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KLM is the national airline of the Netherlands and one of the largest flight operators in Europe. Around 30 million passengers fly with them each year to 145 different destinations worldwide, so it is not surprising that passengers sometimes experience flight delays with KLM.

The Civil Aviation Authority’s KLM flight delay statistics for 2016 show that the airline’s average delay time for UK departures was 8 minutes, with a KLM flight delay of over 3 hours happening approximately twice a month.

If you’ve had a KLM flight delayed by 3 hours or more, compensation can be claimed, but only if the circumstances meet the eligibility criteria set out by EU regulations.

If you’ve had KLM flights cancelled or delayed by more than 3 hours in the last 6 years, you could qualify for as much as £540 compensation.

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KLM flight delays information

Thanks to our relationship with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), we can access historical KLM flight delay information to examine causes of previous disruption to KLM flights as well as analysing data for 25 major UK airports.

Live flight delays and cancellations

Date - Time Airport Flight no. Destination Status  
LHR KL1024 AMS Cancelled Claim now
MAN KL1082 AMS Delayed Claim now
EDI KL1282 AMS Cancelled Claim now
CWL KL1060 AMS Cancelled Claim now
LHR KL1008 AMS Cancelled Claim now
EDI KL1278 AMS Cancelled Claim now
BRS KL1046 AMS Cancelled Claim now
EDI KL1276 AMS Cancelled Claim now

Market-leading support for KLM compensation claims

A history of successful KLM flight delay claims

KLM flight cancellations, diversions and delays are not as common as they are with other airlines but they do still happen occasionally – if you have suffered any sort of KLM flight disruption, compensation specialists at Flight Delay Claims 4 U can provide all the support and expertise required to make a claim against the airline.

  • Support team based in the UK

    UK-based claim handlers can initiate your KLM flight compensation claim and are available to offer guidance throughout the process

  • Expert knowledge of EU regulations

    With many years’ experience of claiming EU flight delay compensation for KLM passengers, the team at Flight Delay Claims 4 U have a firm understanding of EU flight compensation legislation and will be able to provide whatever advice is necessary

  • Comprehensive assessment of weather conditions and KLM flight delay history

    The Dutch carrier operated more than 38,000 flights form the UK in 2016, so KLM flight delays due to weather aren’t particularly rare. If a weather-related claim is rejected by KLM on the grounds of “extraordinary circumstances” we can carry out an assessment of the conditions on the scheduled route if the conditions are not believed to have been in anyway exceptional.

EU regulations are applicable to all KLM delayed flights

KLM are governed by EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261 /2004) because the company is based in the Netherlands, which is an EU member state.

As such, passengers are able to claim compensation for flight delays KLM has caused over the last 6 years.

Thanks to the regulations for EU delay compensation, KLM passengers are able to claim up to £540 for any disruption that lasts more than 3 hours.

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You will be allocated a specialist solicitor who will enforce your EU air passenger rights in order to obtain KLM flight delay compensation on your behalf. The amount retrievable will range from £220 to £540 depending on the flight distance and delay duration, with the same sum being paid to all eligible passengers (including children). If family or friends travelled with you, it is possible to include them on your claim, so be sure to add their details to your KLM compensation claim form.

How to claim flight delay compensation from KLM

Tell us about your KLM flight delays today!

KLM flies to 145 destinations around the world from 13 UK departure airports and although they have a good overall punctuality record, the multitude of flight routes on offer means it isn’t actually that unusual to come across a KLM flight delay of 3 hours or more.

London Heathrow is the carrier’s least punctual airport in the UK with delays of more than 3 hours occurring once a month on average.

Your flight could be one of the hundreds of KLM flight delays at UK airports in the last 6 years so it is important that you provide us as much information as you can about your flight delay with KLM in order for us to track down and analyse your particular flight before kicking off the claims process.

Once your claim handler has assessed the facts of your case, they will conduct all of the admin associated with a submitting a compensation claim to KLM all the way up until its conclusion. After the initial phase of our claims procedure, you will be allocated an expert lawyer to enforce your air passenger rights and retrieve KLM delayed flight compensation.

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  1. KLM flight details submitted
  2. Case assessed by dedicated claims advisor
  3. Passenger rights enforced
  4. KLM delayed departure compensation received

The 4 stages of a KLM flight delay compensation claim

KLM flight details submitted

Fill out a KLM delay compensation form so that your dedicated claim handler can assess all the key information relating to your delayed flight.

Case assessed by dedicated claims advisor

The professional and efficient service that our experienced claims advisors provide is pivotal to obtaining delayed flight compensation from KLM in a timely manner.

Passenger rights are enforced

Our specialist legal partners are ready to use EU legislation and case law to enforce your air passenger rights and secure the best possible flight delay compensation from KLM.

KLM delayed departure compensation received

After a designated solicitor has submitted a request for your delayed plane compensation, KLM will decide whether to settle the claim immediately or contest it in court. The latter doesn’t tend to happen very often as airlines are keen to avoid legal costs. Even if KLM do choose to reject your initial compensation request, you will have an expert solicitor to represent you in court.

Whichever route your claim takes, payment will arranged by our accounts team, with funds being transferred to you as soon as the full compensation amount has been received from KLM.

  • Collect information that supports a claim
  • Request meal vouchers
  • Keep KLM documents (boarding pass, tickets etc.)
  • Take photos and record video footage

What to do if you suffer a flight delay with KLM

Gather information to support your KLM compensation claim

The best approach is to find out as much as possible and record whatever details you can in case it could be used later on when building a case against KLM.

It is also wise to pay special attention to any KLM-specific announcements that are made while you wait to board. In addition to this, KLM staff may be able to give more detail so it is worth approaching them with any questions that you may have too.

Request meal vouchers

When you have had a KLM flight delayed by 2 hours or more, you become entitled to food & drink vouchers as part of the standard passenger assistance measures imposed by EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004). The vouchers must be of a value that is appropriate for the time of day and delay duration – if you don’t receive anything or are not happy with the vouchers you do receive, inform KLM staff.

Keep any documents given to you by KLM

The information on your ticket or boarding card can help us quickly establish the basic facts surrounding your case and along with any other documentation you have, can provide valuable evidence to support KLM delayed flight complaints.

To prevent the loss of such evidence, we recommend that you create copies of all the relevant documents you have.

Visual evidence to support a KLM flight delay claim

A visual record of events can provide indisputable facts relating to a flight delay KLM has caused. For example, when you are claiming KLM compensation for weather-related delays, it is a good idea to compile photographs and video footage of actual conditions in case KLM is attributing the delays to “extraordinary circumstances”.

Our KLM flight delay claims experience

Specialist legal representation

Having recovered KLM compensation for delayed flights on numerous occasions, the lawyer we assign to your case will have all the necessary experience to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

KLM flight delay compensation solicitors

Knowledge of EU legislation, experience of contesting major airlines and a professional approach to claims are invaluable traits when claiming flight delay compensation from KLM, so it really is important that you enlist the support of specialist solicitors to give you the best chance of success.

Continuous support

The highly-trained claims handlers at Flight Delay Claims 4 U are available to provide you with all the advice and support you need throughout each phase of the KLM compensation claims process.

After you have shared some basic information with our claims team, they will be able to confirm whether or not you are eligible to make a claim in accordance with KLM compensation policy and EU regulations.

Numerous KLM flight delay compensation claims have been made in the last decade – your case manager will be able to analyse prior cases and take the best possible approach when requesting KLM compensation for delays that you and your fellow passengers have suffered. Civil Aviation Authority flight data archives and detailed whether reports are available to our team too as they look to build the strongest possible case against KLM.

To speak with one of our advisors about your claim, call our KLM compensation helpline today.

In addition to our claims teams support and guidance, you can also take advantage of the highest standard of legal representation thanks to our partnerships with leading compensation law firms. The lawyer that we allocate to your case will apply their considerable experience and understanding of compensation legislation in order to get the best possible flight compensation from KLM on your behalf.

When chasing KLM for late fight compensation, it is sometimes necessary to take formal legal action. If this is the case, your solicitor will be ready to use all of their skills and expertise to achieve a favourable ruling from the court.

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KLM compensation amounts

In determining how much you will receive in KLM compensation, delay duration and flight distance will combined and measured against the criteria outlined in the table below.

Compensation Table

Amounts set by EU Regulations 261/2004
Flight distance Delay on arrival (hours) Compensation
Up to 1,500km 3 or more £226†/€250
1,500km - 3,500km 3 or more £361†/€400
Over 3,500km‡ 3 to 4 £271†/€300
Over 3,500km‡ 4 or more £540†/€600

For distances of greater than 3,500km, for the higher amount of compensation the journey will need to have departed from an EU (European) airport and be delayed on arrival in a Non-EU airport (Such as Manchester to Diagoras.) The airline is eligible to apply a 50% flat reduction on compensation awarded if the delay was between 3 and 4 hours.

Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent on the exchange rate at the time of the delay, or on the date your claim is settled
(This will depend on the airline).

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KLM cancelled flight compensation

KLM cancelled flight compensation

Rory Dunne Portadown

Although I received a KLM flight cancellation refund at the airport, I still wasn’t happy so I decided to get KLM cancelled flight advice from the experts at Flight Delay Claims 4 U. It didn’t take long for them to confirm that I was eligible to claim cash compensation for my cancelled flight. KLM had rejected my claim initially, but in the end the solicitor I was allocated was great and managed to retrieve over £350 in KLM flight cancellation compensation when the case came to court. Thanks again guys!

KLM compensation for overbooked flight

KLM compensation for overbooked flight

Natasha Cromwell Lewes

I was left stranded at Heathrow Airport for several hours after being denied boarding because of a KLM overbooking policy that I still don’t fully understand! I was unsurprisingly miffed, so when I got home from holiday I decided to check online to see if I was entitled to some sort of KLM overbooking compensation. Soon after my legal representative had submitted a compensation request, KLM came back with a £540 settlement (in addition to the alternative flights vouchers).

KLM compensation for cancelled flights

KLM compensation for cancelled flights

Sienna Tate Orpington

We spoke to Flight Delay Claims 4 U about our KLM flight cancellations today and my sister and I now feel like we can better understand the KLM flight cancellation policy that led to us being stuck at Berlin Airport. The claims team were able to provide an accurate estimate for the amount of compensation we can claim and have now handed our case over to a specialist solicitor to pursue our KLM flight cancellation claim. The best bit is that it won’t cost us a penny unless we win!



Frequently Asked Questions

What is KLM’s flight delay refund policy?

EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004) demands that KLM offer delayed flight refunds to passengers following a delay of more than 2 hours.

KLM have offered flight vouchers as compensation – is this acceptable?

If you’ve made a successful claim in relation to your flight delay with KLM, compensation can be offered to you in through many different methods such as flight vouchers, frequent flyer miles and seat upgrades. All of these compensation types are acceptable but you also have the right to demand cash compensation (this is usually the best option on offer).

Where can I get up-to-date KLM flight cancellation information?

You can check for historical KLM UK flight cancellations right here on our website thanks to our access to Civil Aviation Authority data. If you are stranded at an airport live data will be displayed on departure boards all over the terminal building. More details can sometimes be established too by asking KLM staff for information.

Is it possible to claim KLM compensation for overbooked flights?

Yes, but only if you are involuntarily denied boarding by KLM. If you volunteer to give up your seat on the plane you will also be waiving your right to cash compensation for your delayed arrival at the scheduled destination.

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Is it possible to claim KLM compensation if delays were due to a runway closure?

It’s unlikely. The decision to close a runway will have been made by airport authorities, not the airline itself. Consequently, the situation is likely to be considered as beyond KLM’s control.

How do I claim flight delay compensation from KLM?

Start off your claim by completing a KLM delayed flight compensation form online. From there, we will manage the whole process on your behalf, keeping you informed at every stage.

Does KLM overbook flights intentionally?

The intentional overbooking of a flight is a fairly common tactic among airlines today – it is used as a means of maximising revenues through gambling on a small number of passenger ‘no-shows’.

I’ve had my KLM flight delayed by 2 hours – can I claim compensation?

Unfortunately you will not qualify for cash compensation as the delay duration falls short of the required 3 hours. However, passenger assistance is available for delays of more than 2 hours, so you could be entitled to food vouchers, hotel accommodation, alternative flights or a refund depending on the circumstances.

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I’ve had my KLM flight cancelled – will hotel accommodation be provided?

If you were left stranded at the airport after KLM cancelled your flight, expenses such as hotel accommodation and ground transport can be claimed back as part of the passenger assistance rules set out by EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004).

Will I receive food vouchers?

If you are left waiting at an airport for more than 2 hours as a result of a KLM flight delay, food vouchers of proportionate value to the time of day and delay duration must be offered for everyone travelling in your group. Request meal vouchers from KLM staff at the airport if necessary.

Will the KLM flight delays policy differ from EU regulations?

KLM may try to impose their own guidelines, but if these KLM compensation rules contravene EU regulations, they cannot be legally enforced.

Will I receive compensation if I’ve had my KLM flight cancelled due to strikes?

To claim KLM compensation, cancelled flights must be proven to be as a result of strike action staged by KLM employees. Any strikes made by non-airline staff will be deemed to be beyond the reasonable control of KLM (i.e. “extraordinary circumstances”).

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Can you claim KLM compensation for flight delays if tickets were purchased using ‘Flying Blue’ reward points?

Yes – anyone that has used their frequent flyer points to pay for a seat will qualify for compensation in the same way as somebody who paid with cash.

Can I still claim cancelled flight compensation from KLM if I have already been given a full refund?

When you have a fight cancelled, the compensation KLM pays is purely for the inconvenience that the disruption has caused, and is therefore in addition to any refunds or vouchers you may have already received.

My KLM flight was delayed 3 years ago – is it too late for me to claim compensation?

No – according to the UK statute of Limitations, you have up to 6 years in which to make a delayed flight claim against KLM.

Do KLM pay compensation per passenger?

Yes – every passenger with a valid reservation is entitled to compensation on delayed KLM flights (this includes children).

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How often are KLM flights delayed for more than 3 hours?

KLM suffered a severe a delay at least once a week at UK airports in 2016./p>

How long does KLM compensation take to claim?

It varies, but claiming compensation with KLM is normally a relatively quick process. Simply share details about your flight delay and our claim handlers and network of expert legal professionals will do all the legwork on your behalf. Our aim is to settle your case at the earliest opportunity, so as soon as we receive funds from KLM, payment will be made to you. The whole process can be done in a couple of weeks if KLM choose to settle outside of court, but could take a bit longer than this if legal action is required.

I received an email saying that my KLM flight was cancelled – can I still claim compensation?

It all depends on when you received the notification email – if KLM notified you of the cancellation or offered a reroute at least 2 weeks prior to departure, then you will not be able to claim compensation.

Can I claim compensation if KLM cancelled my flight due to fog?

If fog has caused a KLM flight cancellation, weather conditions will need to be fully assessed by our team in order to understand the severity. Unless the fog was extreme enough to constitute “extraordinary conditions”, we will put forward a claim on the basis that fog is a standard disturbance that comes with of operating a commercial airline.