Recent airport delays and cancellations

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Delays and cancellations affect airports all over the globe, but some are more susceptible to disruption than others.

According to 2016 UK airport statistics published by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester, Luton and Edinburgh accounted for the most delays over 3 hours. Together, these 5 airports were responsible for nearly 3,000 severe delays over the course of the year.

It’s not just in the UK that passengers will be eligible to claim; EU airport delay compensation is also available providing that legislative criteria are met.

If you have encountered airport delays over 3 hours in length, you could be entitled to as much as £540 thanks to EU flight compensation regulations.

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Airport delay tracker

A list of airport delays can be found below. Flight Delay Claims 4 U colleagues also have the ability to assess you case using historical flight data relating to airport delays in the UK and other EU countries.

Live flight delays and cancellations

Date - Time Airport Flight no. Destination Status  
LHR BA277 HYD Delayed Claim now
PMO U28244 LGW Delayed Claim now
HRG U28862 LGW Delayed Claim now
LGW U28861 HRG Delayed Claim now
LGW D82900 CPH Delayed Claim now
LGW NRS2920 AAL Cancelled Claim now
KJFK HFY7014 LGW Delayed Claim now
NTE U28968 LGW Delayed Claim now

Which UK airport were you delayed at?

UK Airport flight delay compensation claims

Airport delays in the UK

Almost 4,800 flights were delayed by more than 3 hours at 25 international airports located in the UK – you can find yours on the airline delay map or list below.

Helping you claim compensation for airport delays

A complete airport delay claims service

Flight Delay Claims 4 U are equipped with the experience and know-how required to win an airport delay claim – claims advisors are able to assist you throughout the whole process and will call on the support of our legal partners to enforce your passenger rights and retrieve compensation.

  • Establishing the facts

    Claim handlers will piece together all the information required to understand the circumstances surrounding airport delays or cancellations before proposing next steps

  • All paperwork completed on your behalf

    We work hard to make the claims process as hassle-free as possible for you

  • Enforcing EU passenger rights

    When claiming compensation for airport delays, your rights will be enforced by a specialist solicitor as permitted by EU regulations.

Other benefits of our expert service

We have a great team of claim handlers and a support network of legal professionals as well as access to historical flight data and weather reports – all provided on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis as standard.

If airlines deny responsibility for an airport delay, compensation claims will be rejected and legal action will be required in order to recover what you are owed. In such situations, your allocated solicitor will provide legal representation at a district court hearing and retrieve compensation on your behalf.

Current EU regulations allow up to £540 to be claimed from airlines responsible for delays of more than 3 hours.

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If successful, prompt payment is guaranteed – our accounts department will process compensation payments as soon as funds are received from the airline in question.

How to claim for airport delays?

Quick and convenient airport delays compensation

To make a start on your airport delay claim, all our team need is some basic information relating to you and your flight. Your case is then assessed by a claims advisor before being passed on to your designated solicitor who can submit your claim before initiating formal legal action if necessary.

Nothing further is required from you; we will deal with all paperwork and legalities associated with your claim. Flight Delay Claims 4 U claims are risk-free too; we’ll take on a case without charging any upfront fees, instead recovering our costs where airport delay compensation has been successfully obtained.

Experts in airport delay claims

Market-leading airport delay claim representatives

Each year, there are thousands of delays at airports across the UK, Europe and beyond. Fortunately, EU legislation is in place to compensate passengers impacted by flight disruption. Flight Delay Claims 4 U have partnered with a network of expert legal professionals to enforce passenger rights and retrieve airport delay compensation.

  • ‘No win, no fee’ airport delay claims

    Claiming with us is completely risk-free, with absolutely nothing to pay unless your claim is successful

  • Specialist airport delay claim solicitors

    We’ve handpicked a panel of legal partners based on their historical success in cases involving airport delays

  • Dedicated claims advisors

    When claiming compensation for airport delays, updates on progress will be given to you throughout the process by our enthusiastic claim handlers.

Experienced airport delay solicitors

With expert guidance and representation on your side, you’ll stand the best chance of obtaining airport delay compensation. Our panel of solicitors have won numerous cases against major international airlines so know what it takes to succeed.

If you’ve suffered airport delays, UK compensation experts are here to help. Under EU legislation, up to £540 can be retrieved for flights delayed by more than 3 hours.

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What happens if my flight gets cancelled at the airport?

Passenger compensation for cancelled flights

EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004) requires airlines to provide a standard level of passenger assistance when cancelling a flight at short notice. Depending on the exact circumstances, this assistance can include meal vouchers, ground transport, overnight accommodation, alterative flights or a full refund.

In order for passengers to claim cash compensation on top of basic airline assistance, legislative criteria need to be fulfilled. Airport delays resulting from a cancellation need be more than 3 hours in length and relate to EU departures, although non-EU departures will qualify too if the flight is being operated by an EU-based carrier and is arriving in an EU country.

  • Passenger eligibility

    To qualify delay length, airline nationality and departure country must all meet the criteria define by EU regulations

  • Airline passenger assistance

    Food vouchers, overnight accommodation, alternative flights and ticket refunds are all to be made available depending on airport delay status.

  • Notifying passengers

    Compensation will not be obtainable in cases where the airline has provided an appropriate reroute or advanced notice of a cancellation.

Passenger notification

If possible, airlines are directed to provide advanced notification of cancellations to affected passengers. If a flight operator advises passengers of a cancellation or reroute at least two weeks prior to the scheduled departure, subsequent compensation claims will not be valid.

If you’ve experienced airport delays of 3 hours or more as a result of a flight cancellation, we can help you claim up to £540 compensation.

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Airport delay claims process

Submit your flight details

Our simple enquiry form allows you to provide us with all the information we need to put forward a claim against the airline responsible for your airport delays.

Our claims team get in touch straightaway

A claim handler will move the process along quickly and professionally in order to retrieve your airport delay compensation as soon as possible.

Expert legal representation

When claiming compensation for airport delays, your rights will be enforced by a specialist solicitor selected from our extensive network of legal partners.

Compensation is received

In most cases relating to a delay at an airport, compensation is obtained without the need for court action. In early settlement scenarios, money owed to you will be transferred immediately after a suitable agreement is in place. If the airline rejects your claim, your allocated solicitor will be able to initiate formal legal proceedings and retrieve compensation through a court judgement.

  • Gather information to bolster a potential claim
  • Demand meal vouchers if necessary (after 2 hours of delays)
  • Retain flight-related documents
  • Capture photos and video footage where relevant

I’ve been delayed at the airport – what should I do?

Accurate information is advantageous when claiming airport delay compensation

If airport delays transpire, it is useful to have all the facts surrounding the incident recorded ahead of a potential claim.

It is important to listen out for airline announces and be aware of the time as it elapses. It is also worthwhile approaching airline staff for more information relating to the delays; taking note of responses if necessary.

Refreshment vouchers

When airport delays extend beyond 2 hours, it is an airline’s obligation to provide meal vouchers to passengers. If the airline isn’t forthcoming in offering these, they should be requested.

Retain any official documents relating to your flight

Once combined, documentation such as booking confirmation, tickets, vouchers and airline correspondence can all form a bank of information that further supports your airport delay claim. Try to make copies where possible so that nothing is misplaced.

Video and photographic evidence

Providing a visual record of events can be especially useful in cases where an airline is disputing the facts – for example, if claiming for airport delays due to snow, photos or video footage of the actual conditions at the departure airport can help us present an argument against any frivolous “extraordinary circumstances” counter claims that an airline potentially makes.

Airport delays and compensation experience

Experience legal representatives

Thanks to years of experience, our legal partners know exactly how to get airport delays compensation from the airlines responsible.

Cancelled flight compensation solicitors

All the lawyers we allocate to cases have the extensive knowledge of EU regulations that comes with working on numerous cases against major airlines worldwide. An enviable success rate over the last decade iterates the calibre of legal representatives you will have on your side when making an airport delay claim.

Supporting you from start to finish

Our approachable claims team are highly-trained experts with an extensive knowledge of airport delay compensation regulations.

Your dedicated claim handler will make the process hassle-free by diligently processing paperwork and arranging legal representation as required once your airport delay’s status has been established.

As well as drawing upon their airport delay claim experience, Flight Delay Claims 4 U colleagues have access to sophisticated weather reports and historical flight data.

We carefully select lawyers to provide you with representation. You can rest assured that they will be prepared for any situation that arises thanks to their previous experience of airport delay claims made in accordance with EU regulations.

Although most airport delay claims conclude with an early settlement being made without the need for legal action, sometimes an airline will instead choose to allow the case to come to court. In these situations, a specialist solicitor will attend the hearing on your behalf and enforce your EU passenger rights in order to recover compensation following a district court judgement.

Our legal partners will have worked on many claims similar to yours, meaning that they will have perfected their approach to such cases – giving you the best chance of success.

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Average compensation amounts for airport delays

The amount of compensation paid by airlines for airport delays is stipulated by EU regulations and follows a basic formula which takes into account both flight distance and delay duration. A summary of the payment grades can be found below.

Compensation Table

Amounts set by EU Regulations 261/2004
Flight distance Delay on arrival (hours) Compensation
Up to 1,500km 3 or more £226†/€250
1,500km - 3,500km 3 or more £361†/€400
Over 3,500km‡ 3 to 4 £271†/€300
Over 3,500km‡ 4 or more £540†/€600

For distances of greater than 3,500km, for the higher amount of compensation the journey will need to have departed from an EU (European) airport and be delayed on arrival in a Non-EU airport (Such as Manchester to Diagoras.) The airline is eligible to apply a 50% flat reduction on compensation awarded if the delay was between 3 and 4 hours.

Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent on the exchange rate at the time of the delay, or on the date your claim is settled
(This will depend on the airline).

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First class service & expertise

First class service & expertise

Olivia Robertson Crewe

We received compensation for our recent airport delays today, all thanks to the fantastic team at Flight Delay Claims 4 U – I barely needed to get involved, they knew exactly what to do and went away and did it! Thank you so much for all yout time and patience throughout the claim.

A very professional approach

A very professional approach

Tanya Firswood Birmingham

About three years ago, I suffered significant airport delays when windy conditions grounded my flight to Rome. Once I’d explained my situation to a claims advisor, they assessed everything, and later in court a favourable ruling was made and £220 compensation was retrieved on my behalf.

Faultless & fast service again

Faultless & fast service again

David Camberwell Kilmarnock

My wife and I endured long airport delays when winter storms caused disruption at Edinburgh airport. The airline claimed that conditions constituted “extraordinary circumstances” but our solicitor was able to successfully challenge them. From start to finish, your were great, thanks so much!



Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to claim airport delay compensation for flights departing the US?

Yes, but only if the flight is being operated by an EU-based airline and is scheduled to arrive at an airport situated in an EU member state.

I incurred extra car parking costs due to airport delays yesterday – can I claim this back from the airline?

Passengers are not directly the purchase of individual items or services at the airport – compensation for delayed flights is designed to financially reward those affected for the inconvenience and disruption they have suffered. It is paid at a standardised rate which is independent of any actual costs incurred by passengers (e.g. car parking).

Am I allowed to sleep in the departure lounge if airport cancellations mean I won’t be able to fly until tomorrow?

It depends on which airport you are delayed at. While some airports are open 24 hours a day, others will close certain areas after the final flight of the day has departed. It is worth noting that comfortable furniture is difficult to come by and terminal buildings can be noisy at night due to maintenance and cleaning procedures taking place. Shower facilities are often available for a fee in the private lounges too, but the best option might be to ask the airline about local hotels.

Will my airline find me a local hotel if airport delays leave me stranded overnight?

Your airline should have a list of local hotels and if required, will pay for your accommodation (up to a maximum of 3 nights) as part of the standard assistance they are directed to provide under EU regulations.

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Do airport shops, bars and restaurants stay open overnight?

Certain facilities including coffee shops may stay open around-the-clock, but in most airports, shops and food outlets tend to close after the last flight of the day has departed.

Which UK airports suffer the most delays?

In terms of airport delays in excess of 3 hours, Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester were the most affected in 2016.

Which UK airport has the highest average delay duration?

Gatwick passengers suffer average airport delays of approximately 22 minutes, making it the least punctual of the UK’s 25 largest airports.

Can I leave the airport and come back later if my flight is going to be delayed for several hours?

Yes, you are permitted to leave but due to the unpredictable nature of airport delays, airlines advise passengers to remain at the airport where possible in case the revised departure time is brought forward unexpectedly.

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How long do I have to make an airport delay claim?

The UK Statute of Limitations has set a cut-off of 6 years from the incident date as the time limit for claims.

Some airlines have protested against the length of this compensation period, and even attempted to impose their own restrictions in some cases. Goel and Trivedi vs. Ryanair Ltd. was a court case in which Ryanair’s self-Imposed 2-year limit was overruled and compensation subsequently awarded to the claimants.

How do I go about making an airport delay claim?

Simply complete one of our enquiry forms and we’ll get in touch, assess your case and assign a lawyer to your case ahead of a formal compensation request is submitted to the airline responsible for your delay.

Can I claim compensation if my fight is cancelled due to airport closures?

Unfortunately not. The decision to partially or completely close the airport will have been made by airport officials – as a result, the situation will be beyond the control of your airline and deemed as “extraordinary circumstances”.

Can someone else claim airport delay compensation on my behalf?

Yes – if you have suffered delays at an airport, compensation claims can be submitted by another individual, as long as they have the correct information relating to your flight. Any subsequent compensation is paid directly to you (not the person that has physically made the claim).

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Where can I find the latest airport delays news?

Screens located throughout the terminal building will display information regarding airport delays by destination. The same information can normally be found on the respective airline and airport websites.

It can sometimes be worthwhile talking directly to airline representatives at the airport to request more details relating to your airport delays too.

Can I get compensation for a delay that lasted less than 3 hours?

No cash compensation can be obtained for delays that a less than 3 hours long, however, any passengers delayed at airports for at least 2 hours are entitled to standard airline assistance which can include meal vouchers, hotel accommodation, ground transport and ticket refunds depending on what is relevant.

How is the 3 hour airport delay timeframe officially measured?

Although EU legislation defines the delay duration cut-off as the flight arrival time, it is not so clear on what is meant by ‘arrival time’. As a result, low-cost airline, Germanwings attempted to exploit a loophole – Germanwings vs. Henning was heard at the European Court of Justice during which the German flight operator asserted that the delay being claimed for in this instance was just 2 hours and 58 minutes in length by the time the plane had landed and therefore below the 3 hour duration required for cash compensation to be obtained. The judge overruled Germanwings and proclaimed that all delay durations should be measured up to the point at which passengers are permitted to disembark the aircraft (i.e. when doors have been opened).

This interpretation meant that the flight’s arrival was actually over 3 hours behind schedule and the claimant’s airport delay claim was upheld.

Is there a minimum flight distance required when claiming airport delay compensation?

No. Airport delays compensation can be claimed for irrespective of the flight distance. However, the amount paid will fluctuate depending on the length of your flight.