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Like most airports, flight delays at London Gatwick Airport are not rare. The Civil Aviation Authority’s 2016 London Gatwick Airport flight statistics quote the average delay at over 22 minutes, with over1100 flights delayed at London Gatwick Airport by 3 hours or more.

For any flight delays at London Gatwick exceeding 3 hours in length, flight operators are required to compensate passengers inconvenienced as a result. However, the delay must have resulted from actions within the airline’s control.

There are approximately 120 carriers that regularly depart from Gatwick’s two passenger terminals. Airlines most commonly at fault for flight delays out of London Gatwick are Vueling Airlines, easyJet, Norwegian Air and Ryanair.

If you have been disrupted by any of the London Gatwick Airport flights cancelled or delayed within the last 6 years, you may qualify for compensation.

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London Gatwick Airport flight delay information

Use our flight delay checker to find London Gatwick departures impacted recently. To validate the extent of your delay, historical CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) London Gatwick Airport flight statistics can be examined too.

Latest London Gatwick Airport flight delays and cancellations

Date - Time Airport Flight no. Destination Status  
PMO U28244 LGW Delayed Claim now
HRG U28862 LGW Delayed Claim now
LGW U28861 HRG Delayed Claim now
LGW D82900 CPH Delayed Claim now
LGW NRS2920 AAL Cancelled Claim now
KJFK HFY7014 LGW Delayed Claim now
NTE U28968 LGW Delayed Claim now
LGW HFY7013 KJFK Delayed Claim now
KLAX DY7096 LGW Delayed Claim now
LGW DY7013 KJFK Delayed Claim now
AMS U28882 LGW Delayed Claim now
LGW FI471 KEF Cancelled Claim now

Helping with London Gatwick Airport compensation claims

A background in making successful London Gatwick Airport claims

Being the UK’s second-busiest airport means it isn’t surprising that London Gatwick flight cancellations and delays regularly take place. If you are one of many passengers that has endured flight disruptions at London Gatwick Airport, our specialist team at Flight Delay Claims 4 U are ready to help.

  • UK-based team solicitors & expert claim handlers

    The Flight Delay Claims 4 U team have helped on many historical claims for delayed or cancelled flights from London Gatwick, frequently liaising directly with airlines flying out of there.

  • Knowledge of historical claims

    It’s a major international airport, so London Gatwick Airport flight disruption cases are regularly dealt with by us – giving us the valuable knowledge and expertise that are vital for making a successful compensation claim.

  • London Gatwick weather assessment

    The UK’s notoriously unpredictable weather means that London Gatwick Airport delays due to weather happen quite often.
    It’s up to the flight operator to provide proof that the weather is severe enough to be considered as “extraordinary circumstances”. We can mount a dispute against an airline citing extraordinary circumstances by collating a full weather assessment in relation to your scheduled flight.

London Gatwick Airport delayed flights are governed by EU Flight Delay Regulation (261/2004)

Since London Gatwick Airport is in the UK, flight delays are directed by EU legislation.

All airlines responsible for flight delays from London Gatwick Airport must adhere to the EU rules, regardless of their nationality or scheduled destination.

If your flight has been delayed for 3 hours or more, you could be entitled to up to £540 compensation

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The legislation permits travellers disrupted by severe flight delays in London Gatwick to demand compensation from the flight operator. The flight delayed at London Gatwick Airport must have been scheduled for departure in the last 6 years and length of delay must surpass 3 hours.

It doesn’t matter which terminal you depart from, as both Gatwick terminals will covered by the legislation.

A highly-qualified solicitor will use EU air passenger rights in building a forceful compensation claim against the airline responsible. London Gatwick airport flight delay compensation amounts generally fall with the range of £220 to £540, dependent on delay duration and flight distance. You can claim for all passengers in your party when you were delayed at London Gatwick Airport, so ensure you include them when submitting your details.

How to claim compensation for London Gatwick Airport delays and cancellations

Let us know all about your flight delays at London Gatwick Airport today!

Over 100 different airlines, heading to in excess of 300 unique destinations are all liable to suffering flight delays out of London Gatwick.

London Gatwick is the second-busiest airport in the UK, handling over 40 million passengers annually; it is therefore essential that you provide us with as much information as possible when starting London Gatwick Airport flight claims. In the absence of information such as flight number, it might be hard to find the other facts that are needed in order to demand compensation from the airline.

Once we have the basic information required, a skilled solicitor will start to pursue the case by setting out demands in a formal compensation claim letter that is submitted to the airline responsible for flight delays at London Gatwick. The aim is always to obtain an appropriate settlement from the airline before a court case is required.

London Gatwick Airport flight compensation experts

Professionally conducted London Gatwick Airport flight delay claims

Gatwick is the second-largest airport in the UK and the 8th busiest in Europe. With passenger numbers surpassing the 40 million mark each year, there is always going to be a chance that a fraction of them get delayed.

Anyone that has suffered London Gatwick Airport flight cancellations and delays should get advice and support from Flight Delay Claims 4 U in order to build a successful compensation claim.

  • ‘No win, no fee’ & no initial fee

    Making a claim with us is risk-free, so contact us with the details of your London Gatwick Airport flight delays today!

  • Legal professionals proficient in flight delay claims for London Gatwick claimants

    Knowledgeable solicitors will use experienced gained over many years to get the best flight delay compensation for London Gatwick passengers

  • Dedicated compensation claims team

    We’ll keep in touch to update on progress so you can follow your claim throughout the process

Specialist solicitors looking after your London Gatwick Airport delay claim

Your assigned lawyer will be highly-skilled and experienced in London Gatwick flight delay claims. They’ll use everything at their disposal to win the case; Weather assessments and historical flight records are both available to bolster your claim.

If your flight has been delayed for 3 hours or more at London Gatwick Airport, you could be entitled to up to £540 compensation

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London Gatwick Airport Overview

London Gatwick Airport flight delay facts

With average flight delay of 22.24 minutes, Gatwick is ranked as the worst UK airport in terms of punctuality. Gatwick has cemented its position at the bottom of the UK airport delays table with an increase of 5 minutes on 2015 figures. Over the course of 2016, London Gatwick flight delays lasting 3 hours or more impacted approximately 1100 flights.

There were over 100 airlines carriers departing Gatwick in 2016, but some of them contributed more than others to average London Gatwick Airport flight delays; Med-View, WestJet, Air Transat, WOW Air and Tunisair all have average delay time of more than 30 minutes.

In terms of number of London Gatwick Airport flights grounded for more than 3 hours or in 2016, the most culpable airlines were easyJet (1213), Norwegian Air Shuttle (352), British Airways (343), Thomson Airways (126) and Vueling Airlines (121).

  • Gatwick has the longest average delay time of 24 UK airports

    Average flight delays at London Gatwick Airport are just over 22 minutes

  • A number of different routes are subject to London Gatwick Airport delays

    Barcelona, Copenhagen, Belfast International, Milan (Malpensa) and Amsterdam are among the most regularly impacted

  • easyJet have the highest number of 3 hour+ flight delays out of London Gatwick

    easyJet has a commercial partnership with Gatwick Airport, and therefore account for 40% of flights – however, as a result, they also contribute a large quantity of significantly delayed flights on popular routes

Of the hundreds of destinations served by the airport, a flight delay from London Gatwick is most likely when flying with easyJet to Belfast, Milan, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

About London Gatwick Airport

London Gatwick Airport Information

Gatwick is the second-biggest of the six airports that serve the London metropolitan area and is 30 miles south of Central London. It is a popular departure airport for low-cost carriers. The airport is a base for major airlines including British Airways, easyJet, Monarch Airlines, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Virgin Atlantic as well as charter carriers like Thomas Cook Airlines and Thomson Airways. The majority of flights are operated by easyJet, which operates from the North Terminal with Virgin Atlantic.

The South Terminal officially opened in 1958 and construction of the North Terminal followed in the 1980s, at a cost of £200 million.

London Gatwick Airport statistics and services

London Gatwick is recognised as the world’s leading low-cost airport. It is the second-largest airport in the UK and the eight-busiest in Europe, handling over 40 million passengers a year and 55 aircraft movements a year on a single runway.

Gatwick’s original modular design was to allow future expansion, which has taken place at significant pace in recent years due to considerable year-on-year increases to air traffic and passenger numbers since 2011.

Gatwick’s North & South Terminals both have similar facilities and services available to passengers. Each have several food concessions (including 24-hour options), 90 minutes of free Wi-Fi access, currency exchange counters, ATMs, Kids Zone, 24-hour Duty-Free shopping and a variety of popular retail stores.

In terms of ground transport, there are multiple options open to those travelling to and from the airport. Coach & bus routes from Gatwick serve over 400 UK towns and cities – most of these are based at the South Terminal. It is easy to travel between the terminals using a 24-hour Inter-Terminal shuttle.

Road links are good and car rental is available, with most operators based in arrivals area of North Terminal. Taxis are also readily available outside both terminals but due to the fact it is a 30 miles from Central London, they are not an economical option.

Travelling by train is also a possibility, with a train station located at the South Terminal which provides a Gatwick Express service which can get passengers to London Victoria Station in less than 35 minutes. Thameslink provides route to St. Pancras International and Luton Airport and Southern Rail can take travellers to London and surrounding areas in the South of England.

What if you are severely delayed at London Gatwick Airport?

Facilities at Gatwick’s two terminals are generally good, and if required, passengers are able to stay overnight. For passenger convenience, each terminal has at least one food outlet open 24 hours a day, free 90-minute Wi-Fi access (surcharge for unlimited access) and there are an abundance of free phone charging zones. If travelling with young family members, it may be worth heading to Kid Zones in departures to keep them entertained. Business travellers may want to check out the 24-hour business lounge; soundproof booths equipped with free Wi-Fi and mobile phone charging facility available airside in North and South Terminals at a charge of £10 per 30 minutes. Showers are also situated here.

Sleeping is possible both landside and airside in both terminals. Before security you will find more comfortable armchairs and benches. After security seating is less sleep-friendly, there are some benches without armrests to stretch out on but as with all airports, lighting is bright and busier areas can be quite noisy.

For a proper bed, there are six onsite hotels to choose from, ranging from budget to luxury standard.

London RH6 0NP 0844 892 0322

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London Gatwick Airport flight delay compensation process

Submit flight details

A few basic details are all that we require to start London Gatwick Airport flight compensation claims. A flight number is a key piece of information as more details can be established from this, such as airline name and scheduled flight date / time. It is also useful for us to know the reason the airline specified as the cause of your flight delay out of London Gatwick.

Flight compensation experts will get back to you immediately

There is no time to waste, so our experienced team will start on your case immediately to quickly acquire the compensation that you are owed for your London Gatwick Airport delays or cancellations.

Enforcing air passenger rights

A specialist solicitor will use case law precedents and air passenger rights to help build a comprehensive claim for compensation relating to any London Gatwick airport flight disruption you endure due to an airline’s deficiencies.

Collect your compensation

The majority of cases will be settled before reaching court. In these situations, your compensation will be transferred to you promptly. However, for London Gatwick Airport compensation claims that get rejected or ignored by the airline, it is necessary to go through the courts system. Your assigned solicitor attends on your behalf to pursue the compensation owed in accordance with EU regulations.

  • Gather information that might assist a claim
  • Request vouchers (you are entitled to these)
  • Keep hold of all airline documents such as letters, tickets & vouchers
  • Take photos

What to do if London Gatwick Airport delayed departures occur

Additional information is valuable to London Gatwick Airport claims

As soon as it becomes apparent that you are going to endure a flight delay at London Gatwick Airport, it makes sense to collect evidence that may support a claim against the airline. You should keep an eye on timings, listen out for airline announcements and keep any documentation that the airline has provided you with. You can also demand more information from airline staff, so don’t hesitate to ask questions to establish what is happening.

Refreshment vouchers

London Gatwick Airport flights delayed by more than 2 hours consequently require the airline to offer passengers food & drink tokens of proportionate value to delay length. If they aren’t offered, you should make a note of this as you are at entitled to request them if the airline isn’t forthcoming.

Keep documents that may support a compensation claim for your flight delay from London Gatwick

Tickets, along with any letters or confirmation emails received from the airline might be of use when making a compensation claim for your flight delay out of London Gatwick so try and make copies if you can so that nothing gets misplaced.

Photos can provide evidence for a London Gatwick Airport flight delay claim

Taking pictures of important documents can help support London Gatwick Airport flight complaints if originals get passed on or lost. London Gatwick Airport flight delays due to weather are fairly common so taking photos of the actual weather conditions at the airport is never a bad idea.

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London Gatwick Airport flight compensation amounts

The amount of compensation you obtain for your London Gatwick Airport delay is entirely dependent on the specifics of your case. The key factors are flight distance and extent of delay. The formula summarised below gives an indication as to how compensation sums are calculated. Most major airlines are now familiar with flight delay claims being brought against them and will often look to settle quickly outside of court.

Compensation Table

Amounts set by EU Regulations 261/2004
Flight distance Delay on arrival (hours) Compensation
Up to 1,500km 3 or more £226†/€250
1,500km - 3,500km 3 or more £361†/€400
Over 3,500km‡ 3 to 4 £271†/€300
Over 3,500km‡ 4 or more £540†/€600

For distances of greater than 3,500km, for the higher amount of compensation the journey will need to have departed from an EU (European) airport and be delayed on arrival in a Non-EU airport (Such as Manchester to Diagoras.) The airline is eligible to apply a 50% flat reduction on compensation awarded if the delay was between 3 and 4 hours.

Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent on the exchange rate at the time of the delay, or on the date your claim is settled
(This will depend on the airline).

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Convenient service & friendly team

Convenient service & friendly team

Leona Matthews Basingstoke

Flight cancellations from London Gatwick meant I couldn’t board my flight to Amsterdam. In the weeks prior to setting off for London Gatwick Airport, cancelled flight notice was not provided by the airline, and they didn’t offer to reroute me either. I made a claim with Flight Delay Claims 4 U and won cash compensation without the need for court action.

A real friendly bunch & hassle-free

A real friendly bunch & hassle-free

Michael Roswell Hereford

After having a family holiday severely disrupted by airline incompetence, I decided to get in touch with Flight Delay Claims 4 U to pursue a claim. The airline claimed that bad weather caused London Gatwick Airport flight delays that we experienced but the determined team at Flight Delay Claims 4 U managed to prove that it was a technical fault on the airline’s part. I got the result I wanted!

Helpful, professional and quick

Helpful, professional and quick

Jasmine Wallace Colchester

London Gatwick flight cancellations meant that I arrived in Milan 8 hours later than planned. The aircraft suffered a mechanical issue before departure and was grounded as a result. Flight Delay Claims 4 U advised me that I could claim for this delay and quickly progressed things, ensuring I got compensation within weeks of starting claim proceedings.

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FAQs: Delayed or Cancelled Flights at London Gatwick Airport

How do I stay informed about the latest London Gatwick Airport delays news?

Departure information is displayed on screens all over the airport’s two terminals. The live data they show is also available on Gatwick Airport’s website. For further information relating to delays it is worth asking airline staff at the airport too.

The airline at London Gatwick Airport cancelled flights today because of strikes – can I claim compensation?

It’s unlikely, but it very much depends on the exact circumstances; if London Gatwick Airport delays are due to strikes organised by non-airline staff (e.g. air traffic control, baggage handlers, security etc.), then it won’t be possible to successfully claim compensation from your flight operator as it would constitute “extraordinary circumstances” beyond their control.

My flight to Athens departed over 6 hours late because of London Gatwick flight delays today – can I claim compensation?

You could qualify for as much as £350 compensation per passenger, but the reason for the delay must not be deemed to be beyond the reasonable control of your airline.

I was stuck at London Gatwick Airport because of flight cancellations today – is possible to sleep in departures area?

Both terminals are open 24 hours security staff will be tolerant of those staying in the buildings overnight. The landside sections are more comfortable, but it is also possible to find areas to rest in airside areas. If your flight from London Gatwick Airport is delayed, baggage can be stored safely in lockers while you sleep (surcharge applies).

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I endured 2 hours of London Gatwick flight delays today – can I claim compensation for this?

Unfortunately, flight delays from London Gatwick that are less than 3 hours in length are not eligible for compensation under EU legislation. You will still be entitled to minimum assistance such as food & drink vouchers though.

I was caught up in London Gatwick Airport delays yesterday because of snowstorms – can I make a compensation claim?

If your scheduled departure is one of many disrupted by any London Gatwick Airport delays due to snow, it is likely that the conditions did constitute “extraordinary circumstances”. However the carrier must be able to prove this by demonstrating that the events were beyond their control.

My airline is blaming London Gatwick Airport delays on weather conditions – what are my rights?

From time-to-time, there are London Gatwick Airport delays due to weather conditions. The scheduled routes may also be impacted by extreme weather. The qualified solicitor handling your case will have access to thorough weather assessments to help deflect any potential objections raised against your claim by the airline.

I was caught up in London Gatwick Airport fog delays a few weeks back, but have since lost my boarding card – can I still claim compensation?

Yes. You aren’t required to present any original documentation to make a successful claim. All we ask for is your flight number.

It’s worth noting though that in the case of fog delays, the conditions must be proven to be extreme enough to be deemed as “extraordinary circumstances” in order for your claim to be accepted.