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Ryanair is currently Europe’s biggest flight operator, carrying more passengers than any other airline, meaning that flight delays with Ryanair aren’t at all uncommon.

According to Ryanair flight delay statistics published by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the average delay to Ryanair departures in 2016 was around 13 minutes and there were 1,156 instances of a Ryanair flight delayed by 3 hours or more.

When encountering a Ryanair flight delay over 3 hours in length, you could potentially become entitled to compensation providing that your case meets the criteria set by EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004).

As much as £540 compensation can be retrieved for Ryanair flights cancelled or delayed in the last 6 years.

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Ryanair flight delay information

All the latest Ryanair flight delays information can be found below. The Flight Delay Claims 4 U team can also delve into historical flight data provided by CAA when providing an assessment of your situation.

Live flight delays and cancellations

Date - Time Airport Flight no. Destination Status  
GRO FR3213 MAN Delayed Claim now
SXF FR1144 MAN Delayed Claim now
BLQ FR2241 MAN Delayed Claim now
NAP FR6834 MAN Delayed Claim now
AGP FR3209 MAN Delayed Claim now
LGW FR1183 SNN Delayed Claim now
SNN FR1182 LGW Delayed Claim now
BRS FR509 DUB Cancelled Claim now

Professional execution of Ryanair compensation claims

Historical success in Ryanair flight claims

Ryanair flight cancellations, diversions and delays happen on a fairly regular basis – if you are among the thousands of passengers affected by Ryanair flight disruption, compensation could be owed. With the support of Flight Delay Claims 4 U, your claim will have the backing of substantial knowledge and expertise, giving you the best chance of success.

  • Dedicated claims advisors

    All customer-facing colleagues are highly-trained and determined to provide the very best service to our clients

  • Proficiency in EU compensation law

    Flight Delay Claims 4 U advisors will be well-informed of the legalities associated with claiming compensation for Ryanair flight cancellations and delays, meaning that they are perfectly positioned to guide you through the whole process

  • Providing detailed weather assessments of Ryanair routes

    Given that the Irish low fares carrier operates a fleet of nearly 400 aircrafts, flying to around 200 destinations all over Europe, Ryanair flight delays due to weather aren’t really that rare. We can access independent weather reports to support a claim and it is up to Ryanair to provide suitable evidence of “extraordinary circumstances”

Ryanair delayed flights are subject to EU legislation

Ryanair is headquartered in Dublin meaning that they are subsequently bound by EU compensation regulations, regardless of the scheduled destinations of their flights.

According to regulations regarding EU flight delay compensation, Ryanair passengers can be eligible to claim up to £540 for disrupted flights taking place in the last 6 years.

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EU law permits passengers to submit a compensation claim for any flight delay Ryanair has caused. The guidelines dictate that flight delays must have been at least 3 hours long and taken place in the last 6 years.

A specialist legal professional will summon all of their skills and experience to enforce your passenger rights in a compensation claim submission. Ryanair flight delay compensation generally falls within the range of £220 and £540 with the amount being determined by two key factors; flight distance and delay duration. Additional passengers can be added to your claim too, so when you submit your flight details on your Ryanair flight delay claim form, let us know if you were travelling in a group and we’ll attach the extra passengers to the claim.

How to claim Ryanair compensation for delays and cancellations

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With flights departing from over 80 base airports to 200 destinations across Europe, there is always a chance of Ryanair flight cancellations and delays occurring. London Stansted takes top stop in terms of delays lasting more than 3 hours – Stansted’s delayed departures account for over half of the 1156 severe flight delays Ryanair encountered in 2016.

We are on hand to assist anyone who is seeking advice regarding Ryanair flight delay claims, so contact us if you suffered disruption thanks to one of the thousands of Ryanair flight delays in the UK over the last 6 years.

Ryanair passenger numbers have risen to unparalleled levels as it has become Europe’s biggest airline. In 2016, the Dublin-based airline’s 300+ aircrafts carried out over 245,000 flights – this extremely high volume of flights means that it is important for us to obtain accurate details from you at the start of the Ryanair flight compensation claim process to help us quickly assess your case.

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  1. You provide flight information
  2. Our claims advisors respond
  3. A lawyer enforces your passenger rights
  4. We retrieve your delayed flight compensation from Ryanair

Ryanair flight delay compensation claims process

Provide us with basic flight information

By quickly filling out our Ryanair compensation claim form, you’ll be giving your claim handler all the information they need to assess your case and propose the right course of action to achieve a settlement with Ryanair.

Claims advisors respond straightaway

Our claim handlers work at pace; processing claims quickly and professionally in order to retrieve delayed and cancelled flight compensation from Ryanair as swiftly as the situation allows.

Passenger rights enforced by a qualified lawyer

The expert lawyer selected to represent you will enforce your EU passenger rights when claiming flight delay compensation from Ryanair.

We retrieve your delayed plane compensation from Ryanair

In most situations, the Ryanair flight compensation claims process ends with a cash settlement being agreed before a court hearing is required. However, sometimes Ryanair will dispute the claim mounted against them and the case will be taken to court. This is where the specialist solicitor selected from our network of legal professionals will come to your aid - they will attend the hearing on your behalf and obtain compensation from Ryanair. If the court rules in your favour, the amount owed will be transferred to you by our payment processing colleagues as soon as the funds have been received from Ryanair’s representatives.

  • Collect information to support your claim
  • Request meal vouchers as entitled
  • Retain documents relating to your Ryanair flight
  • Take pictures of the situation

What to do in Ryanair delayed flight situations

Collect information that may support a claim

As soon as passengers start to suffer flight delays on Ryanair departures, they should begin gathering any information that might be conducive to build a robust compensation claim against the airline. We advise that those affected by the disruption pay close attention to Ryanair announcements as well as requesting more information from Ryanair staff.

Meal voucher entitlement

Any Ryanair flight delayed by 2 hours or more will mean that meal vouchers should be offered in accordance with EU flight compensation regulations. Passengers that don’t receive them in the first instance are entitled to request them from airline staff.

Retain Ryanair documents

Tickets, boarding passes, emails and letters are all potentially beneficial to Ryanair delayed flight complaints. We always advise that claimants create copies of all documents deemed relevant to a claim in order to prevent them from being misplaced.

Visual evidence for Ryanair flight delay claims

Documenting Ryanair delayed flights through photos and video footage can help counter any objections raised by Ryanair representatives. For example, if a passenger encounters Ryanair flight delays due to weather, pictures of actual conditions might help build a strong argument when countering any “extraordinary circumstances” defence that may be cited by Ryanair.

Our experience in Ryanair delay compensation claims

Solicitors specialising in Ryanair flight compensation

Making a successful Ryanair EU compensation claim is mostly down to knowledge and experience; the specialist solicitor assigned to your case will possess both of these traits. There is no need for you to be familiar with compensation legislation as the designated legal representative will approach Ryanair to claim compensation for delayed flights on your behalf.

Ryanair flight delay compensation solicitors

Our network of legal professionals have a comprehensive understanding of Ryanair compensation rules following numerous successful claims that have resulted in Ryanair delayed flights compensation being obtained.

Supporting claimants throughout the process

Our devoted team of claims advisors are on hand to guide you through the process of claiming flight delay compensation from Ryanair, providing you with advice and reassurance throughout a Ryanair delay compensation claim.

There is no need for you to be an expert in Ryanair delay compensation policy or qualifying criteria – if you have provide our claims department with the appropriate information, they will be able to process the technical and legal elements of claim on your behalf.

Claim handling colleagues have built up a wealth of knowledge of EU legislations that govern Ryanair flight compensation claims thanks to the experience they’ve gained in numerous flight delay cases. Added to this, our team will have access to independent weather reports and Ryanair flight delay history data, allowing them to provide a comprehensive evidence in any situation.

The legal representatives we assign to your case have an arsenal of skills that allow them to adapt their approach to imposing passenger rights in order to acquire EU flight compensation from Ryanair in no time at all.

On most occasions, we will be able to conclude a case quickly due to Ryanair offering a pre-court settlement. However, when there is a rejection of a claim, we will be required to assign a lawyer to your case and they will challenge Ryanair representatives at a court hearing. If a judge rules in your favour we will be able to recover Ryanair compensation for your late flight and process a payment quickly.

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Ryanair compensation amounts

The sum of Ryanair compensation for flight delays is calculated based on delay duration and flight distance – the table below indicates the various thresholds and the associated compensation amounts.

Ryanair are no strangers to such claims being made against them and as a result, they will be eager to avoid legal costs by coming to a settlement agreement early on in proceedings before a court hearing is required.

Compensation Table

Amounts set by EU Regulations 261/2004
Flight distance Delay on arrival (hours) Compensation
Up to 1,500km 3 or more £226†/€250
1,500km - 3,500km 3 or more £361†/€400
Over 3,500km‡ 3 to 4 £271†/€300
Over 3,500km‡ 4 or more £540†/€600

For distances of greater than 3,500km, for the higher amount of compensation the journey will need to have departed from an EU (European) airport and be delayed on arrival in a Non-EU airport (Such as Manchester to Diagoras.) The airline is eligible to apply a 50% flat reduction on compensation awarded if the delay was between 3 and 4 hours.

Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent on the exchange rate at the time of the delay, or on the date your claim is settled
(This will depend on the airline).

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Ryanair cancelled flight compensation

Ryanair cancelled flight compensation

Dennis Norwood Leeds

My brother and I were pleased to get £220 each for our Ryanair flight cancellations today. Having been left a bit puzzled by the Ryanair flight cancellation policy, we got in touch with Flight Delay Claims 4 U to see if there was anything we could do. Having submitted some basic details we soon received the compensation without having to get involved at all. We’re going to put the money towards our next trip!

Ryanair overbooked flight compensation

Ryanair overbooked flight compensation

Justine Bailey Milton Keynes

I discovered that I had been denied boarding because Ryanair overbooked my flight. As you would imagine, I was extremely annoyed at having my holiday ruined – which is why I took the decision to acquire the assistance of Flight Delay Claims 4 U to claim Ryanair overbooking compensation on my behalf. I couldn’t have found better advice and support anywhere else and I’m now £500 better off! Thanks once again!

Ryanair compensation for cancelled flights

Ryanair compensation for cancelled flights

Evan Alfonso Evan Alfonso

Although a Ryanair cancellation refund was offered at the airport, I felt that the inconvenience warranted more than this. When initially tried to claim compensation for my cancelled flight, Ryanair simply ignored it. This was when my designated solicitor stepped in, taking the case to court and retrieving the Ryanair flight cancellation compensation I deserved. I can’t thank the guys at Flight Delay Claims 4 U enough!



Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the latest Ryanair flight cancellation information?

Flight information screens will be located throughout the airport and give basic information regarding the latest flight delays and cancellations (the same information is also available on the airport website). Ryanair-specific flight updates can be found on the flight tracker area of the company website. It is usually worthwhile approaching Ryanair staff at the airport to find out more detail surrounding the situation.

I missed the start of my holiday due to a Ryanair flight cancellation today – can I get compensation for this?

A Ryanair flight cancellation claim can be made to repay passengers for any inconvenience suffered as a result. If the cancelled flight leads to a delay of at least 3 hours and Ryanair are unable to prove the circumstances were beyond their control, up to £540 compensation can be recovered.

Why does Ryanair overbook their flights?

It is fairly common that a minority of ticketholders fail to arrive at the airport on the day of the flight. Therefore, many airlines (including Ryanair) choose to overbook flights to guarantee the highest possible seat occupation rates on their aircraft. They do this by selling more tickets than there are seats available on the aircraft. The main reason for Ryanair overbooking flights is to maximise fleet efficiency and ticket revenue.

What happens when Ryanair have denied boarding due to overbooking?

When passengers have involuntarily given up their seat they will potentially become eligible to claim overbooked flight compensation from Ryanair on top of any assistance and reimbursement that they have already received.

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How do I claim Ryanair compensation for delays I’ve encountered?

Simply fill out one of our Ryanair delay compensation forms and we’ll provide you with a case assessment and compensation estimate before mounting a claim.

Ryanair cancelled our flights in 2016 – are we entitled to Ryanair compensation?

To qualify for Ryanair compensation, cancelled flights must have happened in the last 6 years and caused subsequent delays beyond 3 hours in length. Therefore, a cancellation that occurred in 2016 will be eligible providing that all other criteria required by EU law are met.

Can I get a Ryanair delayed flight refund?

Passengers frequently receive a cancelled flight refund from Ryanair, but it is not generally the case that the same is offered to travellers impacted by flight delays. Instead, for passengers that have suffered a flight delay, Ryanair compensation can be obtained through the enforcement of the EU passenger rights in accordance with flight compensation regulations.

Our Ryanair flight got cancelled because of Air Traffic Control strikes – do Ryanair pay compensation for this?

Unfortunately, Ryanair flights cancelled due to strikes by non-airline staff are not considered to be the responsibility of the airline. Strikes of this type come under the term “extraordinary circumstances” as they are beyond the control of the carrier, thus removing any requirement for Ryanair to compensate passengers.

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My Ryanair flight was delayed by 2 hours – am I entitled to compensation?

Ryanair 2 hour delay compensation does not result in a cash settlement being paid to impacted passengers – instead, for a 2 hour Ryanair flight delay, food vouchers and other basic assistance is provided by the airline.

My flight delay was 4 years ago, the Ryanair delayed flight policy states that I am too late to make claim – is this right?

No. Many airlines such as Ryanair have recently introduced terms and conditions surround time restrictions that have been designed to reduce the number of claims that they are subject to. However, Ryanair flight delay policy will always be overruled by EU legislation. Judges will stand by the current 6-year rule and dismiss any attempts to evade these regulations.

I’ve suffered a Ryanair flight cancellation due to weather – what are my rights?

When making a claim regarding a Ryanair flight cancellation, weather conditions need to be normal enough for it to be reasonably expected that a flight can take place safely. Having cancelled a flight, it is up to Ryanair to prove “extraordinary circumstances” (i.e. extreme weather) were encountered. If they fail to do so, courts are likely to favour the claimant.

What are the Ryanair compensation amounts typically received by passengers?

In terms of Ryanair compensation, how much a claimant gets will always depend on the delay duration and scheduled flight distance. The sums awarded generally range from £220 to £540, with payments increasing in line with flight distance and delay duration.

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How is the Ryanair 3 hour delay compensation timeframe officially measured?

Initially, the EU regulations went no further than suggesting that delays were to be measured based on flight arrival times. However this seemed to present a bit of a loophole which the budget flight operator, Germanwings looked to exploit. During the case of Germanwings vs. Henning, the airline proposed to the European Court of Justice that the delay being claimed for was in fact only 2 hours and 58 minutes by the time the plane touched down on the runway – therefore, arriving ahead of the 3 hour threshold for claims. However, the judge in this case ruled against the airline, iterating that delay length should actually be measured from the point at which a passenger is permitted to disembark the aircraft (i.e. when doors are opened).

The claimant received compensation and the ruling has been made precedent law and is often applied to other cases involving delay duration disputes.

I’ve lost my boarding pass – can I still claim compensation for Ryanair delayed flights?

The is no requirement for you to retain your boarding card in order to make a claim – as long as you have completed a Ryanair delayed flight compensation form with details such as your flight number, we’ll be able to process a claim for you.

I was stranded overnight because my Ryanair flight was cancelled – should Ryanair pay for hotel accommodation?

If you are forced to wait until the following day for an alternative flight after having a Ryanair flight cancelled, hotel accommodation near to the airport is to be offered at no cost to the passengers affected.

I’ve had Ryanair claims for delayed flights rejected due to “extraordinary circumstances” – what should I do?

When Ryanair reject a claim based on a defence of “extraordinary circumstances”, they are obligated to provide proof that the events leading to the delay were beyond their control. A number of precedent cases have helped achieved further clarity on what is often deemed a ‘grey area’.

McDonagh vs. Ryanair Ltd was a case heard by the European Court of Justice following the volcanic ash cloud incident of 2010. A judgement was made in favour of the Irish low-cost airline when it was deemed that extreme natural events such as a volcano eruption do in fact “extraordinary circumstances” given the widespread disruption they cause. The precedent removes the obligation for an airline to pay compensation in future situations of a similar nature.

Another precedent has been required to prevent airlines exaggerating matters in order to cite a defence of “extraordinary circumstances” in cases where basic technical faults are actually to blame. In June 2014, the case of Jet2 vs. Huzar went to the English Court of Appeal where it was reiterated that any mechanical or technical issues impacting airline operations are the responsibility of the airline and do not represent circumstances beyond their reasonable control.

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I want to make a claim for Ryanair compensation – how long do I have to submit it?

6 years. This time restriction is imposed by the UK Statute of Limitations and is calculated from the scheduled departure date of your Ryanair flight.

Is there a minimum flight distance required under the EU regulations?

No. Irrespective of the scheduled distance of a delayed Ryanair flight, compensation can be obtained. However, the amount of compensation owed will be calculated in accordance with flight distance as well as the length of delay.

How do I claim flight delay compensation from Ryanair if I purchased my ticket using frequent flyer points?

Claims made by individuals travelling using frequent flyer rewards will have the same entitlements as passengers that have physically purchase their tickets. It is only customers that bought discounted tickets at a price not available to the public (e.g. staff discount) that will be exempt from making Ryanair compensation claims.

What is the Ryanair flight delays policy for domestic routes?

Ryanair flight delays in the UK are subject to the same rule as international flights. Any policy established by Ryanair must adhere to the guidelines provided by EU legislation.