maintenance cannot be cited as “extraordinary circumstances”.

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I’m thinking of making a claim for EasyJet compensation – how long do I have submit it?

The time limit set by the UK Statute of Limitations is 6 years from the scheduled departure date of your EasyJet flight.

Is there a minimum flight distance required for EasyJet compensation claims?

For passengers enduring a cancelled or delayed EasyJet flight, compensation is a possibility regardless of flight distance. However, payment will vary in accordance with the flight distance intervals defined by EU legislation.

How do I claim flight delay compensation from EasyJet if I purchased a ticket with frequent flyer points?

The process is the same as if you had used hard currency to purchase your seat. It is only discounted or free tickets (not publicly available) that are excluded from EasyJet compensation claims.

What is the EasyJet flight delays policy for domestic routes?

EasyJet flight delays in the UK follow the same rules as those involving overseas routes. EasyJet policy must adhere to EU regulations or they will potentially face passenger compensation claims.