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Lufthansa is Germany’s biggest airline and when you include its subsidiaries, it boasts largest fleet in Europe. Around 100 million passengers to over 200 destinations each year, so flight delays with Lufthansa do happen fairly regularly. Lufthansa flight delay statistics for UK departures put the average delay duration at 10 minutes, with a Lufthansa flight delayed by 3 hours or more on 39 occasions over the course of 2016.

Once a passenger has suffered a Lufthansa flight delay for over 3 hours, they will become eligible to claim compensation as long as the disruption was not caused by “extraordinary circumstances” beyond Lufthansa’s control.

If you have had your Lufthansa flights cancelled, delayed or diverted in the last 6 years, you could qualify for up to £540 in compensation.

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Lufthansa flight delay information

To establish the extent of your flight disruption, the team at Flight Delay Claims 4 U can verify the official status of your flight, and analyse detailed flight data from the Civil Aviation Authority’s archive. Live Lufthansa flight delays information is displayed below.

Live flight delays and cancellations

Date - Time Airport Flight no. Destination Status  
MAN LH8175 FRA Delayed Claim now
MAN LH941 FRA Delayed Claim now
LHR LH909 FRA Delayed Claim now
MAN LH941 FRA Delayed Claim now
MAN LH949 FRA Cancelled Claim now
MUC LH2482 LHR Delayed Claim now
LHR LH907 FRA Delayed Claim now

Helping you claim flight compensation from Lufthansa

A history of Lufthansa flight claim success

If you have suffered significant inconvenience as a result of Lufthansa flight disruption, compensation can be recovered through the knowledge, experience and perseverance of the experts at Flight Delay Claims 4 U.

  • UK-based claims advisors

    Our dedicated claims team are on hand to assist with any Lufthansa flight cancellations, delays or diversions you may have suffered

  • In-depth knowledge of EU legislation and precedent cases

    Our claim handlers are experienced in claiming EU flight delay compensation for Lufthansa passengers and are able to provide expert advice thanks to a specialist understanding of EU regulations and case law

  • Ability to examine weather reports and Lufthansa flight delay history

    Having 220 flight destinations situated all over the world means that Lufthansa flight delays due to weather are not entirely uncommon. If Lufthansa representatives choose to reject your claim for weather-related delay compensation, it is up to them to provide an adequate reason for doing so (i.e. extraordinary circumstances) – Flight Delay Claims 4 U can utilize detailed weather assessments to counter any claims of “extraordinary circumstances” by highlighting the actual severity of the weather conditions cited by Lufthansa.

EU compensation regulations apply to all Lufthansa delayed flights

Lufthansa is a based out of Germany, and is therefore governed by EU law.

EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004) gives passengers the opportunity to claim compensation for a flight delay Lufthansa has caused. Any Lufthansa flight delayed by 3 hours or more in the last 6 years qualifies under the current regulations and up to £540 can be obtained.

If you arrive more than 3 hours behind schedule on a Lufthansa EU flight, delay compensation of up to £540 can be claimed.

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When claiming with us, your Lufthansa flight delay compensation is retrieved by our specialist legal partners. The amount you will received will typically range between £220 and £540 based on the flight distance and delay duration. All eligible passengers are compensated equally and multiple individuals can be added to a single claim – for example, if you travelled with your family, you can include their details on your Lufthansa compensation claim form and obtain compensation per passenger.

How to claim flight delay compensation from Lufthansa

Tell us about your Lufthansa flight delays today!

Lufthansa travels to over 200 destinations and operates flights from 8 different airports in the UK alone – the scale and complexity of these flight operations mean that it’s inevitable that a few passengers will suffer a Lufthansa flight delay of 3 hours or more at some point. In terms of the airline’s UK departures, it was Heathrow Airport that was the worst affected in 2016, with 21 delays exceeding 3 hours in duration – this represents just over half of all the UK flight delays Lufthansa was responsible for across the whole year.

Have you suffered disruption as a result of Lufthansa flight delays in the UK over the last 6 years? If you have, it is crucial that you don’t hesitate in coming forward with information relating to your flight delay with Lufthansa – contact the experts at Flight Delay Claims 4 U today and we’ll commence proceedings right away to get the compensation you deserve as soon as possible.

Lufthansa also operate a number of subsidiary airlines, giving them the largest fleet in Europe. More than 109 million passengers travelled with them in 2016 alone, so it is imperative that you can provide us with accurate flight details so that we can start your Lufthansa flight compensation claim at the earliest opportunity.

Every phase of the process is conducted on your behalf. We’ll allocate your case to one of our trusted legal partners and you designated solicitor will use their specialist expertise to enforce your passenger rights when approaching Lufthansa for delayed flight compensation.

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  1. Flight details submitted
  2. Case assessment
  3. Passenger rights enforced
  4. Compensation retrieved

Lufthansa flight delay compensation claims process

Flight details submitted

Share all the basic information relating to your flight disruption by completing a Lufthansa delay compensation form.

Case assessment

A dedicated claims advisor will contact you for a completely free consultation and case assessment. By getting in touch with you straightaway, we are able to resolve Lufthansa compensation claims quickly and retrieve the money owed to you as soon as possible.

Passenger rights enforced

An expert lawyer will be assigned to your case and will enforce EU air passenger rights against Lufthansa to retrieve compensation on your behalf.

Compensation retrieved

Once your allocated solicitor has submitted a formal request for EU flight compensation, Lufthansa will decide whether to settle the claim right away, or reject it altogether. If they choose to reject it, legal action will be taken in the form of a court proceedings. There will be no requirement for to attend the hearing – the specialist solicitor that we assign to your case will represent you and attempt to recover compensation on your behalf.

Any compensation that is won will be processed by our dedicated accounts team before being transferred to you. This part of the process is relatively fast as long as we receive funds from Lufthansa’s representatives in a timely manner.

  • Gather information
  • Request food vouchers
  • Retain important flight documents
  • Take photos and video footage

What to do if you suffer flight delays on Lufthansa routes

Gather information to support your Lufthansa compensation claim

Collect as much information as you can regarding your flight delay with Lufthansa and we’ll pick put anything that might provide evidence that supports your claim.

It’s also a good idea to keep a record of what happens and when as well as listening out for relevant announcements and requesting additional information from Lufthansa staff.

Request food vouchers

All passengers with a valid reservation for a Lufthansa flight delayed by 2 hours or more will be eligible to receive the assistance measures outlined by EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004). As part of this, you are entitled to food vouchers of a value proportionate to the time and duration of your delay. If Lufthansa do not willingly offer you these vouchers after 2 hours have elapsed you will be within your rights to request them.

Retain important flight documents

When approaching Lufthansa with delayed flight complaints, it is helpful for your designated solicitor to have access to documentation such as tickets, boarding cards and vouchers to convey the validity of your claim to Lufthansa’s legal department. We always recommend that claimants make copies of these documents in case the original versions are misplaced or unreturned.

Take photos and video footage

It is also possible to strengthen your Lufthansa flight delay claim by documenting your experience with photographs and video footage. It is a particularly worthwhile exercise if you are claiming Lufthansa compensation for weather-related delays – capturing images of the actual weather conditions can go some way to refuting an airline’s claim of “extraordinary circumstances”.

Our Lufthansa flight delay claims experience

Specialist legal representation

We have forged relationships with respected law firms to provide you with a solicitor that has a comprehensive understanding of EU regulations and Lufthansa compensation rules.

Lufthansa flight delay compensation solicitors

Our network of specialist legal professionals have a track record of successfully obtaining Lufthansa compensation for delayed flights. The wealth of experience they’ve gained from representing clients just like you is pivotal to achieving a positive result when pursuing Lufthansa for compensation following delays.

Continuous advice and support

Friendly and enthusiastic claims advisors will be on hand to answer and questions you have and provide guidance during every phase of the claims process. We train our colleagues to an extremely high standard so that they are able to go the extra mile in order to ensure that you are successful in claiming flight delay compensation from Lufthansa.

We don’t expect our clients to be experts in claim eligibility or Lufthansa compensation policy, instead we take on all aspects of your claim including the appointment of expert compensation lawyer.

All of the claim handlers at Flight Delay Claims 4 U have an impressive knowledge of EU regulations that has been acquired through helping numerous clients make successful Lufthansa flight delay compensation claims.

As well as providing expert knowledge and advice, your dedicated claims advisor will have access to an archive of Civil Aviation Authority flight data and detailed weather reports.

The support of legal professionals is crucial to successfully obtaining Lufthansa compensation for delays that have caused significant disruption. Our respected legal partners are prepared for every eventuality thanks to their considerable experience of pursuing airlines such as Lufthansa for late flight compensation.

Our objective is to reach an early settlement wherever possible. However if Lufthansa refuse to voluntarily pay the compensation requested, your designated solicitor will instead instigate formal legal action to recover flight delay compensation from Lufthansa in court.

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Lufthansa compensation amounts

The delay duration and flight distance will be measured against the four payment levels outlined below to determine how much money you will receive from Lufthansa as compensation for the flight delays you’ve suffered.

Compensation Table

Amounts set by EU Regulations 261/2004
Flight distance Delay on arrival (hours) Compensation
Up to 1,500km 3 or more £226†/€250
1,500km - 3,500km 3 or more £361†/€400
Over 3,500km‡ 3 to 4 £271†/€300
Over 3,500km‡ 4 or more £540†/€600

For distances of greater than 3,500km, for the higher amount of compensation the journey will need to have departed from an EU (European) airport and be delayed on arrival in a Non-EU airport (Such as Manchester to Diagoras.) The airline is eligible to apply a 50% flat reduction on compensation awarded if the delay was between 3 and 4 hours.

Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent on the exchange rate at the time of the delay, or on the date your claim is settled
(This will depend on the airline).

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Lufthansa overbooked flight compensation

Lufthansa overbooked flight compensation

Jenny Stoddart Watford

I made a claim for Lufthansa compensation after overbooking led to me being denied boarding at Heathrow Airport. My case representative was able to prove that there were no extraordinary circumstances behind the Lufthansa overbooking and compensation was subsequently awarded to me in an out-of-court settlement.

Lufthansa compensation for cancelled flights

Lufthansa compensation for cancelled flights

Alicia Wallace London

After just a couple of weeks, we received £540 compensation each for our Lufthansa flight cancellations today, just a couple of weeks after the filling out the online enquiry form. My husband and I didn’t really know much about the Lufthansa flight cancellations policy so we were ever so grateful for the help given to us by our claims advisor.

Lufthansa cancelled flight compensation

Lufthansa cancelled flight compensation

Rory Evans Dungannon

Although I was given a Lufthansa flight cancellation refund on the day, I still wasn’t happy so I decided to claim compensation for my cancelled flight. Lufthansa rejected my claim at first but my solicitor took the case to court was able to recover £540 in Lufthansa flight cancellation compensation. All I can say is a big thanks again!



Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to make a claim?

To be eligible for Lufthansa compensation, delayed flights must have been scheduled for departure in the last 6 years.

Can I claim for a 2 hour flight delay?

No. According to the regulations that apply to EU-based airlines such as Lufthansa, claims for delayed flights will only be considered if the disruption extends beyond 3 hours.

How is the 3 hour delay period measured?

The delay duration is based on arrival time and is pinpointed to the moment that the cabin doors open to allow passengers to disembark – if a delay of more than 3 hours has been caused by Lufthansa, late flight compensation claims will become valid.

My children were travelling with me – can I get compensation for them too?

If you are successful in claiming for a flight delay with Lufthansa, compensation will be paid per passenger as long as you have included them on your original Lufthansa flight delay compensation form. Children are entitled to compensation in the same way as adults if they have their own individual ticket.

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Where should I go to get advice if I have my flight cancelled by Lufthansa?

If you are thinking about making a claim against Lufthansa, cancelled flight advice can be obtained by contacting our knowledgeable claims team. Flight Delay Claims 4 U colleagues have provided assistance to countless claimants and have the specialist knowledge and experience to guide you through a claim.

Can I get cancelled flight compensation from Lufthansa if I didn’t buy the ticket myself?

You don’t to have buy the ticket yourself to claim compensation for a cancelled flight. Lufthansa compensate passengers for the inconvenience that they have suffered and ticket price is not a factor – therefore, subsequent payments are made to the individual that was due to travel, not the person that purchased the ticket.

Will Lufthansa’s flight delay refund policy affect my claim?

No. Compensation claims are independent from Lufthansa delayed flight refunds. The refund given to you is for the purpose of reimbursing your ticket cost whereas compensation is designed to repay passengers for the inconvenience that they have suffered.

Where can I find the latest Lufthansa flight cancellation information?

If you want to check the status of a flight in the days and weeks leading up to departure, it is best to contact Lufthansa directly or check their website for potential flight cancellations. If you are at the airport waiting for your flight, delay and cancellation updates can be viewed live on departure boards located throughout the terminal. Lufthansa staff may also be able to provide information regarding your flight.

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Will accommodation be provided if a cancellation has left me stranded overnight?

Yes – if you have your Lufthansa flight cancelled, hotel accommodation will need to be provided by the airline if no alternative flights are available until the following day. Reimbursement can be sought if you have had to book the room yourself but EU Regulation 261/2004 limits the maximum stay to 3 nights.

Do airlines pay for meals if you are delayed at an airport?

Yes – if you are stuck at the airport for more than by 2 hours because of a Lufthansa flight delay, food vouchers can be claimed to a value that is proportionate to your delay duration and time of day.

According to the Lufthansa flight delays policy my claim needs to be made in writing – should I do this myself?

It is entirely up to you. However, to guarantee your claim is taken seriously by Lufthansa, the best idea is to enlist the help of an expert lawyer who can submit a formal request on your behalf. Flight Delay Claims 4 U are able to provide you with legal representation thanks to partnerships with a number of respected law firms.

Can I claim compensation for a Lufthansa flight cancelled due to strike action?

The success of a Lufthansa flight cancellation claim is dependent on whether the strike action has been conducted by Lufthansa employees such as pilots or cabin crew.

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I missed a connecting flight because my Lufthansa flight was delayed – can I claim compensation?

Yes. In the event of a Lufthansa flight delay, a missed connection will be included in the flight distance calculation. Having missed your connection, your eventual arrival time at the final destination will be used to determine the amount of compensation that you are entitled to.

Can you claim Lufthansa compensation for overbooked flights?

Yes, but it depends on the specific situation. In cases where Lufthansa has denied boarding due to overbooking, you will only be entitled to compensation if you have been denied boarding involuntarily. Anyone that willingly gives up their seat on a flight will consequently waive their right to cash compensation.

Is there a limit on how much compensation I will receive?

When it comes to Lufthansa compensation, how much you receive is dependent on flight distance and delay duration. Payments will typically range between £220 and £540.

Do Lufthansa pay compensation in cash?

Yes. Despite airlines being permitted to use methods such as flight vouchers or upgrades to compensate passengers, EU regulations entitle travellers to instead demand cash payment if they prefer.

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How often are Lufthansa flights delayed at UK airports?

Lufthansa have a relatively good punctuality record – in 2016, only 39 of Lufthansa’s UK departures suffered delays in excess of 3 hours.

Are Lufthansa based in the EU?

Yes – Lufthansa’s headquarters is in Cologne, Germany and they have aircraft and crew hubs at Frankfurt and Munich. Consequently, anyone travelling with Lufthansa can claim for delayed flights using EU Regulation 261/2004.

My Lufthansa flight was cancelled – will I still earn ‘Miles & More’ points?

You’ll probably get to keep the frequent flyer points you have earned but it is worth checking the relevant membership terms and conditions as it will be at Lufthansa’s discretion.

Lufthansa cancelled my flight due to fog – will I get compensation?

For you to win compensation for a Lufthansa flight cancellation, weather conditions must be unexceptional. Fog isn’t generally considered to be anything other than an unfortunate occurrence that temporarily prevents an airline from operating flights as normal and will therefore not constitute “extraordinary circumstances”.