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Hassle-free denied boarding claims

With a dedicated team of claim handlers, Flight Delay Claims 4 U provides advice and support all the way through the denied boarding compensation claims process. We will fully assess your situation and then assign a solicitor to your case. They will have expert knowledge of EU denied boarding regulations and will enforce your passenger rights to recover compensation from the accountable airline.

  • Understanding your denied boarding circumstances

    A highly-trained case manager will decide which approach to take based on your individual situation

  • Admin conducted on your behalf

    We carry out all the required due diligence involved in a denied boarding lawsuit – making the process completely stress-free for claimants

  • Implementing your rights when you’re denied boarding

    Allocated solicitors have expert knowledge of EU Denied Boarding Regulation (261/2004), allowing them to put forward the strongest possible case when claiming against the airline in question

More benefits

In cases of involuntary denied boarding, compensation will be pursued on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis – this means a claim made with us is completely risk-free.

There is no need for claimants to attend court either. Most cases are settled before legal action is required, but if a court hearing is required in your situation, a specialist denied boarding solicitor will attend on your behalf.

If an airline has overbooked a flight and denied boarding, compensation of up to £540 can be claimed for the inconvenience experienced.

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If a claimant is successful in claiming EU denied boarding compensation, payments will be made quickly and conveniently, with funds transferred to you via a method of your choice by our payment processing colleagues.

How to claim denied boarding compensation

We make it easy for you to claim denied flight compensation

Simply provide us with some basic details on one of our denied boarding claim forms and we’ll consider the best approach for imposing denied boarding compensation rules against the flight operator responsible.

That is all we need to get started, we don’t even request an upfront payment for our services because we only charge in relation to successful claims.

Specialists in denied boarding legislation

A history of denied boarding claim success

A high number of denied boarding flight compensation letters are submitted to airlines each year. We only choose to work with solicitors that demonstrate the high standards of legal expertise and an extensive understanding of the denied boarding rules outlined in EU flight delay regulations.

  • ‘No win, no fee’ policy

    Making a claim with us is 100% risk-free – we recover legal costs from the airline, so you are not charged if we fail to obtain compensation for you.

  • Solicitors experienced in applying denied boarding case law

    Our specialist legal partners will have helped numerous passengers claim denied boarding compensation – using their extensive knowledge of legislation and precedent cases to enforce passenger rights

  • Devoted case managers

    Fully-trained colleagues are in place to provide advice and process claims on the behalf of our clients

Denied flight compensation solicitors

The controversial practice of passengers being denied boarding due to overbooking is unfortunately becoming common among commercial flight operators. If you happened to be one of the unfortunate ones offloaded from a flight you may be able to benefit from denied boarding compensation law. Flight Delay Claims 4 U can provide all the skills and experience necessary to successfully obtain compensation for anyone who is denied boarding involuntarily.

Thanks to EU denied boarding and delayed flight regulations, you could claim up to £540 compensation for inconvenience caused by an overbooked flight.

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Denied boarding – what to do

Rights when denied boarding involuntarily

Denied boarding regulations for EU flights are detailed in EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004).

The airline that has overbooked the flight will do so in anticipation of a number of passengers failing to arrive at the airport to board the plane. If things don’t go as planned and they revoke your right to board the aircraft, you become eligible to receive airline assistance in the shape of meal vouchers, ticket refunds or alternative flights. If significant delays ensue as a result of being transferred to another flight, claimants may be able to pursue cash compensation to cover their inconvenience – the usual eligibility criteria of flight origin, airline nationality and delay duration must be satisfied in order to make a claim.

  • Qualifying for denied boarding compensation

    The country of departure, delay duration and airline nationality must all fall within the requirements of EU regulations

  • Compulsory airline assistance

    Passengers that are unwillingly denied boarding can obtain meal vouchers and a ticket refund or a seat on another flight as part of an airlines basic duty of care in such circumstances

  • Volunteering to be denied boarding

    Volunteers relinquishing their seat are normally offered incentives for doing so, but they will not be eligible to claim additional cash compensation

Voluntarily surrendering your seat

In an effort to avoid taking the controversial step of bumping individuals from a flight against their will, airlines will try their utmost to persuade volunteers to come forward and give up their seats. To encourage a deal with passengers, flight operators will often offer incentives such as vouchers, seat upgrades, alternative flights and even cash.

Denied boarding regulations for UK and EU flights dictate that passengers are entitled to as much as £540 in compensation for the delays and inconvenience resulting from being denied their right to board an aircraft.

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  1. Enter your flight details
  2. Our experts call you right back
  3. We enforce your rights
  4. You receive our compensation

Denied boarding lawsuit process

Share information regarding your overbooked flight

By submitting a denied boarding compensation form, you will allow our claim handlers to collate the information required to begin the claims process. Flight numbers are ideal because they can help us establish a number of important details relating to the flight in question.

A dedicated claims team will provide a response quickly

Our colleagues are ready when you are and will get to work swiftly to obtain denied boarding compensation at the earliest opportunity.

We’ll assign a highly-skilled lawyer to your case

By applying their knowledge of EU legislation, the legal professional working on your case will enforce passenger rights in order to recover the maximum denied boarding compensation amount possible.

Compensation transferred to your account

A lot of claims are settled in the early stages of the process, leading to payments being received quickly – in these situations, our payment processing department can transfer money owed to you within a matter of days. Cases that require legal action will be slightly more protracted given the processes involved, and as a result, any compensation awarded will take longer to retrieve.

  • Gather evidence that may support your claim
  • Enquire about food & drink vouchers (you may be entitled to these)
  • Keep hold of relevant documents
  • Capture video and photo evidence

What to do if you’re denied boarding due to overbooking

Additional evidence to reinforce a claim

If an overbooking situation unfolds and you are denied boarding at check-in or the boarding gate, it is a good idea to gather any information surrounding the incident that may strengthen a subsequent claim against the airline.

Listen out for announcements too as this is another useful source of information that may be noted down as supporting evidence; particularly as it is the likely channel for the passenger selection process.

Vouchers are available when you are denied boarding

If you are transferred to a later flight when involuntarily denied boarding, vouchers of proportionate value to the length of delay are to be provided to allow passengers to purchase refreshments from outlets in the airport terminal.

Retain documents relating to your flight

When making a denied boarding compensation claim – a catalogue of flight tickets, vouchers and airline correspondence is useful in building a clear picture of the incidents that took place. Claimants are advised to make copies of important documents to prevent them being lost.

Visual evidence can add strength to a claim

Documenting your situation through video footage and photographs can provide greater impact when a compensation request is submitted to an airline or evidence is presented in court. The actual aircraft (particularly aircraft size) might be a factor in an overbooking scenario so it could be useful to capture an image of it to refer to later.

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Denied boarding reasons

Operational reasons

Operational efficiencies

Airlines will frequently take a calculated risk and overbook a flight in anticipation of a small number of passengers failing to turn up on the day – although it sometimes results in passengers being denied boarding, it can allow the airline to run planes at full capacity and save on the costs of operating a larger fleet than required. A reduction in carbon emissions and overheads is extremely beneficial in today’s super-competitive air travel industry.

Protecting profits

Making improvements to operational efficiency and increasing revenue by maximising ticket sales through overbooking will normally result in greater profit margins.

Denied boarding due to unintentional overbooking

Unsuitable plane

Some flight operators have several different types of aircraft in their fleet. If there is a last minute change of aircraft and the replacement has a seating capacity that is not able to accommodate the number of passengers looking to board, the airline will need to begin denying passengers the right to board – the carrier will be liable to pay compensation to those that are involuntarily denied boarding.

Airline booking errors

The aviation industry is becoming more and more reliant on computer booking systems. Occasionally, IT system failures will cause information to be lost and can lead to booking errors such as unintentional overbooking. These blunders will sometimes require airlines to turn away passengers to stay within plane capacity limits. In situations such as this the circumstances will be the responsibility of the flight operator, thus requiring them to compensate individuals for delays suffered.

Proficient in denied boarding claims

Lawyers with extensive experience of denied boarding claims

At Flight Delay Claims 4 U, we have access to a network of specialist solicitors that are adept at retrieving compensation for passengers that have been denied boarding. Their knowledge of EU regulations and denied boarding directives distinguishes them from other lawyers.

Denied boarding compensation solicitors

Your solicitor’s experience of similar denied boarding cases will prove invaluable in contesting your flight operator, especially if a court hearing is required.

Continuous claimant support

Our claims department pride themselves on offering the very best guidance and support to those looking to claim denied boarding compensation. The claimant doesn’t need to concern themselves with the legalities of a case because our claim managers have the expertise to process a claim on their behalf. Our team’s understanding of EU denied boarding regulations can be brought together with historical flight overbooking data to put forward the strongest possible compensation claim.

The solicitor chosen to represent you and your case will be ready for any eventuality thanks to their considerable experience of contesting major airlines on a wide array of flight compensation cases, including those involving denied boarding due to overbooking.

A significant proportion of denied boarding claims conclude with the airline choosing to settle outside of court by paying the compensation requested straightaway. Although some cases will go to court, there is no need to worry because your claim will be presented by a specialist solicitor. They will have represent clients like you in many cases similar to yours and know the best approach to achieving a favourable result.

Denied boarding compensation amounts

In terms of denied boarding compensation, UK and EU flights all adhere to the payment bands outlined in the table below. These are calculated by combining flight distance and delay duration factors.

Airlines are becoming used to denied boarding claims being made against them, and will generally seek an early settlement with claimants to avoid legal fees and time-consuming court hearings.

Compensation Table

Amounts set by EU Regulations 261/2004
Flight distance Delay on arrival (hours) Compensation
Up to 1,500km 3 or more £226†/€250
1,500km - 3,500km 3 or more £361†/€400
Over 3,500km‡ 3 to 4 £271†/€300
Over 3,500km‡ 4 or more £540†/€600

For distances of greater than 3,500km, for the higher amount of compensation the journey will need to have departed from an EU (European) airport and be delayed on arrival in a Non-EU airport (Such as Manchester to Diagoras.) The airline is eligible to apply a 50% flat reduction on compensation awarded if the delay was between 3 and 4 hours.

Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent on the exchange rate at the time of the delay, or on the date your claim is settled
(This will depend on the airline).

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Helpful claim handlers

Helpful claim handlers

Tony Denton Bolton

I was unfamiliar with the rules regarding denied boarding compensation so I sought the advice of Flight Delay Claims 4 U. The claims manager I spoke to was very knowledgeable and was able to pass my case on to a specialist solicitor who went on to win £360 compensation on my behalf.

Easy money & thankful

Easy money & thankful

Simon Jenkins Chester

I was infuriated when I was unwillingly denied boarding because the airline had overbooked my flight. I wasn’t sure if claiming compensation would be time-consuming but eventually went for it. I received £220 in compensation just 4 weeks after submitting a denied boarding compensation form

Prompt and professional

Prompt and professional

Lorna Castillo Peterborough

I didn’t have to worry about any paperwork or court appearances, everything was dealt with by Flight Delay Claims 4 U. All I had to do was provide a few basic details about my denied boarding circumstances and wait for compensation to be transferred to my bank account.

Denied boarding compensation calculator



Estimating denied boarding compensation amounts

By completing our online form with basic information relating to your flight, our claims team will be able to provide an estimate compensation amount and contact you to advise how to make a claim.

How is denied boarding compensation calculated?

A final compensation figure is established by combining flight distance and delay length factors – this determines what level of compensation a claim warrants.

As a general rule, compensation amounts increase the longer the length of delay and route distance are.

Denied boarding compensation is distributed per passenger – the same amount is distributed to each individual so it is always worth adding other members of your party to a claim submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to deny passengers the right to board?

Yes, airlines are within their rights to refuse boarding when a flight is overbooked but they must compensate those that have been involuntarily denied boarding.

What is voluntary denied boarding?

When a flight gets overbooked and too many passengers arrive at the airport, airlines will seek volunteers to give up their seat on the plane – those that volunteer normally receive some sort of incentive for doing so.

What is involuntary denied boarding?

If no volunteers come forward, airline staff will begin selecting passengers to offload. This process is conducted at random and passengers chosen will be denied boarding against their will.

Can you claim for being prevented from boarding an international flight?

Yes, international flights will be governed by EU denied boarding regulations providing that they are departing an EU airport or are being operated by an EU-based airline.

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Why was I denied boarding?

The most likely reason will be flight overbooking by the airline. They sell more tickets than they have seats on an aircraft to ensure maximum operational efficiency – however, if all ticketholders arrive to board the flight, airline staff will have to turn away a small number of individuals in order to fall within the seating capacity of the aircraft.

I’ve used my air miles to pay for my seat – do I still qualify for denied boarding compensation?

If all other eligibility criteria are fulfilled then it is completely permissible for a passenger paying for a ticket with frequent flyer points to claim denied boarding compensation.

Who is denied boarding when a flight gets overbooked?

If the airline can’t persuade any passengers to give up their seats voluntarily, a random draw process is usually conducted to select which passengers will be denied boarding.

Do I need travel insurance to make a denied boarding compensation claim

When you are denied boarding, insurance is not required as it is EU law that governs the compensation process.

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Do I get more compensation if I have a First Class ticket?

No, because the money we recover from the airline is purely to compensate passengers for the inconvenience of being denied boarding due to overbooking and is therefore of a statutory amount which doesn’t consider ticket prices in its calculation.

How much denied booking compensation can I expect to receive?

Denied boarding compensation amounts typically start at around £220 and the maximum amount you are likely to obtain is £540. The sum paid to you will be calculated based on two factors – delay duration and flight distance.

My whole family were denied boarding – can I claim for them too?

Yes. Multiple people can be added to a claim (including children) – it is advisable to do so as compensation is paid per passenger so you are able to obtain the compensation amount multiplied by the number of individuals included on your claim form.

I’ve been told that my claim isn’t valid because the deadline for claims has passed as the incident was more than 2 years ago – is this right?

You may find that an airline is trying impose their own 2-year cap on denied boarding claims – however, you are within your rights to challenge this because EU lawmakers define denied boarding compensation time limits as 6 years from the scheduled flight date. This has been reaffirmed by Goel and Trivedi vs. Ryanair Ltd, a precedent case where the airline tried to mislead passengers with self-enforced claim deadlines.

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How do I get compensation when I’ve been denied boarding?

For us to get started on a claim, all we request is that you complete a basic denied boarding form which will provide us with all the details our colleagues need. A claim handler will then process this information and hand your case to a qualified solicitor who will either negotiate an out-of-court settlement or present your case at a court hearing. Once funds are received by us we will process payment immediately by bank transfer or cheque.

My initial denied boarding claim was rejected – will I have to go to court?

Although it isn’t likely that your case will need to be heard in court, it is not compulsory for claimants to physically attend the hearing because your assigned solicitor will attend on your behalf to pursue the compensation.

I was denied boarding and placed on a flight that leaves in the morning – can I claim for hotel accommodation?

Yes. When you have been delayed overnight after being denied boarding, hotel accommodation is part of the entitlement to standard assistance from an airline under the EU flight compensation regulations.

Am I entitled to free food and drink if I’m delayed after being denied boarding?

Yes. As with hotel accommodation, refreshments vouchers are to be provided as a part of the standard airline assistance guidelines. Any vouchers you receive will be proportionate to the length of your delay.