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Taking care of everything on your behalf

The friendly team of claim handlers at Flight Delay Claims 4 U are on hand to look after your diverted flight compensation claim. We work with specialist solicitors adept at obtaining compensation for diverted flights. Enforcing air passenger rights outlined in EU flight compensation regulations, they will contest the case on your behalf.

  • Understanding your situation

    Your dedicated case handler will look into the specifics of your case before deciding on the best approach

  • Doing the admin

    Leave all the boring details to us, we’ll chase up everything ourselves

  • Enforcing diverted flight passenger rights

    We will use the passenger rights and precedent cases directed by EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004) to mount a claim against the airline responsible for your diversion.

Benefits associated with specialist legal assistance

There are many reasons why it is advantageous to have Flight Delay Claims 4 U working on your case; for example, we will always work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis and only use the finest flight compensation solicitors and knowledgeable claim handlers. We’ll also have the ability to perform flight weather assessments and access historical diverted flight information whenever necessary.

Should a court hearing be required, no client involvement is necessary; an intrusted solicitor will appear before a judge to obtain plane diversion compensation from the airline responsible.

If a diverted flight has led to a delay of 3 hours or more, up to £540 can be claimed in compensation.

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We’re also extremely dependable in processing compensation payments too – financial imbursement is made to our claimants at the earliest opportunity by our payment processing team.

How to make a diverted flight claim

Making diverted flight claims simple

When making a start on your diverted flight claim case, the only things needed are your details and some information about your diverted flight. Once we have an understanding of the circumstances surrounding your flight disruption, we’ll allocate an expert lawyer to your case to pursue compensation from the flight operator.

We can arrange all of this for you at no upfront cost. We’ll only charge a fee if your case is successful.

Diverted flight compensation experts

A history of successfully enforcing client diverted fight rights

There have been many cases where we have supported passengers that have had a flight diverted, and recovered compensation for them from the airline responsible. EU flight compensation legislation is there to assist passenger suffering flight disruption at the hands of accountable carriers. At Flight Delay Claims 4 U, we work with a network of esteemed law professionals that are proficient in the interpretation of these regulations to benefit diverted flight claimants such as you.

  • ‘No win, no fee’ claims

    With nothing to pay unless the case is won, we offer a risk-free option for those looking to claim compensation for diverted flights

  • Trusted panel of expert solicitors

    The legal representative allocated will use case precedents to retrieve compensation for a flight diverted in the last 6 years

  • Devoted flight diversion claims team

    Your case handler will help you track the progress of a diverted flight claim

Diverted flight compensation solicitors

To stand the best chance of winning compensation, it is important to seek the advice and support of professionals.

Flight Delay Claims 4 U are the perfect choice to handle your claim; our entire network of compensation solicitors are skilled in pursuing compensation for diverted flights.

If a diverted flight has led to a delay of 3 hours or more, up to £540 can be claimed in compensation.

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What happens when a flight gets diverted before departure?

Flight diversion passenger rights

EU legislation provides guidance for diverted flight compensation matters.

When an airline diverts a flight to an alternative airport, they should offer passengers the option of onward transport to the intended destination. If a flight transfer or ground transport requires passengers to wait at least a further 2 hours they will then start to become entitled to the standard levels of assistance, starting with meal vouchers and moving up to hotel accommodation if necessary. Cash compensation is claimable if a delay caused by the diversion happened within the last 6 years, lasted more than 3 hours and involved an EU-based airline or any flight departing an EU airport.

  • Conditions of eligibility

    Claim eligibility is denoted by length of delay, airline nationality and location of departure airport

  • Passenger assistance

    Resulting disruption may entitle passengers to refreshment vouchers and hotel accommodation

  • Onward travel

    Alternative methods of transportation should be offered to passengers in order for them to reach the originally intended destination.

Completing journey

A diverted flight can end up landing at any airport along the intended flight path – sometimes it will touch down at a neighbouring airport but on other occasions it can arrive in a different country altogether. Unless they are going to resume the journey or cancel the flight from there, the airline is obligated to provide passengers with a suitable alternative to complete their trip. Where possible, they will be transferred onto another flight, but it may also be the case that travellers will be forced to continue their journey by rail or road, at the expense of the airline.

If a fight is diverted back to its departure airport, it effectively becomes delayed or cancelled.

If you’ve endured a delay of at least 3 hours due to a diverted flight, you could be receive up to £540 in compensation.

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Diverted flight claims process

Submit your flight details

By completing the compensation application form you’ll give us all the diverted flight information we need to present your claim to the offending airline. A flight number is desirable as it reveals more details such as carrier name, planned route and scheduled flight times.

Our expert team will respond right away

With a dedicated claim handler at your service, we can commence the diverted flight claims process immediately.

Passenger rights enforced by a qualified solicitor

Your designated lawyer will use all their knowledge and expertise along with the air passenger rights outlined in EU legislation to build a robust case for diverted flight compensation.

We recover what you are owed

Most of the time we can retrieve compensation for a diverted flight before formal legal action is required – in such situations, we will be able to transfer funds owed to you within days. Claims requiring a court hearing may take longer, but as soon as we receive a settlement from the airline, we will process payment to you immediately.

  • Collect evidence that may reinforce a subsequent claim
  • Enquire about refreshment vouchers (you might be entitled to them)
  • Hold on to all relevant documents
  • Take photographs if relevent

What you should do if your flight has been diverted

Supplementary evidence is beneficial to diverted flight claims

When it becomes apparent your flight has been diverted, you should try and absorb as much information as you can about the situation in order to build the strongest possible claim.

Keep track of time to determine the extent of any delays you suffer, listen carefully when pilot or cabin crew make announcements and ask them for more information if necessary, noting down any response accordingly.

Food & drink vouchers

Passengers are entitled to food vouchers as standard compensation if the flight diverted by the airline has caused delays in excess of two hours. If these are not willingly offered, they should be requested.

Keep all airline documentation that may support your diverted flight claim

Any correspondence you receive from your airline is worth keeping, as well as flight tickets and boarding cards. Make copies if you can, so that nothing is misplaced.

Pictures may be relevant evidence when seeking compensation for diverted flights

Photos and videos are a good way to record the situation you are faced with, so that any details you may have forgotten can be recalled later and used as evidence.

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Less conventional reasons for diverted flights

Flight diverted due to medical emergency

Types of medical emergency

There are lots of medical conditions that will be deemed as an emergency if they arise on a flight. For example, if someone has a heart attack or goes into labour on a flight, the pilot will have no choice but to divert to the nearest available runway for the passenger to receive urgent medical attention. Cabin crew will of course be first aid trained, but serious conditions will need to be treated by medical staff on the ground.

Compensation when flight is diverted due to a medical emergency

In situations where a plane is diverted for a medical emergency, it is most likely that compensation claims won’t be valid as the airline has no control over health problems experienced by those on board.

However, in the case of pregnant passengers, the airline are supposed to check that passengers over 28 weeks pregnant have a valid doctor’s ‘fit to fly’ note; if they fail to do so and a flight’s diverted after a woman gives birth or goes into labour, they may become liable to compensate other passengers impacted by the subsequent flight diversion.

Other events that can lead to diverted flights

Flight diverted due to unruly passengers

In circumstances where passenger and crew safety is compromised, you may have your flight diverted because of ‘unruly’ passengers. It is fairly unlikely that the airline will have direct responsibility for passenger behaviour, so a compensation claim in such situations will be difficult. However, if it can be proven that unruly behaviour was due to the flight operator allowing passengers to board the flight while heavily intoxicated, or failing to curb alcohol consumption on the flight, compensation claims might become possible as the airline have an element of control over such factors.

Flight diversions caused by natural disasters

Although very rare, natural phenomena such as volcanic eruptions, forest fires, sandstorms and earthquakes can all provide viable reasons for diverted flights. As the Icelandic ash cloud incident of 2010 showed, it is hard for airlines to pre-empt or overcome events of such scale. Consequently, a flight operator is not liable for diverted flight compensation due to “extraordinary circumstances”.

Our diverted flight compensation expertise

Knowledgeable diverted flight claim lawyers

Our panel of legal professionals have valuable experience and knowledge of divert flight cases, so are ideally positioned to represent you when claiming compensation for diverted flights.

Diverted flight compensation solicitors

The specialist solicitor pursuing your compensation will have previously supported many claimants with similar claims, coming across various diverted flight scenarios, giving them a good idea of how to approach each case.

Providing support at every stage of a claim

Friendly claim handlers and highly-skilled solicitors are ready to help you win compensation for a diverted flight.

Because our entire team works exclusively on flight compensation claims, they have the know-how and experience of EU regulations to establish the facts surrounding your case and progress your claim.

The legal side of things is all taken care for you – the regularity in which we deal with diverted claims has allowed us to become experts in EU legislation and precedent case law. In addition to this, we have access to detailed weather assessments and historical flight information that can strengthen a diverted flight claim significantly.

The solicitor allocated to your case will have copious amounts of experience in challenging different airlines through the application of EU flight compensation regulations. Putting this into effect, they will aim to settle cases as quickly as possible.

Most diverted flight claims get settled outside of court, but there is also the possibility that a court hearing will take place. In this situation, a specialist lawyer will represent you, enforcing passenger rights to achieve a compensation settlement.

Diverted flight compensation amounts

The sum of compensation paid in a diverted flight claim will vary in accordance with flight distance an duration of the delay caused by a diversion. The following table provides estimates based on these factors.

Airlines are having to deal with an increasing number of diverted flight claims so will generally look to come to a settlement agreement before court intervention is required.

Compensation Table

Amounts set by EU Regulations 261/2004
Flight distance Delay on arrival (hours) Compensation
Up to 1,500km 3 or more £226†/€250
1,500km - 3,500km 3 or more £361†/€400
Over 3,500km‡ 3 to 4 £271†/€300
Over 3,500km‡ 4 or more £540†/€600

For distances of greater than 3,500km, for the higher amount of compensation the journey will need to have departed from an EU (European) airport and be delayed on arrival in a Non-EU airport (Such as Manchester to Diagoras.) The airline is eligible to apply a 50% flat reduction on compensation awarded if the delay was between 3 and 4 hours.

Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent on the exchange rate at the time of the delay, or on the date your claim is settled
(This will depend on the airline).

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A helpful bunch & smooth service

A helpful bunch & smooth service

Leona Walters Croydon

I was on my way to Tenerife a few months ago, when the pilot diverted the plane, meaning I ended up in Bordeaux! I definitely did the right thing contacting Flight Delay Claims 4 U. The claim handler was so helpful and managed to establish that a technical fault caused the flight to be diverted, before passing my case on to a specialist solicitor who retrieved my compensation. Happy days!

No fuss and extremely friendly staff

No fuss and extremely friendly staff

Christine Bramble Farnborough

With Flight Delay Claims 4 U, it really is as easy as picking up the phone. I told them all about my diverted flight situation and they got going straightaway, with only a few small details after a short phonecall. They literally took care of the rest and after only a couple of weeks, I got £210 compensation in a form of a cheque! Thanks for all you help along the way.

Flight diverted due to technical fault

Flight diverted due to technical fault

Louise Walker Carlisle

My husband and I got the compensation for our diverted flights today. Using their knowledge and expertise, they were able to determine that the flight diversion took place due a technical fault with the plane’s radar. The solicitor presented the evidence in a formal claim letter to the airline just a couple of weeks ago and I’ve already been paid compensation – fantastic!

Diverted flight compensation calculator



Check how much you are owed for a diverted flight

To get an estimate for the amount of compensation you are likely to receive for a diverted flight, simply enter your details in the boxes below so that our dedicated claims team can calculate what sum you are potentially due, before progressing your claim.

What does a diverted flight mean in terms of compensation?

Diverted flight compensation is calculated by combining to key factors; these are flight distance and overall length of the delay that was caused by a diverted flight. Compensation pay-outs increase in line with these factors – so, the longer the flight or delay is, the more compensation a claimant is likely to receive.

It is also worth noting that diverted flight compensation is paid per passenger, so those that are travelling in a group should include details of this when commencing a claim with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a diverted flight?

A diverted flight by definition is an instance where, after departure, an aircraft either heads back to the departure airport or lands at any airport other than the scheduled destination.

Is it possible to check diverted flight status at the airport?

Yes, the departure information screens throughout an airport terminal serve as a delayed, cancelled and diverted flight tracker. However, for more details regarding your diversion, it is best to approach a member of staff. If the diversion takes place while your flight is airborne, pilot and cabin crew announcements are to be relied on for information regarding the updated flight plan.

I’ve had a flight diverted for a medical emergency – can I claim compensation?

In most cases an airline will not be liable for diversions caused by medical emergencies as the health issues of those on board are generally deemed to be beyond the direct control of the flight operator.

Can I claim compensation for diverted flights that departed from an airport outside of the EU?

Yes, but the airline you are flying with must be based in an EU country and travelling to an airport that is situated in an EU member state.

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Mine was one of the flights diverted today due to snow at the destination airport – can I make a claim?

Possibly. When you have had a flight diverted due to weather, it must be severe enough to constitute extraordinary circumstances. In this case, if other planes were able to land at the destination despite the snow, it would suggest that the conditions were not extraordinary and your flight operator would become accountable for delays caused by their decision to divert.

I had my flight diverted after stag do passengers caused trouble – do I have a right to compensation?

A flight diverted for unruly passenger behaviour is difficult to make a successful compensation claim against. This mostly due to the fact that a passenger’s conduct is the responsibility of that individual, not the airline with whom they are travelling with.

Do I need to be diverted to an EU airport to be eligible for compensation?

No. As long as you are departing the EU or on an EU-based airline, your flight will qualify under EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004).

Do I need travel insurance to make a diverted flight claim?

No - Because EU legislation covers passengers travelling on commercial airlines, those wishing to claim compensation for a diverted flight will not need to rely on travel insurance.

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My brother was with me when airline diverted flights yesterday – can claim for him too?

Yes, it is possible to claim compensation for each passenger in your group. Make sure you let us know that you want to add your brother to your claim when submitting initial details to us. If a settlement gets agreed with the airline, payment will be made cumulatively based on the number of passengers attached to your claim.

The airline is saying that all compensation claims must be made within 2 years, my diverted flight was 4 years ago – what are my rights?

Quite a few budget airlines have started to introduce a 2-year time limit on claims through their own terms and conditions. These are not enforceable under EU legislation though, and should be rigorously contested. A recent test case, Goel and Trivedi vs. Ryanair Ltd, held at Manchester County Court ruled that an airline’s own limits were not legally binding, with the judge reiterating that the original 6-year threshold denoted in EU regulations still applies to all cases.

I have had 2 flights diverted in the last 6 years – can I claim compensation for both instances?

Yes, there is no limit on the number of unique claims an individual can make as long as all cases fulfil the other criteria set by EU regulations.

My airline has rejected my diverted flight claim stating “extraordinary circumstances” – can I contest this?

If they are citing extraordinary circumstances as the reason for a plane diversion, they must provide proof.

Once you have your flight diverted, the airline has a responsibility to provide a valid reason for the diversion as proof that circumstances were beyond their control.

McDonagh vs. Ryanair Ltd was a case where the European Court of Justice ruled that natural phenomena causing flight disruption, such as the Icelandic ash cloud of 2010, are abnormal occurrences affecting vast areas of European airspace and consequently should be treated as “extraordinary circumstances”. Unfortunately for passengers, such situations would see the law favour flight operators if compensation claims are made.

The courts have also been quick to dismiss the masquerading of technical, mechanical and operational issues as extraordinary circumstances. In the case of Jet2 vs. Huzar (2014), the English Court of Appeal ruled that airlines should be accountable for basic faults resulting from human error or unsatisfactory maintenance processes, and will therefore not be able to cite extraordinary circumstances in such cases.

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Can I claim compensation for diverted flights when travelling with an airline that is based abroad?

If your airline is based in an EU member state, it will definitely be governed by EU regulations. Even non-EU airlines can be subject to the legislation if they are flying from an airport that is in an EU country.

How do I get diverted flight compensation?

It’s simply a case of contacting the friendly team at Flight Delay Claims 4 U, who will take the opportunity to fully understand the specifics of your case. From there, everything is handled on your behalf, so you can remain stress-free as we pursue compensation for your diverted flight.

Will I get paid more diverted flight compensation if I was travelling in First Class?

No, compensation for a diverted flight is a standard amount based on flight distance and delay duration and is not calculated in accordance with ticket cost.