Helping you claim compensation for flight delays

We handle every aspect of a flight delay claim

Flight Delay Claims 4 U claims advisors will look after your delayed flight claim from start to finish. We also have invaluable legal expertise through a network of lawyers that have years of experience from numerous successful air travel delay claims. They will apply regulatory passenger rights for delayed flights to retrieve compensation on your behalf as soon as possible.

  • Gaining an understanding of your flight delay situation

    Our claims team will piece together all the information you provide and assess your case before choosing the correct approach

  • Taking care of every aspect of a claim

    All paperwork is handled on your behalf and legal processes will be managed by your claims advisor and assigned flight delay solicitor

  • Enforcing passenger rights in flight delay cases

    By enforcing EU passenger rights, delayed flight compensation can be retrieved by the lawyer that is allocated to your case.

Other benefits of choosing us

All plane delay claims made through Flight Delay Claims 4 U will benefit from; weather assessment technology, Civil Aviation Authority data (including flight delay history), dedicated flight delay claim advisors, specialist legal representation and a ‘no win, no fee’ guarantee.

Even if a case gets escalated to court, no client involvement is required – a specialist flight delay lawyer will attend the hearing on your behalf to recover the best flight delay compensation possible from the offending flight operator.

If you’ve suffered a 3 hour flight delay in the last 6 years, you could be eligible for as much as £540 compensation.

Start your claim now

Thanks to our compensation payment procedures, the money you are owed is transferred as soon as funds have been received from the airline responsible.

How to claim for delayed flights?

We take the hassle away from claiming compensation for a delayed flight

When starting flight delay compensation claims, the only thing we need from you is a few basic details such as the reason for the flight delay and the date of your flight. Once your case has been assessed and facts have been established, we’ll instruct a specialist solicitor to formally begin the process by submitting a delayed fight compensation letter to the airline concerned.

That is the only input required from you and our ‘no win, no fee’ policy means that we’ll conduct all the admin and legal procedures without charging an upfront fee.

Flight delay specialists

A track record of successful flight compensation claims

Every day, plane delays cause misery for thousands of passengers worldwide. Thankfully, passengers are protected by EU legislation that is designed to assist those affected by flight disruption. Flight Delay Claims 4 U have teamed up with specialist flight delay solicitors to provide the knowledge and expertise required to enforce your flight delay rights and retrieve compensation.

  • ‘No win, no fee’ flight delay compensation

    There is absolutely nothing to pay until we have recovered compensation for your delayed departure

  • Specialist flight claim solicitors

    Thanks to years of experience, our legal partners know exactly how to claim for flight delays in accordance with EU regulations

  • Colleagues dedicated to helping you claim flight delay compensation

    Claim handlers are on hand to update you on any progress that is made regarding your late flight claim.

Delayed flight compensation solicitors

Airlines overbooking flights is a daily issue experienced by passengers at airports all over the world – if you are one of the unlucky ones denied boarding as a result of this, getting specialist support from Flight Delay Claims 4 U is vital. We have helped countless passengers retrieve compensation when overbooked flights have led to denied boarding, and can do the same for you.

Seeking assistance from flight delay experts is the best way to ensure success when claiming for an airplane delay. We only assign the very best flight delay claim solicitors to our cases, so you can have full confidence in your representation.

You are able to claim as much as £540 compensation if your flight was delayed by 3 hours or more.

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What if my flight was delayed at the airport?

Flight delay vouchers and passenger assistance

Delayed flight compensation rules are defined by EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004) and are in place to help ease the inconvenience and financial burden placed on passengers when a flight has been delayed.

As soon as flight delays extend beyond 2 hours, affected passengers become entitled to airline assistance – the level of assistance varies depending on the extent of delay but can include several combinations of the following: Food vouchers, overnight accommodation, ground transport, alternative flights or a flight delay refund.

  • Claim eligibility

    When claiming for a flight delay, entitlement to compensation is dependent on delay length, airline nationality and departure airport location

  • Passenger assistance

    Depending on the exact circumstances, meal vouchers, hotel accommodation, alternative flights and ticket refunds are to be offered to passengers that have had a flight delayed by 2 hours or more

  • Cash compensation

    Airlines are liable to compensate passengers financially for any flight delayed by more than 3 hours.

Compensation for a flight delayed by 3 hours or more

When passengers spend more than 3 hours stranded at an airport, delay claims can be made with a view to retrieving financial compensation for inconvenience suffered. According to EU flight delay compensation rules, passengers must be departing an EU airport to be eligible (when a flight is delayed at a non-EU airport, a claim can still be made providing that the plane is operated by an EU-based airline and travelling to an EU destination).

If you’ve had a flight delayed by more than 3 hours in the last 6 years, get in touch to see if you can claim hundreds of pounds in compensation.

Start your claim now
  1. Enter your flight details
  2. Our experts call you right back
  3. We enforce your rights
  4. You receive our compensation

Flight delay claim process

Submit your flight delay details

Complete a flight delay claim form with some basic details such as your flight number.

Our dedicated flight delay team will get back in touch immediately

Flight Delay Claims 4 U colleagues are ready when you are – by getting to work on a case quickly, you’ll be able to claim delayed flight compensation at the earliest opportunity.

Expert legal representation

When Flight Delay Claims 4 U retrieves compensation for a flight delay, passenger rights are enforced by experienced UK lawyers.

Obtain compensation

Most delayed plane compensation claims conclude with an out-of-court settlement being agreed between the airline and the claimant – this scenario is ideal as it allows money owed to be retrieved quickly. Claims that have been ignored or rejected by the flight operator will require legal action to be taken by your designated flight delay solicitor and it can take slightly longer to obtain compensation in such situations.

  • Collect all information that may strengthen a claim
  • Request food vouchers (you are entitled to these)
  • Keep hold of any documents provided by your airline
  • Take photos and capture video footage to diarise the situation

What to do if your flight is delayed?

Additional information can reinforce flight delay claims

Once it becomes apparent that significant flight delays are likely, it is advisable to begin collating information that could potentially be used as evidence of airline liability.

It is important to be aware of how much time has elapsed as well as listening carefully to any announcements made in relation to your flight. It may also be a good idea to request more flight delay information from airline staff in case they can provide more details regarding the situation (note down responses if necessary).

Flight delay vouchers

In the event of a flight delay, food vouchers are available as part of the standard assistance provided for departures running at least 2 hours behind schedule. If these vouchers are not readily available, you have the right to request them from airline staff at the airport.

Keep documentation that could support a potential flight delay claim

Vouchers, tickets, boarding passes and other airline correspondence are all useful documents to have to hand when presenting a claim for late flight compensation. If possible, make an effort to create copies of any documents, in case the original ones get misplaced.

Utilising visual evidence to help claim for delayed flight compensation

Photographs and videos are a good way of compiling a visual record of events. This kind of evidence is particularly valuable in situations where there has been a flight delay due to bad weather – by capturing photographs and video footage of actual conditions, it is sometimes possible to disprove any “extraordinary circumstances” defence that is put forward by the airline responsible for the flight delays.

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Less common flight delay reasons

Political uncertainty and civil unrest

Possible flight delays due to civil matters

There are many political, religious and social factors that can impair air travel, including a terrorism-related incidents or violent political protests.

Impact on flight punctuality

In the more extreme scenarios, disruption will be more widespread and although the actual events might not directly impact your flight, they can create a knock-on effect that means they do.

However, the circumstances are likely to be considered as “extraordinary” by EU flight delay laws given that they will be far beyond the reasonable control of any airline, thus making it difficult to claim flight compensation for delays suffered.

Flight delays caused by other unexpected circumstances

Natural disasters

Although natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and forest fires are rare occurrences, they do tend to cause widespread flight disruption. Due to the unpredictable nature of such events, airlines will normally be justified in using the defence of “extraordinary circumstances” – flight delay claims are unlikely to prove successful as a result.

Crash incidents

If a plane crash or emergency landing takes place at your departure airport, it is likely that a complete or partial closure of the airport will be in place for an indefinite period, causing multiple potential delays and cancellations. As with delays caused by natural disasters, your airline will usually have no control over the situation and will therefore not be liable to pay flight delay compensation because “extraordinary circumstances” were to blame.

Our flight delay claim experience

Specialist flight delay claim lawyers

Our legal partners all have the perfect blend of knowledge and skills so will have no problem helping you claim delayed flight compensation.

Flight delay compensation solicitors

Not only do all the lawyers assigned to our cases have remarkable knowledge of EU flight delay rules, they have also gained invaluable experience over the last decade from assisting countless passengers claim for flights that have been severely delayed.

Step-by-step guidance

When choosing us to claim compensation for your flight delay, help will be on hand throughout the process thanks to our dedicated team of claim handlers and their familiarity with delayed flight rules and regulations.

You won’t need to have expert knowledge of current flight delays legislation, because Flight Delay Claims 4 U will deal with all legal matters once your case has been assessed by your claims advisor.

Through our partnerships with expert legal professionals, we have an unrivalled understanding of EU regulations and case law.

To successfully retrieve compensation for a flight delay, historical information can be obtained from the Civil Aviation Authority and combined with a specialist solicitor’s expertise to build the strongest possible case against the airline responsible for your delay.

The legal representative assigned to your case will be able to tailor their approach based on your circumstances; drawing on experience acquired through challenging numerous major airlines in recent years.

The majority of cases conclude with a settlement being agreed before there is any need for legal action. However, if a court hearing is required, an expert lawyer will be able to enforce your passenger rights.

We choose to work with only the very best legal professionals – the representation they provide has been fine-tuned based on the numerous scenarios encountered through their participation in cases spanning the last decade.

Delayed flight compensation amounts

When claiming for a flight delay, how much compensation you get is dependent on two factors; the scheduled flight distance and delay duration. The grid below outlines the compensation payment grades.

Due to the volume of claims being raised against them, airlines tend to look for a prompt settlement – avoiding the need for expensive court battles.

Compensation Table

Amounts set by EU Regulations 261/2004
Flight distance Delay on arrival (hours) Compensation
Up to 1,500km 3 or more £226†/€250
1,500km - 3,500km 3 or more £361†/€400
Over 3,500km‡ 3 to 4 £271†/€300
Over 3,500km‡ 4 or more £540†/€600

For distances of greater than 3,500km, for the higher amount of compensation the journey will need to have departed from an EU (European) airport and be delayed on arrival in a Non-EU airport (Such as Manchester to Diagoras.) The airline is eligible to apply a 50% flat reduction on compensation awarded if the delay was between 3 and 4 hours.

Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent on the exchange rate at the time of the delay, or on the date your claim is settled
(This will depend on the airline).

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Holiday delay claims made easy!

Holiday delay claims made easy!

Jayne Dresden Penrith

After finding several flight delay claims companies on the internet, I decided to claim through Flight Delay Claims 4 U because they were able to take care of the entire process without an initial fee being charged. The claims advisor and solicitor assigned to my case were both brilliant and compensation was retrieved in just a couple of weeks.

Faultless delayed flight claim service

Faultless delayed flight claim service

Jane Brownfield Southampton

The team at Flight Delay Claims 4 U helped me retrieve compensation for air travel delays my husband and I suffered last year. We didn’t know how to claim for a delayed flight, so were pleased that every aspect of the claim was managed on our behalf. We were absolutely delighted when we received £220 each for our flight delays today!

Claiming for flight delays was easy

Claiming for flight delays was easy

Noel Cosby Bolton

My flight was delayed for over 3 hours on the way to Dubai so I decided to submit a compensation claim with Flight Delay Claims 4 U. I was so glad I did, I received £540 in compensation within days of my designated solicitor submitting a delayed flight claim letter to the airline responsible. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Flight delay compensation calculator



Check delayed flights compensation amounts

By entering flight details into our delayed flight claim form, you’ll be able to get an estimate for the amount owed according to EU rules for delayed flights compensation. Once you’ve decided whether to submit a claim or not, our claim handlers will be on hand to formally begin the process.

How does the delayed flight claim calculator work?

Compensation amounts are determined by delay duration and flight distance. The sum paid will increase in line with these factors – for instance, passengers suffering the longest delays on long-haul flights will be eligible to claim the maximum compensation.

All compensation payments are made per passenger, so we encourage anyone travelling in a group to notify us at the start of the process if they want to add more passengers to their claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I claim for a delayed flight if somebody else bought my ticket?

Yes – because EU regulations are intended to compensate for the inconvenience associated with delays rather than the cost of a ticket. Therefore, any compensation is to be awarded to the passenger named on the ticket, as opposed to the individual that made the booking.

My airline delayed flights today because of snow – can I claim compensation?

Snow is not always severe enough to constitute “extraordinary circumstances”, and as such it is sometimes possible to make a claim if conditions are not deemed to be particularly exceptional.

Today’s flight delays were due to aircraft damage – will it be possible to claim compensation?

If the damage is a result of a technical fault that is classed as an inherent aspect of operating a commercial airline.

Culpable airlines will frequently contest that such technical faults have been caused by unforeseen manufacturing defects. However, an individual components on an individual aircraft does not support this type of claim due to the fact that the same issue would need to be present on numerous corresponding planes to be considered as a manufacturing defect (in which case, the carrier would be required to replace the component in question on each aircraft).

The only other valid defence an airline might have is a claim that damage has been caused by malicious intent (e.g. vandalism or sabotage).

Can I claim for delayed flights that were caused by unplanned diversions?

When your flight has been subject to a diversion that has caused you to arrive at your final destination more than 3 hours behind schedule, your standard EU flight delay rights apply, allowing you to claim up to £540 in compensation.

Our flight delay compensation checker can provide an estimate based on your circumstances.

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What are my rights when a flight gets delayed due to a medical emergency?

Medical emergencies are unforeseen circumstances that are impossible for your airline to predict – as such, situations where flights are delayed or diverted due to a fellow passenger falling ill will usually be deemed as “extraordinary circumstances”, thus giving the airline the right to reject subsequent flight compensation claims.

Can I claim for flight cancellations made a week before the scheduled departure date?

Yes – if a flight is cancelled by your airline less than 2 weeks ahead of the scheduled departure time, they will be liable to compensate passengers affected as well as offering alternative arrangements.

My 2 year old was with us when we suffered severe flight delays yesterday – will they get compensation too?

Flight delay claim procedures are identical for all passengers travelling on a publically available fare – this includes children. Although children are eligible for compensation, claims must be made on their behalf by an adult. They can easily be added to your own claim along with the rest of the group travelling with you.

Compensation will be awarded per passenger at the standard rate.

The airline responsible is adamant that the time limit on flight delay compensation is two years – are they right?

No – many flight operators continue to mislead passengers by imposing a two-year limit on claims through various terms and conditions that are applied to a reservation. However, their time restrictions will not be legally binding as the 6-year limit set out by the UK Statute of Limitations continues to be enforced in accordance with EU regulations.

A recent precedent case concerning Ryanair flight delays (Goel and Trivedi vs. Ryanair Ltd.) ruled that an airline may not enforce time restrictions that differ to the 6-year limit outlined by EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004).

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Can you claim for flight delays without having to go to court?

Yes – we will look to retrieve compensation at the earliest opportunity when submitting a flight delay claim letter. If the airline chooses to ignore or reject this request and legal action is required, there is no requirement for you to attend, even if the case is escalated to Supreme Court or Court of Appeal.

The airline are blaming my flight delay on “extraordinary circumstances” – am I still able to make a claim?

It may still be possible for you to make a claim as it is the responsibility of the airline concerned to provide adequate proof that circumstances were extreme enough to be completely beyond their control.

Denise McDonagh vs. Ryanair Ltd. was a precedent case that followed the volcanic ash cloud incident in Iceland of 2010. The European Court of Justice hearing resulted in the classification of such situations as “extraordinary circumstances” due to their unpredictability and disruptiveness.

There is also the issue of airlines wrongly citing “extraordinary circumstances” when face with delays caused by mechanical or technical faults. Jet2 vs. Huzar took place at the English Court of Appeal and led to a ruling that stated that airlines are to be held responsible for the adequate maintenance of the mechanical and technical elements that are essential to commercial flight operations. As such, any mechanical or technical issues shall not constitute “extraordinary circumstances”.

Can you claim for delayed flights if you don’t have a flight number?

Yes. Flight Delay Claims 4 U are able to access an extensive database of flight details, so will be able to find your flight number – to make this process as swift as possible, any information that you do have relating to your flight (route, airline, departure time and date etc.) will be appreciated as it will make it easier for our claims team to track it down.

How do you make a compensation claim for a delayed flight?

Flight Delay Claims 4 U make the claiming process simple. Once you have completed our straightforward delayed flight compensation form we can deal with the admin and legal aspects of your claim on your behalf. We’ll even bring in an expert lawyer to pursue the airline responsible.

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I had my flight delayed by over 5 hours – how much compensation will I get?

Delays of over 4 hours could mean that you are owed as much as £540 if your flight distance exceeds 3,500 km.

I’ve been offered airline vouchers as compensation for a flight delay – what should I do?

According to EU flight delay regulations, once airline responsibility has been established, the airline should be prepared to pay compensation via cash, bank transfer or cheque unless you explicitly agree to receiving vouchers instead of financial imbursement.

It is important to be aware of the amounts due as airlines may offer vouchers to a value below what is required by Regulation 261/2004. You are within your rights to request the full amount if you have been offered less than the amount stipulated by EU law.

We always advise passengers to pursue a cash settlement as no conditions are attached; unlike vouchers which may be limited to use with a particular airline within a set time period.

I’ve been offered just £100 compensation by the airline – am I entitled to more than this?

Yes – provided your circumstances meet the required criteria for a flight delay claim, the sum awarded must correspond to the standardised payment guidelines set out by EU legislation. The minimum compensation payment that an individual passenger can be offer is approximately £240, so in this case, the airline has failed to meet the mandatory compensation amount.

How much do I pay if I am unsuccessful in claiming for a delayed flight?

Flight Delay Claims 4 U always represent clients on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, which means you won’t be charged any fee at all if we fail to recover compensation when taking on your case.