Helping passengers claim compensation for weather-related flight delays

Providing support throughout the claims process

Flight Delay Claims 4 U have dedicated claim handlers that will give you all the advice and guidance you need when submitting a claim for weather-related flight delay compensation.

We have an array of knowledge and expertise to call on – as soon as your claim handler has established the facts surrounding flight delays due to fog or other weather conditions, a specialist lawyer will become involved, making a formal compensation request and enforcing passenger rights as defined by EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004).

  • Understanding the circumstances

    A dedicated case manager will make every effort to understand the facts of your case fully before recommending an approach for claiming compensation for weather-related flight delays

  • Managing the process on your behalf

    Our team will remove the hassle from the claims process by taking care of every detail on your behalf

  • Application of EU passenger rights

    Specialist solicitors on hand to recover compensation in accordance with EU legislation

Further benefits

Selecting Flight Delay Claims 4 U to look after your claim when you’ve suffered a flight delay due to bad weather means that you’ll receive the very best representation when pursuing the airline responsible for your flight disruption – we have devoted team of claim handlers and a network of legal partners all working in line with our ‘no win, no fee’ policy. In addition to this, we can also reference detailed weather reports and historical flight information thanks to our access to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) data.

If you are looking to obtain flight delay compensation due to bad weather conditions disrupting a journey in the last 6 years – get in touch today and claim up to £540.

Start your claim now

Even if a court hearing is required, there is no requirement for you to attend. Your allocated lawyer will represent you and your case when challenging the airline in front of a judge.

We take a stress-free approach to compensation payments too – as soon as a settlement is reached with the flight operator and funds have cleared, our accounts team will quickly transfer money owed to you.

Claiming compensation for a flight delayed because of bad weather

Simplifying ‘bad weather’ flight delay claims

To start any claim involving snow, wind, rain, lightning or fog flight delays, all our claims advisors need is some basic information that can be provided by completing a claim submission form. These details are then assessed before a specialist solicitor is assigned to your case to request compensation from the airline concerned.

Nothing else is needed, we don’t even take a fee from you until the case is concluded and compensation has been paid.

Specialists in claiming compensation for ‘bad weather’ flight delays

A history of success in weather-related flight delay cases

Every year, our legal partners successfully claim flight delay compensation for fog, snow, wind, rain and storm situations taking place all over Europe and beyond. EU legislation has given passengers the opportunity to claim compensation for weather-related flight delays at UK and EU airports. The lawyers we allocate to our cases are extremely familiar with these regulations, making them the ideal people to pursue the money owed to you.

  • ‘No win, no fee’ & no initial fee

    There is no initial cost associated with a claim and you’ll only pay if we are successful in retrieving your compensation

  • Qualified lawyers with a firm understanding of EU regulations

    Our legal partners have specialist experience of claiming compensation from airlines through the enforcement of air passenger rights

  • Trained claims advisors

    The highly-skilled colleagues in our claims department are available to provide advice and guidance for any rain, wind and snow flight delay claims being made

Weather-related flight compensation solicitors

Snow, wind and even torrential rain flight delays can all happen at airports occasionally; if you are unlucky enough get caught up in such situations, you can count on the invaluable expertise at Flight Delay Claims 4 U when claiming compensation.

If you’ve endured a flight delay due to bad weather, compensation can be claimed for the inconvenience caused.

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What happens when there is a flight delay due to bad weather?

Passenger rights in weather-related flight delay cases

EU regulations determine the guidelines for compensating passengers for inconvenience caused by a preventable flight delay, diversion or cancellation.

The law is in place to compensate both passengers flying with EU-based airlines and those departing from airports situated in the EU.

A flight delay due to fog, wind, rain, snow or other weather extremity must exceed 3 hours for affected passengers to claim cash compensation from an airline. If the delay lasts 2-3 hours, passengers are only entitled to standard assistance which includes meal vouchers of proportionate value to the length of the delay.

  • Passenger eligibility

    EU rules relating to departure country, airline nationality and delay duration must be satisfied

  • Standard passenger assistance

    Travellers inconvenienced by a delay of over 2 hours will be entitled to refreshment vouchers of equivalent value to the length of delay

  • Extraordinary circumstances

    Weather conditions must be of a “freak” nature to constitute extraordinary circumstances – only then can an airline refute a passenger compensation claim.

“Extraordinary circumstances”

The key defining factor in a passenger’s right to weather-related flight delay compensation is the existence of “extraordinary circumstances”. A claim is only possible if the airline fails to provide reasonable proof that the conditions that led to the delay were “wholly exceptional”.

Weather-related flight delays lasting 3 or more hours could entitle you to as much as £540 compensation.

Start your claim now
  1. Enter your flight details
  2. Our experts call you right back
  3. We enforce your rights
  4. You receive our compensation

Weather-related flight compensation claims process

Submit your flight details

Completing a claim submission form takes no time at all, and once we have these basic details we can start the claims process.

An instant response from our claims team

Flight Delay Claims 4 U colleagues will get to work quickly in order to retrieve weather-related flight delay compensation as soon as possible.

An expert lawyer assigned to enforce your passenger rights

A qualified legal professional will draw upon their considerable knowledge of EU regulations and case law to impose passenger rights on the airline responsible.

Compensation is recovered

The majority of bad weather flight claims are concluded before court proceedings are required. When a settlement is reached amicably, compensation payment is prompt and funds are transferred to your account at the earliest opportunity. If your initial claim gets rejected, your allocated solicitor will pursue the claim further in court – if the judge rules in your favour, the airline will be obligated to pay compensation within a stated period.

  • Gather information that could strengthen a claim
  • Request vouchers for food and drink (you are entitled to these
  • Keep hold of documents that the airline has provided
  • Capture photos and video footage

Information to support weather-related flight delay claims

Extra information is potentially useful when claiming compensation for a cancelled flight

When it becomes apparent that your flight is to be delayed because of bad weather, it is a good idea to collect any information that may constitute evidence of an airline’s failings.

It is important to pay special attention to any announcements made regarding your flight as they will give further details about the weather severity and issues being experienced.

Refreshment vouchers

Passengers impacted by a weather-related flight delay lasting 2 hours or more will qualify for meal vouchers – these should be offered to you by airline staff; if they are not, they can be requested as they are an entitlement as described in EU flight compensation regulations.

Retain airline documentation

If you have suffered a flight delay due to storms or any other adverse weather conditions, retaining documents such as tickets, boarding passes and airline correspondence will be useful when commencing a claim as they will contain several details that we require to assess your circumstances as well as a record of any official written communication made by the airline.

Visual evidence is particularly effective in bad weather flight delay situations

Our team will have access to independent weather reports, but live images of the actual conditions being experienced may prove invaluable when countering a claim rejection being made on the grounds of “extraordinary circumstances”.

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Landmark weather-related flight delay cases

Delayed due to weather conditions impacting a different flight

Case details

Jager vs, EasyJet took place at Macclesfield Crown Court in September 2013 and related to an incident where the claimant suffered a flight delay because of bad weather at an airport which was not part of her flight’s scheduled route. Ms. Jager was due to fly from London-Heathrow to Nice, but bad weather in Milan meant that the aircraft that was allocated to operate on the London to Nice route was unable to make its way to Heathrow on time. Consequently, the claimant’s flight arrived in France over 3 hours behind schedule.

Court ruling

Ms. Jager’s initial claim was rejected by EasyJet on the grounds of “extraordinary circumstances” in the shape of bad weather flight delays at Milan Linate Airport. However, the court decided that the claimant should be entitled to compensation as the bad weather cited by EasyJet didn’t directly impact the route being flown by the “flight in question”.

Reasonable expectations of an airline in bad weather conditions

Case details

Evans vs. Monarch Airlines was heard by a district judge at Luton Crown Court in January 2016. In this case, the plane was damaged due to a lightning strike mid-flight, presenting a safety issue which subsequently delayed the flight by more than 3 hours. Monarch claimed that the lightning strike damage constituted “extraordinary circumstances”.


Court ruling

The district judge sided with the claimant’s suggestion that encountering bad weather is an intrinsic aspect of operating a commercial airline, not an extraordinary circumstance. It was ruled that it is reasonable to expect a flight to continue on its journey following a lightning strike given that planes are designed to withstand such incidents. The circumstances were deemed to be within the reasonable control of Monarch Airlines and the maximum amount of compensation was awarded.

Proficient in weather-related flight delay claims

Qualified lawyers specialising in bad weather flight delay claims

The legal professionals selected to work on your case will be skilled in all the key aspects of weather-related flight delay compensation. A firm understanding of EU regulations and case law distinguishes them from non-specialist solicitors.

Bad weather-related flight compensation solicitors

In addition to their experience of passenger rights enforcement through EU legislation, the legal representatives provided will have an extensive history of success in cases like yours, as well as the diligence required to recover compensation from the airline in question.

Guidance at every stage of the process

Flight Delay Claims 4 U offer unrivalled levels of guidance and support throughout a bad weather flight delay claim.

Our friendly team of claim handlers deal with everything on your behalf, so you won’t need to concern yourself with the complexities of legal guidelines and procedures.

Our continual involvement with EU regulations and associated case precedents is combined with details relating to airport weather delay history and weather reports to put forward the strongest possible case when airlines blame the weather for airport delays in excess of 3 hours.

Thanks to vast experience negotiating with representatives from numerous major airlines, your allocated solicitor will have no problem finding the right approach for your case.

Most weather-related flight delay claims result in an agreement being reached with the airline prior to any court action being required. However, there are still a number of situations where a court ruling is required to recover compensation. Our legal partners will be crucial to the success of a claim that goes to court due to the specialist representation that they can provide.

Weather-related flight delay compensation amounts

Weather-related flight delay compensation amounts will vary according to two determining factors – flight distance and delay duration. The payment grades are shown in the table below.

Over the years, flight operators have become accustomed to compensation claims for flight delays due to snow, rain, fog and other bad weather conditions – they will consequently look to agree a settlement outside of court in order to avoid expensive legal fees.

Compensation Table

Amounts set by EU Regulations 261/2004
Flight distance Delay on arrival (hours) Compensation
Up to 1,500km 3 or more £226†/€250
1,500km - 3,500km 3 or more £361†/€400
Over 3,500km‡ 3 to 4 £271†/€300
Over 3,500km‡ 4 or more £540†/€600

For distances of greater than 3,500km, for the higher amount of compensation the journey will need to have departed from an EU (European) airport and be delayed on arrival in a Non-EU airport (Such as Manchester to Diagoras.) The airline is eligible to apply a 50% flat reduction on compensation awarded if the delay was between 3 and 4 hours.

Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent on the exchange rate at the time of the delay, or on the date your claim is settled
(This will depend on the airline).

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A comprehensive & pleasent service

A comprehensive & pleasent service

Amy Hogard Huddersfield

When I encountered a flight delay due to fog, compensation didn’t seem like a possibility but with the help of Flight Delay Claims 4 U it became reality. I didn’t need to get involved at all, my case manager was very knowledgeable and the lawyer I was provided with did a fantastic job and kept me informed throughout the claims process. Thanks for £290!

Snow-related airport delays

Snow-related airport delays

Alison Chiles Torquay

I suffered flight delays due to snow at Bristol Airport last year. My case went to court where my designated solicitor was able to prove that due to their only being a light dusting of snow on the runway and in the area, flight delays were an unnecessary step and not due to ‘extraordinary circumstances’ as claimed by the airline. Never been happier to recieve £439!

Flights delays because of snow

Flights delays because of snow

Ray Donaldson Lincoln

I got £540 in flight delay compensation when snow prevented my flight to Italy from departing on time. There wasn’t even any snow where I was! It was the snow in France preventing our plane making its way to England that was the problem. In court, a judge ruled that my claim should be upheld as the ‘flight in question’ was not impacted directly.

Weather-related flight delay compensation calculator



Checking how much compensation you could be owed

Simply complete an enquiry form and from the details that you provide, we will be able to estimate the amount of compensation that you can expect.

How is flight delay compensation calculated?

The four grades of compensation are determined by two factors; delay duration and flight distance. We will be able to confirm which payment band your flight delay sits in. The general rule is that compensation amounts increase in line with the two decisive factors.

Weather-related flight delay compensation will be paid per passenger and additional travellers can be added to a claim if you inform us at the start of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I claim for fog flight delays at a non-EU airport?

Yes, but it is dependent on the exact circumstances - if you are at a non-EU airport when you suffer a flight delay due to fog, compensation will only be a possibility if your flight is with an EU-based carrier and is scheduled to an airport situated in an EU member state.

Why does rain delay flights?

Rain-related flight delays are relatively rare, but when they do occur it usually due to flooding on the runway that is deemed severe enough to postpone or significantly restrict departures.

What wind speeds cause flight delays?

When wind causes flight delays, wind speed is only one of the factors taken into account. Wind direction and turbulence can be just as pivotal when deciding whether or not to fly an aircraft in windy conditions.

How much compensation can I expect if I’ve had a flight delayed due to bad weather?

Weather-related flight delay compensation amounts are determined by a basic formula that combines delay duration and flight distance to provide four payment bands, ranging from £220 to £540. The longer the delay and flight distance are, the greater the sum of compensation will be.

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I used frequent flyer points to pay for my ticket – can I still claim?

Travellers purchasing seats using frequent flyer rewards are just as eligible to claim for weather-related flight delays as passengers that bought theirs with cash.

However, tickets purchased at a discounted rate that was not publicly available will not qualify.

Bad weather caused flight delays today – will I need to have travel insurance if I want to make a claim?

No – all compensation is paid by the airline in accordance with EU legislation, so no insurance is required.

Is it possible claim compensation for delays encountered on UK domestic flights?

Yes – UK weather-related flight delays are treated in exactly the same as international flights as they are all covered by the same EU legislation.

My girlfriend was with me when we endured airport weather delays yesterday – can I add her to my claim?

Yes – under EU regulations, it is possible to claim compensation for more than one passenger if you are in a group or travelling with friends and family. Children are included as individual passengers too and compensation can be claimed for them by their respective guardians. If you plan on claiming for other members of your group, please inform us when submitting your initial claim form.

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When I requested compensation for a flight delayed due to bad weather, the airline told me that because it happened 4 years ago, I’d missed the deadline for claims – is this right?

Several airlines are currently misleading passengers through restrictions that they are imposing through reservation terms and conditions. However, EU law overrules any airline-stipulated time limits, and as such, passengers will have 6 years from the date of the incident to make their claim. A precedent was recently set by a Manchester County Court judge in the case of Goel and Trivedi vs. Ryanair Ltd, where it was ruled that the Irish carrier was not allowed to impose their own time limit of 2 years when the UK Statute of Limitations has made it clear that 6 years should be afforded to passengers wishing to make a claim.

My claim has been rejected and the airline is citing “extraordinary circumstances” – can I challenge this?

When citing “extraordinary circumstances” as a reason for rejecting a weather-related flight delay claim, it is the flight operator’s obligation to prove that it was beyond the reasonable expectations of an airline to fly in such conditions.

To help define the intended meaning of “extraordinary circumstances” a precedent was set by the McDonagh vs. Ryanair Ltd hearing at the European Court of Justice which followed the infamous volcanic ash cloud flight delays and cancellations of 2010. In this case the judge favoured Ryanair, stating that as the disruption was so widespread and unexpected, it should be classed as extraordinary. However, weather conditions that are nothing more than ‘challenging’ for a pilot should not be considered extraordinary for the purposes of refuting a passenger’s claim.

Can I claim weather-related flight delay compensation from a non-UK airline?

Yes – EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004) governs all international flight operators. Every EU airline is bound by the legislation, whereas only non-EU carriers that are departing an EU airport will be subject to the conditions imposed by the regulations.

How do I go about claiming weather-related flight delay compensation?

Our claims advisors will handle all the admin involved; simply submit an enquiry with the key information relating to your situation and we’ll process your claim and appoint a specialist solicitor to pursue compensation from the airline concerned.

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Do you get more compensation when flying First Class?

No, the compensation paid for bad weather flight delays is purely to cover the inconvenience suffered by passengers as a result of the delay – therefore, amounts are calculated completely independently of ticket prices.

Can I claim compensation for bad weather flight delays outside Europe?

Yes, but you will only be eligible to claim if the flight is operated by an EU-based airline and is departing for an airport located in an EU member state.

Why does fog cause flight delays?

Fog will affect pilot visibility, and therefore prevent safe take-off and landing. The fog causing the flight delays will be assessed by Air Traffic Control, and they may take the decision to limit aircraft movements at the airport or cancel flights altogether. Fog tends to dissipate after a relatively short while so operations should not be halted for too long.

Will an airline delay / cancel flights based on a weather forecast?

When anticipating the possibility of airport weather delays, forecasts will be examined by airlines and airport officials. However, no decision will be made until disruptive weather actually arrives.