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In terms of delayed and cancelled flights, Cardiff has its fair share. Cardiff Airport flight statistics for 2016 indicate that the average flight delay from there was just shy of 14 minutes. Cardiff Airport flights delayed by more than 3 hours totalled 102 in 2016.

For flight delays at Cardiff Airport longer than 3 hours, the airline is obligated to compensate travellers affected, providing that the delay was a result of the carrier’s failure and not deemed to be “extraordinary circumstances”.

Over 60 airlines fly out of Cardiff. The most regularly liable for Cardiff Airport flight delays are Flybe and Vueling Airlines.

Anyone who has had their Cardiff airport flights cancelled or delayed by more than 3 hours in the last 6 years can claim compensation from the airline for the disruption caused.

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Cardiff Airport flight delay information

Follow Cardiff Airport delays live on the board below in the disrupted departures information board below. If you wish to see historical flight delay data, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) provide archived information relating to Cardiff Airport delayed departures that have occurred in the last 6 years.

Latest Cardiff Airport flight delays and cancellations

Date - Time Airport Flight no. Destination Status  
CWL BE4551 LCY Cancelled Claim now
MXP BE4544 CWL Delayed Claim now
CWL BE4543 MXP Delayed Claim now
EDI BE4508 CWL Delayed Claim now
CWL BE4507 EDI Delayed Claim now
CWL BE4557 LCY Cancelled Claim now
MUC BE4518 CWL Delayed Claim now
CWL BE4513 GLA Cancelled Claim now
CWL BE4525 DUB Cancelled Claim now
CWL BE4517 MUC Delayed Claim now
CWL EZE612 VLY Cancelled Claim now
CWL EZE4032 NCL Delayed Claim now

Assistance with Cardiff Airport compensation claims

Valuable experience in Cardiff Airport flight delay claims

Have you suffered severe flight disruptions at Cardiff Airport? If you have, Flight Delay Claims 4 U is here to assist you in getting compensation from the airline responsible. Our network of experienced professionals has helped many passengers delayed at airports all over the world, including Cardiff Airport compensation claims; making us the perfect choice to provide support on every aspect of the claims process.

  • UK-based claim handlers

    A UK-based team with experience of delayed or cancelled flights from Cardiff Airport, as well as dealing with the airlines that operate from its single terminal

  • Knowledge of historical claims

    We’ve been able to acquire knowledge from previous successful Cardiff Airport flight disruption claims and continuously develop our approach accordingly

  • Cardiff weather assessment

    Due to its geography, Cardiff Airport, delays due to weather occasionally occur, but to disprove any airline claims of “extraordinary circumstances” we can perform a detailed weather assessment for the area surrounding Cardiff Airport and on the scheduled route.

Cardiff Airport delayed flights are governed by EU regulations

Because Cardiff Airport is in the UK, flight delays happening there will be subject to EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004). All airlines that are accountable for flight delays from Cardiff Airport must adhere to the ruling, irrespective of scheduled destination and flight operator nationality.

If your flight has been delayed for 3 hours or more at Cardiff Airport, you could be entitled to up to £540 compensation

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The legislation allows passengers to claim compensation if they have incurred at least 3 hours of flight delays in Cardiff. Time limits dictate that claims will only be valid if they are in relation to a flight delayed at Cardiff Airport in the last 6 years.

Flight Delay Claims 4 U can leverage the air passenger rights stipulated by EU law to submit your claim. Cardiff Airport flight delay compensation will usually range between £220 and £540 depending on circumstances. You can also claim on behalf of other travellers in your party delayed at Cardiff Airport, so include them in your claim submission to receive compensation per passenger.

How to claim compensation for Cardiff Airport delays and cancellations

Contact us with details about your flight delay at Cardiff Airport

Dozens of airlines, flying to over 100 unique destinations are liable to flight delays out of Cardiff Airport.

With around 27,000 aircraft movements taking place at Cardiff Airport each year, it is important for us to get as much detail as we can to identify your flight and process your Cardiff Airport flight claim quickly.

Preferably, you’ll be able to supply us with your flight number, as this allows us to determine more details about your flight.

A specialist solicitor will be on hand to formally approach the airline with a compensation demand for flight delays encountered at Cardiff Airport. We’ll then process any payment received from the airline after agreeing an appropriate settlement.

Cardiff flight delay compensation experts

A background in Cardiff Airport delay claims

Cardiff is Wales’ only international airport, handling around 1.3 million passengers, a number that is increasing each year. With over a million passengers passing through the terminal, it is not surprising that a number of these travellers will be disrupted by delays, for which compensation can be sought.

Those inconvenienced by Cardiff Airport flight cancellations and delays can get all the help they need from Flight Delay Claims 4 U when making a compensation claim:

  • ‘No win, no fee’ & no initial fee

    There is no risk involved; simply contact our team to discover how much compensation you could be due for your Cardiff Airport flight delays today

  • Solicitors experienced in flight delay claims for Cardiff Airport passengers

    Qualified solicitors will approach your claim in a consistent and professional manner

  • Dedicated UK compensation claims team & lawyers

    Our team keep you informed throughout; tracking progress as we pursue compensation for Cardiff flight cancellations and delays.

Experienced lawyers take on your Cardiff flight delay case

A specialist solicitor will pursue compensation from the airline on your behalf. Everything is arranged for you and we offer further options including access to weather assessments and historical flight data, as well as the ability to add additional passengers to your claim if you travelled in a group.

If your flight has been delayed for 3 hours or more at Cardiff Airport, you could be entitled to up to £540 compensation

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Cardiff Airport Overview

Cardiff Airport flight delay data

With an average flight delay of 13.73 minutes, Cardiff is the 13th worst performing of 24 UK airports for average delays. Over the course of 2016, there were 102 instances of Cardiff flight delays that exceeded 3 hours.

There were 63 airlines operating from the airport in 2016, and some were more liable for flight delays in Cardiff Airport than others; Vueling Airlines (30.3), Ryanair (20.2), Eastern Airways (14.9) and Flybe (14.6) were responsible for the highest average delay times.

Approximately 75% of Cardiff Airport flights grounded for 3 hours or more in 2016 were the responsibility of Flybe (53) and Vueling Airlines (22).

  • Cardiff has 13th highest average delay time out of 24 UK airports

    The average flight delays at Cardiff Airport is approximately 14 minutes

  • High number of flight delays at Cardiff Airport are UK and Ireland routes

    Domestic flights are those that most commonly experience delays of 3 more than 3 hours –Dublin, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Belfast City are regularly affected

  • Flybe have the highest number of 3 hour+ flight delays from Cardiff Airport

    Flybe have more than twice as many flights seriously delayed than the second-worst airline (Vueling Airlines) – Flybe averaged one severe delay per week in 2016.

Nearly all 110 destinations flown to from Cardiff are domestic or European. Flight delays from Cardiff to other UK airports seem to be the most common though. The routes with the greatest number of flight delays exceeding 3 hours in 2016 were Dublin (6), Edinburgh (6), Aberdeen (4), Belfast City (3), Faro (3) and Barcelona (3).

About Cardiff Airport

Cardiff Airport Information

Cardiff International Airport is located in the village of Rhoose in the Vale of Glamorgan, and is situated around 12 miles from Wales’ capital city. The Welsh Government have owned Cardiff Airport since 2013, and passenger numbers continue to increase each year; its single terminal handled 1.3 million passengers in 2016. The airport serves travellers form a wide area – mainly South, Mid and West Wales. Most fights are to regional or popular European destinations with the main flight operators including Flybe, Ryanair, KLM, Thomson Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines, Jet2, Air France, Aer Lingus, easyJet and British Airways.

Cardiff Airport statistics and services

Cardiff is Wales’ only international airport and facilitates the transit of approximately 1.3 million passengers, on more than 26,000 different flights each year. Aircraft movements increased 5% in 2016, with passenger numbers up 16% on 2015 as well.

The increase in passenger numbers and air traffic has sparked a development strategy, with expansion of the airport terminal and refurbishment of existing buildings. The extension at the front of the terminal is designed to link arrivals and departures zones in one large area, offering new retail and food services.

Roads surrounding the Cardiff Airport started to experience severe congestion from the turn of century when the airport’s popularity began to escalate. As a result, in addition to the building extensions, the approach area directly outside the terminal have been redesigned. The Welsh Assembly Government had commissioned a study to explore options of further improving road access through wider roads and better links to the M4 motorway, but they subsequently decided that it would be more beneficial to increase rail and bus service frequency.

Facilities have improved at Cardiff Airport following its recent modernisation. Although it is a small terminal with a limited number of food outlets and retail stores, it does have the majority of amenities you expect to find at an international airport. The following are some of the facilities and services that are available: café, bar, ATMs, currency exchange kiosk, Duty-Free shop and a limited selection of retail stores. All of Cardiff Airport’s food & drink outlets only remain open during flight operation hours.

In respect to ground transport, accessing the airport from the city of Cardiff is relatively cheap and easy. The Cardiff Airport Express Bus (T9) provides a convenient connection service between Cardiff Airport and the city centre.

The Vale of Glamorgan railway line also provides a route to the airport from Cardiff and nearby towns. Rhoose Cardiff International Airport has hourly services to and from Cardiff Central and Bridgend, where passengers can access the South Wales Main Line. The airport’s railway station is linked to the air passenger terminal by Cardiff Airport Rail Link bus service, with a journey time of around 10 minutes.

For car travellers, the M4 motorway is nearby and provides access to other areas of South Wales, as well as a direct route to London. Car parking is convenient as both the Long Stay and Short Stay zones are on the main site. For those looking to hire vehicles, there are several car rental firms situated at the airport – all of which are open 7 days a week.

What if you are severely delayed at Cardiff Airport?

For passengers unlucky enough to be facing a long flight delay, the services Cardiff Airport has to offer are limited, but adequate. Providing that Cardiff Airport flight disruptions are too extensive, there should be enough amenities to keep travellers content. Two cafes and a restaurant-bar represent the three dining options available – all three having opening hours that align to daily flight schedule.

Wi-Fi internet access is free for 30 minutes, after which time can be extended on a pay-per-hour basis. Another option for getting online are the three internet booths located throughout the terminal that charge per minute – free mobile phone charging stations are available there too. There are Games Zones in two areas of the airport, with arcade games to keep children entertained. It is possible to sleep in the airport if stranded overnight, it is generally quiet during this time, but the bench seating provided is uncomfortable. An executive lounge is available to economy travellers for a surcharge, but 24 passes need to be purchased 24 hours in advance. Unfortunately there are no shower facilities at the airport itself. It is advised those delayed overnight stay at one of the four hotels located within 10 minutes of Cardiff Airport.

Cardiff CF62 3BD 01446 711 111

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Cardiff Airport flight delay compensation process

Submit flight details

If you can provide us with details about you and your disrupted flight, we can do everything else that is required to obtain flight delay compensation for Cardiff passengers. Your flight number is an ideal starting point as it provides a link other vital information like airline name, destination and flight schedule. It’s also good to have documentation confirming the reason cited for your flight delay out of Cardiff.

Flight compensation solicitors will get back to you immediately

It is important to get claims moving quickly, so the team at Flight Delay Claims 4 U will spring into action immediately and make the first steps towards acquiring the compensation owed for your flight delay at Cardiff Airport.

Enforce air passenger rights

A legal representative with years of experience in flight compensation claims will use the passenger rights determined by EU legislation to submit a robust claim on your behalf; giving you the best chance of winning compensation for your Cardiff Airport flight delay.

Collect your compensation

Most cases end with a settlement agreement being made before any court hearings are required. In this case, compensation is paid almost immediately. More complicated cases will go to court; a specialist solicitor will attend and represent you in opposing the airline’s legal representatives. Compensation won in court will also be processed promptly by our accounts team as soon as a ruling is made and settlement is received from the airline in question.

  • Gather information that might assist a claim
  • Request vouchers (you are entitled to these)
  • Keep hold of all airline documents such as letters, tickets & vouchers
  • Take photos or videos

What to do if my Cardiff flight is delayed

Additional information is generally beneficial when making Cardiff Airport claims

From the moment that you realise that an extensive flight delay is likely, you should look to collect proof to support a potential compensation claim.

Keep an eye on timings and be attentive to the airline’s passenger announcements. Retain any documentation you may have been given, including boarding passes. Also, try and get as much information as you can from airline staff at the airport, making a note of their responses.

Food & drink vouchers

For flight delays in Cardiff Airport lasting more than 2 hours, it is mandatory for airlines to offer refreshment vouchers of proportionate value to the delay length. If the flight operator fails to offer them voluntarily, passengers should request them from airline staff at the airport.

Retain documentation in case a claim can be made for your flight delay from Cardiff

Booking confirmation, tickets, boarding passes and any additional correspondence you receive from the flight operator are all potentially useful in submitting a claim for Cardiff Airport delays. It is a good idea to make copies too, in case you lose originals.

Photographic evidence for a Cardiff Airport flight delay claim

Although not essential, taking photos can conducive to Cardiff Airport flight complaints. It can work as a way of banking information, such as documents that you might use or misplace later on.

Cardiff Airport fog delays are sometimes cited by airlines, so when travellers are impact by fog or other relating issues, they should build a library of images to dispute the severity of conditions if necessary.

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Cardiff flight delay compensation amounts

The sum of compensation owed to you for a Cardiff flight delay will vary according to factors such as duration of delay and flight distance; the amount paid generally aligns to the conditions defined below. Most airlines will be familiar with the compensation process by now and will look to settle outside of court in most cases.

Compensation Table

Amounts set by EU Regulations 261/2004
Flight distance Delay on arrival (hours) Compensation
Up to 1,500km 3 or more £226†/€250
1,500km - 3,500km 3 or more £361†/€400
Over 3,500km‡ 3 to 4 £271†/€300
Over 3,500km‡ 4 or more £540†/€600

For distances of greater than 3,500km, for the higher amount of compensation the journey will need to have departed from an EU (European) airport and be delayed on arrival in a Non-EU airport (Such as Manchester to Diagoras.) The airline is eligible to apply a 50% flat reduction on compensation awarded if the delay was between 3 and 4 hours.

Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent on the exchange rate at the time of the delay, or on the date your claim is settled
(This will depend on the airline).

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Happy I picked up the phone

Happy I picked up the phone

Liam Peters Swansea

Flight cancellations in Cardiff meant that I was forced to stay at the airport overnight. Before I arrived for my flight in Cardiff Airport, cancelled flight notification was not provided by the airline. I was advised by the claims team that this omission by the airline would mean that I could claim compensation for the inconvenience caused. That is exactly what I did, and a couple of weeks later I had over £200 transferred directly to my bank account!

I was sent £220 compensation!

I was sent £220 compensation!

Rosemary Davies Abergavenny

I submitted a claim after cold weather caused Cardiff Airport flight delays to my flight. It eventually transpired that it was the airlines failure to prepare the aircraft appropriately for the icy conditions that triggered the delay. Flight Delay Claims 4 U were instrumental in ensuring that the airline paid me what I was owed. Missing the first few hours of my holiday in Tenerife wasn’t so bad after all, thanks guys…!

Super-helpful & friendly solicitors

Super-helpful & friendly solicitors

Leah Walters Newport

Cardiff flight cancellations made me arrive in Rhodes over 6 hours late, missing my transfer to the Hotel as a result. The people I spoke to were so helpful and once I shared details of my flight delay with them, they were able to pass the case onto a fantastic solicitor who worked wonders when the case went to court; the airline was ruled to be at blame because of a mechanical fault on the aircraft. I received £350 shortly after. Thanks guys!

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FAQs: Delayed or Cancelled Flights at Cardiff Airport

How do I stay updated with the latest Cardiff Airport delays news?

There are dozens of screens positioned all over Cardiff Airport that display the latest departures information. It is also possible to use the flight delay checker on Cardiff Airport’s website. You can always stay informed by speaking to airline staff, they may be able to give you more details too.

The airline in Cardiff cancelled flights because air traffic controllers were on strike – am I entitled to compensation from them?

It is unlikely that you will be owed compensation because in cases like this where Cardiff Airport delays are due to strikes organised by non-airline staff, the circumstances are beyond the control of the airline itself. However, if the airline were informed that strikes were definitely taking weeks before, then they would be obligated to cancel the flight and inform passengers at least two weeks in advance. If they don’t, you may still be able to claim.

My flight departed 4 hours later than planned because of Cardiff flight delays today – can I claim compensation?

The delay meets the criteria set for delay duration (3 hours), so providing the delay was no more than 6 years ago, and no “extraordinary circumstances” have been cited by the airline, compensation will be owed.

I was stranded at Cardiff Airport because airline cancelled flights today – am I able to stay overnight in the departure lounge?

Yes, it is possible to stay in the building overnight; however, it is a relatively small airport and a lot of the services are not in operation 24 hours a day. There are no lockers or luggage storage facilities, so if your flight from Cardiff Airport is delayed, baggage will have to remain with you at all times, something to bear in mind when sleeping in the terminal.

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I endured 2 hour flight delays at Cardiff Airport today – can I claim compensation for this?

Unfortunately not. Cardiff flight delays lasting less than 3 hours are not eligible for cash compensation. Despite this, for delays between 2 to 3 hours, the airline is still obligated to provide refreshment vouchers to a value that is proportionate to your delay duration.

My plane was one of the flight delays in Cardiff today because of snow – can I claim compensation?

When your flight is one of several Cardiff Airport delays due to snow, it is probable that the snowy conditions constituted “extraordinary circumstances”. However, the airline is required to prove this if there is any doubt as to what was responsible for the delay.

The airline is blaming Cardiff Airport delays on weather conditions – what are my rights?

Wales has its fair share of bad weather, so it isn’t be uncommon that Cardiff Airport experiences flight delays due to weather-related problems. It’s also possible that weather along the route or at the destination is causing the disruption. Whatever the case is, our specialist team will conduct a full weather assessment relating to your flight to contest airline citations of “extraordinary circumstances”.

I was stuck because of Cardiff Airport delays yesterday but have now lost my boarding card – can I still make a compensation claim?

Absolutely. You are not required to retain original tickets or boarding cards in order to make a compensation claim. A flight number is desirable though as it helps us determine other details relating to your flight.