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Annually, over 6 million passengers travel on the 42,000 fights operated by the Leeds-based budget airline, so it’s not surprising that travellers experience occasional flight delays with Jet2.

The Civil Aviation Authority’s Jet2 flight delay statistics for 2016 calculate the average departure delay to be around 16 minutes. The data also indicates that there were 210 Jet2 flights delayed by 3 hours or more.

When enduring a Jet2 flight delay over 3 hours in length, passengers may become eligible for compensation if EU legislative criteria are met and the delay or cancellation is considered to be the airline’s fault.

You can claim up to £540 compensation for Jet2 flights cancelled or delayed in the last 6 years.

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Jet2 flight delay information

Below you can find the latest Jet2 flight delays information. To assess the status of your flights, the team at Flight Delay Claims 4 U can search through an extensive archive of historical flight data provided by aviation governing bodies.

Live flight delays and cancellations

Date - Time Airport Flight no. Destination Status  
DBV LS962 MAN Delayed Claim now
FAO LS876 MAN Delayed Claim now
KRK LS950 MAN Delayed Claim now
TFS LS756 MAN Delayed Claim now
AGP LS810 MAN Delayed Claim now
REU LS930 MAN Delayed Claim now
AGP LS810 MAN Delayed Claim now
MAN LS809 AGP Delayed Claim now

Professional support for Jet2 compensation claims

A history of successful Jet2 fight claims

Jet2 flight cancellations, diversions and delays are a reasonably regular occurrences; if you are one of the many travellers impacted by Jet2 flight disruption, compensation could be a possibility with the assistance of Flight Delay Claims 4 U. Our team members have the know-how and experience to guide you through a claim.

  • Devoted claim handlers

    Our claims department is made up of highly-trained colleagues that are eager to provide the highest levels of customer service

  • A firm understanding of compensation law

    Our knowledgeable case managers have experience in helping clients like you claim compensation for Jet2 flight cancellations and delays

  • Applying weather assessments to Jet2 routes

    With a fleet of 70 planes travelling to over 50 destinations across Europe, Jet2 flight delays due to weather aren’t particularly uncommon. We have access to detailed weather assessments that can be applied to strengthen your claim – it will then be up to Jet2 to prove that the weather was extreme enough to be considered as “extraordinary circumstances”

All Jet2 delayed flights are governed by EU regulations

Jet2 is UK based and is therefore required to abide by EU flight compensation regulations, irrespective of the departure airport’s location.

The law gives passengers the opportunity to claim compensation for a flight delay Jet2 has failed to prevent taking place. Legislation dictates that the impacted flight must have been scheduled to depart in the last 6 years and delayed for a minimum of 3 hours.

Under the guidelines for EU flight delay compensation, Jet2 customers are eligible to claim as much as £540 for flight disruption suffered in the last 6 years

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A qualified solicitor with an extensive knowledge of flight compensation law will impose the relevant passenger rights when requesting compensation for your flight disruption. Jet2 flight delay compensation typically amounts to between £220 and £540 and is calculated in accordance to the flight distance and length of your delay. We can include extra passengers on your claim too, so if you were travelling in a group please mention this when submitting your Jet2 flight delay claim form.

How to claim Jet2 compensation for delays and cancellations

Contact us regarding your Jet2 flight delays today!

Jet2 operate fights from 9 UK airports to 56 destinations throughout Europe – all of which are potentially at risk of disruption. Manchester Airport contributes the most in terms of flight delays exceeding 3 hours – it was where approximately one-third of all the flight delays Jet2 experienced in 2016.

We can provide advice and guidance for Jet2 claims, so get in touch if you were inconvenienced by one of the hundreds of Jet2 flight delays in the UK over the last 6 years.

Jet2 passenger numbers have steadily increased in the last 10 years, making it the fourth largest operator in the UK. Over 40,000 flights are carried out by their fleet of 70 planes over the course of a year, so it is recommended that claimants provide us with accurate details about their flight so we can establish the facts and present a robust Jet2 flight compensation claim.

Case managers will take care of your claim right up to the point of completion. During the process, you will be assigned an expert lawyer as well to deal with the legalities involved when claiming Jet2 delayed flight compensation.

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Jet2 flight delay compensation claims procedure

Submit your Jet2 flight details

By completing a straightforward Jet2 compensation claim form, you will allow your case manager to quickly assess your case and formulate the best approach to arriving at a swift compensation settlement with Jet2.

Our claims department will call you back

All of our claim handlers are professional and diligent; by working efficiently to process claims they will provide vital assistance in claiming delayed or cancelled flight compensation from Jet2 for you as quickly as possible.

Your passenger rights are enforced

A highly-experienced lawyer will apply EU passenger rights to your case when claiming flight delay compensation from Jet2.

We obtain your delayed plane compensation from Jet2

It’s normally the case that Jet2 flight compensation claims end with an amicable settlement being reached without the need for legal action. However, if Jet2 choose to reject or ignore a compensation request, we can begin legal proceedings and provide you with a lawyer to attend a court hearing in the pursuit of compensation – if the judge rules in your favour, our payment processors will look to transfer the funds you are owed as quickly as possible.

  • Amass information that might support a claim
  • Demand meal vouchers as entitled
  • Retain any documents Jet2 have provided you with
  • Take photos and record videos

What to do when your Jet2 flight gets delayed

Collate supporting information

When it becomes clear that significant flight delays on Jet2 departures are taking place, we recommend that passengers gather any substantial information as the situation unravels. It is important to take note of announcements broadcast by Jet2 staff at the airport and keep hold of relevant documents given to them. Asking Jet2 representatives for extra details can also add weight to a subsequent compensation claim.

Meal vouchers

A Jet2 flight delayed by 2 hours or more will necessitate the need for Jet2 to issue meal vouchers of equivalent value to the delay duration to all passengers impacted by the disruption. If Jet2 staff fail to provide them in a timely manner, customers should request them as they are entitled to them by EU regulations.

Retain Jet2 documents

Tickets, boarding cards and airline correspondence can all help build a considerable cache of supporting evidence to apply to any Jet2 delayed flight complaints made by impacted passengers. It’s advisable that claimants make copies of these documents to provide a backup in the event of originals being mislaid.

Photos and video to reinforce a Jet2 flight delay claim

Recording circumstances surrounding Jet2 delayed flights through pictures and video footage can really help when the airline disputes case facts. For instance, if a passenger suffers Jet2 flight delays due to weather, visual evidence of actual weather conditions will be invaluable in countering any “extraordinary circumstances” defence that Jet2 present.

Our Jet2 delay compensation claim experience

Specialist flight compensation lawyers

Winning a Jet2 EU compensation claim requires all the know-how and experience that is best provided by an expert lawyer. Choosing Flight Delay Claims 4 U to handle your case you will have specialists approaching Jet2 to claim compensation for delayed flights on your behalf.

Jet2 Flight delay compensation solicitors

Our legal partners have an unrivalled understanding of Jet2 compensation rules and have been successful in helping clients get Jet2 delayed flights compensation.

Guiding claimants through the entire process

The dedicated case managers at Flight Delay Claims 4 U are entirely devoted to claiming flight delay compensation from Jet2 in a professional and efficient manner. The advice and guidance we offer is unparalleled and provides the perfect foundation for a successful Jet2 delay compensation claim.

Our clients don’t have to know all about Jet2 delay compensation policy or eligibility criteria – providing that our claims team get given the relevant information, they can deal with all the technical and legal procedures involved.

A firm grasp of EU regulations and associated case law is embedded in our culture at Flight Delay Claims 4 U; all claim handlers have built up an understanding of legal aspects having processed numerous Jet2 flight compensation claims. As well as the know-how possessed by our team, Jet2 flight delay history and detailed weather reports can be utilised to provide a comprehensive compensation service.

The solicitors selected by us to provide clients with legal representation are adept at dealing with all kinds of claim scenarios and will ensure maximum impact is made when enforcing passenger rights to obtain EU flight compensation from Jet2 as soon as possible.

Most cases conclude with an out-of-court settlement being offered by Jet2. If they dispute, ignore or reject the claim, court action will be required. In these circumstances, a designated lawyer will represent you when contesting Jet2 representatives in front of a judge who will rule whether or not you are eligible to acquire Jet2 compensation for your late flight.

Having worked on numerous flight delay cases, challenging a wide variety of airlines, the representatives assigned to our cases have the right blend of knowledge and experience to obtain compensation for claimants making Jet2 flight delay claims.

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Jet2 compensation amounts

The amount of Jet2 compensation for flight delays gets determined by the duration of the delay and the scheduled flight distance (in kilometres) – a formula akin to the one displayed in the grid below is applied.

Jet2 will be no strangers to flight delay claims being raised against them so will probably be aware that the best approach for the defending airlines in most cases is to offer an appropriate settlement to the claimant before legal action is taken.

Compensation Table

Amounts set by EU Regulations 261/2004
Flight distance Delay on arrival (hours) Compensation
Up to 1,500km 3 or more £226†/€250
1,500km - 3,500km 3 or more £361†/€400
Over 3,500km‡ 3 to 4 £271†/€300
Over 3,500km‡ 4 or more £540†/€600

For distances of greater than 3,500km, for the higher amount of compensation the journey will need to have departed from an EU (European) airport and be delayed on arrival in a Non-EU airport (Such as Manchester to Diagoras.) The airline is eligible to apply a 50% flat reduction on compensation awarded if the delay was between 3 and 4 hours.

Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent on the exchange rate at the time of the delay, or on the date your claim is settled
(This will depend on the airline).

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Jet2 cancelled flight compensation success

Jet2 cancelled flight compensation success

Robbie Dunham Blackburn

My wife and I were absolutely thrilled to have received compensation for our Jet2 flight cancellations today. We were both so confused by the Jet2 flight cancellation policy that we thought it was a good idea to contact compensation claim experts. Flight Delay Claims 4 U handled everything on our behalf so there really was no stress involved in making a claim.

Jet2 overbooked flight claim success

Jet2 overbooked flight claim success

Laura Timpson Cambridge

I had no idea about the Jet2 overbooking policy, so when I was denied boarding at Stansted thanks to the fact that Jet2 overbooked my flight, I was more than a little upset. I went ahead with Flight Delay Claims 4 U and made a claim for Jet2 overbooking compensation – I was delighted to receive £540 on top of the ticket refund I was previously given!

Jet2 compensation for cancelled flights win!

Jet2 compensation for cancelled flights win!

Tabitha Williams Rhyl

I was initially offered a Jet2 flight cancellation refund upon arrival at Manchester Airport, but it really didn’t make up for the inconvenience. Flight Delay Claims 4 U allocated a legal representative who began legal proceedings. When the case was heard in court, the judgement was in favour and just a few weeks later I got paid the Jet2 flight cancellation compensation I was owed.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the latest Jet2 flight cancellation information?

Screens throughout the airport terminal will allow passengers to keep up to date with any Jet2 flight cancellations and delays that might occur. This information will generally be available on the airport’s website too. Jet2-specific flight information is shown on a flight status tracker which can be found in a section on the company website. At the airport, it is often worthwhile requesting further details from Jet2 staff to shed more light on the situation.

My holiday was ruined by a Jet2 flight cancellation today – can I get compensation for this?

A Jet2 flight cancellation claim is possible if the delays you have subsequently suffered are over 3 hours in length and have not been caused by extraordinary circumstances beyond Jet2’s control.

Why does Jet2 overbook their flights?

It is common for a small number of individuals with a flight reservation to not show up at the airport on the day of the flight – therefore it is fairly standard practice for airlines such as Jet2 to overbook in anticipation of this to ensure that their planes are as near to full capacity as possible. The reason for Jet2 overbooking flights in this manner is to guarantee maximum revenue and operational efficiency.

hat happens when Jet2 have denied boarding due to overbooking a flight?

Passengers unfortunate enough to be bumped from their seat may qualify for Jet2 overbooked flight compensation in addition to a ticket refund and airline assistance such as meal vouchers and hotel accommodation.

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How do I claim Jet2 compensation for delays I’ve suffered?

Submit your Jet2 delay compensation form to us and we’ll assess your case before initiating claim proceedings.

Jet2 cancelled our flights in 2016 – do we qualify for Jet2 compensation?

To be eligible for Jet2 compensation, cancelled flights need to have occurred in the last 6 years and led to a delay duration of at least 3 hours. Due to the fact that the Jet2 flight cancellation above took place in 2016, it will only be the other criteria that must be met in order to qualify in accordance with EU flight compensation regulations.

Is it possible to get Jet2 delayed flight refunds?

It is fairly common for passengers to receive a cancelled flight refund from Jet2, but it is not standard practice to refund customers in flight delay cases. Alternatively, for passengers that have experienced a flight delay, Jet2 compensation may be claimed by enforcing the rights established in EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004).

Our flight was cancelled because of Air Traffic Control strikes – do Jet2 pay compensation in these circumstances?

Any Jet2 flights cancelled due to strike action by non-airline employees will not be the responsibility of Jet2 – giving them immunity from compensation claims as the circumstances will be considered to be “extraordinary” and beyond the reasonable control of an airline.

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My Jet2 flight was delayed for 2 hours – can I obtain compensation?

In the event of a Jet2 2 hour delay, compensation will not take the form of a cash settlement. Instead, for a 2 hour Jet2 flight delay, food vouchers can be obtained by passengers who have been affected.

I had my flight delayed 4 years ago, the Jet2 delayed flight policy states that I am too late to make claim – is this right?

No. Some flight operators like Jet2 may have started imposing their own time limits but a Jet2 flight delay policy will always be deemed void under UK and EU legislation. The 6-year limit outlined by UK interpretation of EU guidelines remains in force and Jet2 must abide by these rules.

I’ve suffered a Jet2 flight cancellation due to weather – what are my rights?

In claiming compensation or a Jet2 flight cancellation, weather conditions need to be extreme enough to constitute “extraordinary circumstances” for Jet2 to legitimately cancel a flight without the consequence of compensation claims being mounted against them afterwards.

What are the Jet2 compensation amounts typically received by passengers?

When looking at Jet2 compensation, how much a claimant actually receives depends on factors such as flight distance and length of delay. Payments range from £220 and £540 with the greatest amounts being paid to those suffering the longest delays and travelling the furthest distance.

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How is the Jet2 3 hour delay compensation timescale measured?

EU regulations have always stated that delays are measured based on a flights time of arrival. However, it’s not entirely clear what this actually means. It was a rule that was recently challenged by the low-cost airline, Germanwings. In the case of Germanwings vs. R. Henning they decided to present an argument to the European Court of Justice highlighting that the delay being claimed for was actually just 2 hours and 58 minutes once the plane had landed at the destination – therefore, under the 3 hour delay duration required for passengers to eligible for compensation. The judge ruled against this suggestion, indicating that delay durations should in fact be measured from the precise moment that a passenger is permitted to leave the aircraft (i.e. when crew have opened plane doors).

This case has gone on to form a significant precedent for similar situations where a delay duration is being disputed by an airline.

I’ve lost my boarding card – can I still claim compensation for Jet2 delayed flights?

Yes. Although a boarding card may be a useful piece of evidence for a claim you are not required to retain it. As long as you are able to provide enough information about your circumstances in our Jet2 delayed flight compensation form, we can commence your claim as normal.

I had to stay overnight because my Jet2 flight was cancelled – should Jet2 pay for my hotel?

Yes, if you are required to wait until the next morning as a result of having a Jet2 flight cancelled, hotel accommodation near to the airport should be provided at no cost to the passengers involved.

I’ve had Jet2 claims for delayed flights rejected due to “extraordinary circumstances” – what do I do?

Jet2 must be able to prove that the circumstances were beyond their control to uphold a claim rejection based on “extraordinary circumstances”. There a couple of precedent cases that are followed by the courts in such disputes:

In McDonagh vs. Ryanair, the European Court of Justice ruled that natural events such as the 2010 volcanic ash cloud in Iceland are “extraordinary circumstances” as they cause widespread disruption to air travel. This judgement negates the need for compensation to be paid to passengers in similar situations.

There has also been issues caused when airlines have blamed extraordinary circumstances when delays were in fact caused by technical faults. In June 2014, the English Court of Appeal heard the case of Jet2 vs. Huzar where a ruling reinforced that technical and mechanical faults were the responsibility of the airline and would therefore not constitute “extraordinary circumstances”.

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I’m thinking about making a claim for Jet2 compensation – how long do I have submit it?

The UK Statute of Limitations has set a deadline of 6 years from the date of the scheduled Jet2 departures.

Is there a minimum flight distance required under the EU regulations?

No, regardless of the scheduled distance a delayed Jet2 flight, compensation can be claimed. However, the amount of compensation paid is directly correlated to the flight distance as well as delay duration.

How do I claim flight delay compensation from Jet2 if I purchased a ticket with air miles?

The claims procedure for frequent flyer reservations is the same as it would be if you had paid for your ticket with cash. It is only discounted tickets not available publicly that are exempt from Jet2 compensation claims.

What is the Jet2 flight delays policy for domestic routes?

Jet2 flight delays in the UK are governed by the same rules as overseas flights. Jet2 policies must abide by the rules in place under EU legislation or face the prospect of passengers mounting compensation claims against them.