Helping you claim compensation for a cancelled flight

Handling everything on your behalf

Flight Delay Claims 4 U will take good care of your cancelled flight compensation claim. We have the right expertise at our disposal, working with specialist legal professionals that have worked on many successful flight cancellation claims. Using the EU regulations that specify passenger rights for cancelled flights, they will pursue the airline entirely on your behalf to reach a speedy resolution.

  • Understanding your circumstances

    Our team will get to grips with your specific case before selecting the right course of action

  • Taking care of the admin

    We handle every detail and will chase any outstanding information ourselves

  • Enforcing flight cancellation passenger rights

    Using EU legislation we can hold the airline to account and earn compensation

Further benefits

There a lots of advantages to using Flight Delay Claims 4 U to make flight cancellation compensation claims on your behalf; for instance, our ‘no win, no fee’ policy, network of specialist solicitors, devoted cancelled flight compensation team, flight weather assessment and access to historical flight information.

Even if court action is required to retrieve plane cancellation compensation, you don’t need to be involved because your allocated solicitor attends on your behalf to present your case.

If a flight cancellation has caused a delay of at least 3 hours, you could claim as much as £540 in compensation.

Start your claim now

You can depend on us when it comes to payment of compensation too – once a settlement is received from the airline, the money owed is transferred to you quickly via our efficient payment procedures.

How to claim for cancelled flights?

We make it easy for you to claim cancelled flight compensation

When commencing flight cancellation compensation claims, all our team needs from you is information about you and your cancelled flight. We’ll then discuss your case, establishing whatever facts we can ahead of assigning you a lawyer to submit a flight cancellation claim letter to the airline responsible.

Nothing more is needed from you – not even an initial fee. We’ll do all the legwork required and pursue the compensation you deserve. Only cases that are successful will incur a charge.

Flight cancellation compensation experts

A history of successful cancelled flight claims

Every year flight cancellations cause disruption to thousands of journeys throughout Europe and beyond. There are EU regulations to help passengers enduring such inconveniences; Flight Delay Claims 4 U has a trusted panel of solicitors with the in-depth knowledge required to interpret the law, enforce your flight cancellation rights and obtain compensation.

  • ‘No win, no fee’ & no initial fee

    We’re so confident of success that we won’t charge you anything unless cancelled flight compensation is won

  • Network of specialist solicitors

    High-skilled legal professionals using case law and precedents to win compensation for a flight cancelled in the last 6 years

  • Committed flight cancellation claims team

    Stay updated with progress of your cancelled flight claim as our team share latest developments with you

Cancelled flight compensation solicitors

There is no substitute for getting professionals to handle your case; all the qualified solicitors assigned by Flight Delay Claims 4 U have a background in delayed or cancelled flight compensation claims, making them the ideal choice to contest the airline on your behalf to claim cancelled flight compensation.

You can claim up to £540 compensation if your flight was cancelled and subsequent arrival was delayed by at least 3 hours.

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What if my flight was cancelled at the airport?

Passenger rights when flight cancellations occur

EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004) sets out flight cancellation rules relating to passenger compensation.

Once a carrier has cancelled flights, passengers become entitled to a standard level of assistance to alleviate some of the cost and inconvenience caused by the flights cancelled. Where required, the flight operator must offer meal vouchers, hotel accommodation, transport, rerouted flight and a refund to everyone affected. Claims for additional cash compensation are dependent on certain criteria being met; flights need to be on an EU-based airline or departing an airport in an EU member state, and any delays resulting from cancellation have to be over 3 hours in length.

  • Qualifying criteria

    Claims are dependent on delay duration, airline nationality and departure airport

  • Basic passenger assistance

    Those disrupted may be entitled to food vouchers, accommodation, reroutes and refunds

  • Cancelled flight notification

    An airline will be liable to pay passenger compensation unless suitable notice or reroute is given prior to flight cancellation

Prior notification

Claims are only valid if the flight is cancelled without notification or suitable reroute being provided by the airline at least two weeks prior to departure. Again, even if notification is not given, passengers still need to satisfy the qualifying criteria outlined in EU legislation.

If you’ve suffered at least 3 hours of flight delays due to cancellations, you could be owed up to £540 in compensation.

Start your claim now
  1. Enter your flight details
  2. Our experts call you right back
  3. We enforce your rights
  4. You receive our compensation

Flight cancellation claims process

Enter your flight details

Take a minute to complete a flight cancellation claim form so that we have the key information required to mount a claim against the airline responsible. Having your flight number to hand is ideal as it will unlock further details including airline name, scheduled route, and departure / arrival times.

Our claims experts will call you back straightaway

We get started as soon as we receive your claim application, to make sure that you get cancelled flight compensation as soon as possible.

A solicitor enforces your passenger rights

A specialist legal professional will use the cancelled flight rights detailed EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004) as well as their case experience and knowledge of relevant precedents to present the strongest possible flight cancellation compensation claim.

You receive compensation

The majority of flight cancellation claims end up being settled before court action is even required – when this is the case, a compensation amount is agreed with the airline and once funds are received, we will transfer the money owed to you. Claims that are rejected by the airline will be brought to court, where your assigned lawyer will stand on your behalf and contest the airline to obtain compensation.

  • Gather information
  • You are entitled to vouchers
  • Keep documents from the airline, such as letters, tickets & vouchers.
  • Take photos

I’ve had my flight cancelled, what do I do?

Extra information is potentially useful when claiming compensation for a cancelled flight

When you receive a flight cancellation announcement, it is a good idea to start collecting evidence that may be useful to us when building a case against the airline.

Be aware of the time, listen out for further announcements and keep documentation given to you by the airline. Request as much flight cancellation information from airline staff at the airport too, taking notes of responses if necessary.

Flight cancellation compensation in the form of vouchers

When your flight is cancelled, vouchers for food & drink are obtainable from the airline when waiting times exceed two hours. If the airline fails to offer them, request them and make a note of what you were given and when.

Retain all documents in case a flight cancellation claim is necessary

Tickets, vouchers, letters and any other communication you are given by the airline could be advantageous when making a claim for flights cancelled before departure. Try to make copies of these documents too if you can, in case they are lost at any point.

Photographic evidence can also be used to support a claim for cancelled flights compensation

Taking pictures of relevant documents to keep record of them is advisable in case original versions get misplaced. If you have a flight cancelled due to bad weather, it is probably worth taking photos of actual weather conditions at the departure airport in case these are being cited as a reason for cancelled flights.

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Less common reasons for flight cancellations

Impact of civil unrest and political uncertainty

Situations causing flight cancellations

Financial, political and religious factors can all impact air travel depending on the severity of the circumstances. Flights may be grounded in the event of a terrorist attack or political unrest in the locality.

Direct and indirect consequences

In situations such as those mentioned above, although the events may not directly affect your airline or flight in particular, they may have a knock-on effect. It is extremely unlikely to be within the control of your airline and will most probably constitute "extraordinary circumstances", making all flight cancellation compensation claims redundant.

Fight cancellations caused by other unforeseen circumstances

Natural disasters

On the rare occasions they happen, naturally occurring events such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions and forest fires can all force widespread flight cancellations upon an airline. They are extremely difficult for anyone to predict, but can have a huge impact on air travel. An airline is not usually liable for passenger compensation as a result of such situations as the fall within the EU regulation definition of a flight cancelled due to extraordinary circumstances.

Crash incidents

In the unlikely event that another aircraft crashes or performs an emergency landing at an airport, it is likely that runways will be shut off for prolonged periods, resulting in delays or cancellations. Again, such incidents will be beyond the control of your airline, and will not enable passengers to claim compensation.

Our flight cancellation compensation experience

Market leading cancelled flight claims solicitors

The key traits needed in order to win cancelled flight compensation cases are knowledge and expertise – our network of solicitors specialise in winning compensation for delayed and cancelled flights so will have no issues taking on your case.

Cancelled flight compensation solicitors

They have an extensive understanding of flight cancellation rules as well as the vast experience that comes with assisting dozens of claimants get compensation on cancelled flight cases spanning the last decade. The lawyers on our panel are determined to do what is best for you and thrive on contesting airlines and retrieving the compensation you are owed.

Supporting you throughout the claims process

With Flight Delay Claims 4 U on your side, you will receive top-level assistance from a devoted team of flight cancellation claims handlers, with a solid understanding of flight compensation regulations.

Our clients don’t need to be experts in flight cancellation rules that determine compensation entitlement; we take care of the legal side of things just as soon as we receive the basic information needed to commence a claim.

Our familiarity with legislation and precedent cases has been acquired with a routine involvement in cancelled flight compensation claims. We also have access to archives of detailed information such as weather assessments and historical flight data to build the strongest possible compensation claim.

Your designated solicitor will be well prepared thanks to their knowledge of flight compensation law and experience of challenging a multitude of different airlines and will look to maximise the cancelled flight compensation amount that you receive in the shortest possible timescales.

Although the vast majority of cases end with cancelled flight compensation payments being made outside of court, there is occasionally a need to bring the airline to court. An expert solicitor will then enforce your passenger rights on your behalf when demanding compensation on cancelled flight cases.

All the legal professionals provided by us will have participated in dozens of cases similar to yours and will draw upon this experience when applying their knowledge to the various scenarios that they may be faced with when pursuing a claim.

Cancelled flight compensation amounts

How much flight cancellation compensation you get will depend on a combination of factors such as scheduled flight distance and duration of delay caused by the cancellation of flights. The table below summarises the likely payment based on these criteria.

Flight operators are now becoming used to dealing with cancelled flight compensation claims and frequently seek a financial settlement before legal action is brought against them.

Compensation Table

Amounts set by EU Regulations 261/2004
Flight distance Delay on arrival (hours) Compensation
Up to 1,500km 3 or more £226†/€250
1,500km - 3,500km 3 or more £361†/€400
Over 3,500km‡ 3 to 4 £271†/€300
Over 3,500km‡ 4 or more £540†/€600

For distances of greater than 3,500km, for the higher amount of compensation the journey will need to have departed from an EU (European) airport and be delayed on arrival in a Non-EU airport (Such as Manchester to Diagoras.) The airline is eligible to apply a 50% flat reduction on compensation awarded if the delay was between 3 and 4 hours.

Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent on the exchange rate at the time of the delay, or on the date your claim is settled
(This will depend on the airline).

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Unbelievably easy and I got a full refund within 3 weeks!

Unbelievably easy and I got a full refund within 3 weeks!

Jonathan Noble Leicester

When my flight got cancelled, compensation wasn’t something that sprang to my mind immediately, but after hearing about a friend’s compensation claim, I decided to get in touch. I don’t have a lot of free time so having a dedicated case handler & solicitor was ideal – I didn’t have to do a thing except wait for the funds to hit my account.

No win, no fee plane cancellation compensation

No win, no fee plane cancellation compensation

Donna Lofthouse Plymouth

I’d urge anyone to check flight cancellations they’ve had recently. Flight Delay Claims 4 U helped me make a cancelled flight claim relating to a recent incident at Bristol Airport. I didn’t hesitate in submitting a claim as I knew I would only pay a fee if I got my compensation. Sure enough, I won and I got a flight cancellation refund within weeks.

Flight cancelled after check-in, refund within 2weeks

Flight cancelled after check-in, refund within 2weeks

Fabio Senna London

My flight got cancelled just before departure leaving me stranded at Luton Airport. My designated solicitor was an expert in flight cancellations and delays and really understood my case from the outset. My claim was a success and it was a lovely surprise when my compensation cheque came in the post.

Cancelled flight compensation calculator



Check cancelled flights compensation amounts

To calculate the sum you could receive following a cancelled flight, you can enter information in the form below and our expert claims handlers will estimate the amount you are owed and contact you to discuss your case in more detail to start the claims process.

How is flight cancellation compensation calculated?

The flight cancellation compensation calculator gives us the ability to piece together the factors that determine compensations amounts, such as flight distance and the length of delay resulting from cancellation. Longer delays and flight distances translate to larger compensation payments.

Cancelled flight compensation is paid per passenger, so if you are including more people on your claim, the compensation amount will get multiplied by the number of individuals you are claiming for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I claim for cancelled flights departing a non-EU airport?

Yes, but only if you are flying with an EU-based airline to an airport that is located in an EU member state.

Mine was one of several flights cancelled today because of snow – can I make a compensation claim?

Flights cancelled due to snow are often severe enough to be classed as extraordinary circumstances, but not always, meaning that cash compensation is a possibility.

My airline cancelled flights today because of a cabin crew strike – does this mean I get compensation?

A flight cancelled due to no crew being available will be eligible for a compensation claim because the airline is responsible for the actions of its employees and the situation is therefore not considered to be beyond their reasonable control.

When a flight is cancelled, what compensation is due from airlines?

Flight operators will pay compensation based on the combination of the scheduled flight distance and resulting flight delay duration. The exact sum of compensation due will increase in line with delay and flight lengths; typically ranging from £220 to £540.

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What are my rights if the flight cancelled was paid for using Avios points?

Seats purchased via a frequent flyer scheme qualify for cancelled flight compensation the same way as those bought with cash. The only exclusions are tickets obtained for free or at a discounted rate not available to the general public.

I was inconvenienced by flight cancellations today – do I need travel insurance to claim compensation?

No, there is no requirement for flight cancellation insurance as EU legislation governs the compensation process.

My sister and I had our flights cancelled yesterday because of the the Air Traffic Control strikes in France – can I claim compensation?

Flights cancelled due Air Traffic Control walkouts don’t normally allow compensation claims to be made because ATC staff are not employed by your airline. The circumstances are beyond the flight operators control in this case and constitute “extraordinary circumstances” which will nullify any claims made against the airline.

My flight was cancelled and notification was given to my travel agent – can I still claim?

In recent case between a passenger and SLM Airways, the court ruled that the airline was responsible for making direct contact with all affected passengers when a fight is cancelled 14 days prior to departure, rather than only informing the travel agent.

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I was with my family when we had our flight cancelled due to operational reasons – can I add them to my claim?

Yes, claiming compensation per passenger is permissible under EU regulations. One claim gets submitted encompassing all members of your party (including children) and any compensation paid is multiplied by the number of individuals include on you submission.

The airline are stipulating that I need to claim compensation within 2 years, it’s been 3 years since I had my flight cancelled – what are my rights?

Many low-cost airlines have recently tried to write a 2-year compensation time limit into their terms and conditions, these should be challenged however, as the latest test case has ruled that the self-imposed limits such as those relating to Ryanair flight cancellations are not legally binding under EU Regulation 261/2004. In the case of Goel and Trivedi vs. Ryanair, heard at Manchester County Court it was adjudged that the airline could not enforce their own time limit when the EU legislation clearly states that passengers have 6 years to make a flight cancellation claim.

What are the current passenger rights regarding cancelled flights where the airline has failed to provide advanced notice of disruption?

In the absence of extraordinary circumstances, flight cancellations made at short notice entitle passengers to basic assistance at the airport, including refreshment vouchers, hotel accommodation, transport, alternative flight and a refund.

Claiming financial compensation on top of the standard levels of assistance is dependent on legislative criteria being satisfied; flights need must be on an EU-based airline or flying from an airport situated in an EU nation, any delays resulting from cancellation are required to be at least 3 hours loin length.

Today’s flight cancellations were due to an airline IT failure – will I get compensation?

If the IT issue is directly due to the actions or shortcomings of your airline it will be possible to make a claim.

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I’ve had a claim rejected because of ‘extraordinary circumstances’, can this be challenged?

Once you have your flight cancelled, the airline has a responsibility to provide a valid reason for the cancellation as proof that circumstances were beyond their control.

Denise McDonagh vs. Ryanair Ltd. (C-12.11) was heard at the European Court of Justice where a subsequent ruling directed that naturally caused disasters such as the Icelandic volcano ash cloud incident of 2010 are freak occurrences impacting a large portion of Europe and should therefore be considered “extraordinary circumstances” meaning airlines are not required to pay cash compensation to passengers affected. However, they’ll still need to afford the standard level of assistance including refreshment vouchers phone call access.

Another problem faced is the masking of technical faults as “extraordinary circumstances”. Jet2 vs. Huzar was a case held by the English Court of Appeal in June 2014. A judge subsequently ruled that basic technical and mechanical faults were the responsibility of flight operators through standard maintenance procedures. In conclusion it was stipulated that any technical issue uncovered as a result of routine checks shall not not be considered as “extraordinary circumstances”.

Can I claim compensation for cancelled flights on a foreign airline?

Yes, EU legislation applies to all international airlines. All EU-based airlines must comply but non-EU airlines can only be claimed against if the plane is departing an airport located in an EU member state.

How to get flight cancellation compensation?

Claiming flight cancellation compensation is easy with Flight Cancellation Claims 4 U; all you need to do is fill out a flight cancellation claim form with basic details relating to your flight, we’ll handle the rest and pass you case on to an expert compensation lawyer who will pursue the airline on your behalf.

Will I get more compensation if I’ve purchased a Business Class seat?

No, the amount of compensation for a cancelled flight is not directly linked to seat type or price paid for a ticket. Compensation is solely to appease passengers for any inconvenience caused and is therefore paid at a flat rate.

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When you have a flight cancelled, is hotel accommodation paid for by the airline?

If a cancelled flight means that you have no other option but to stay overnight, the airline is to provide you with accommodation at a nearby hotel and necessary transport as part of the standard support measures outlined by EU regulations.

I had to wait until the following morning because I had a flight cancelled, are hotel refunds available from the airline?

If you have had to pay for a hotel room out of your own pocket because of a cancelled flight, an airline will be obligated to reimburse you for this, providing that EU regulation criteria concerning flight delays and cancellations are met.

We had our flight cancelled, is reimbursement available for food and drink at the airport?

The airline are required to offer refreshment vouchers to affected passengers, if they haven’t done so, it can be used as supporting evidence in a compensation claim.

We had our flight cancelled, tomorrow is when the next available flight leaves – what should I do?

You have the choice of a full refund or a seat on the alternative flight, if you choose the alternative flight option and it doesn’t depart until the next day, you will be entitled to the associated assistance including meal vouchers and hotel accommodation.