We can enforce your EU passenger rights and retrieve compensation for delayed flights

Handling the entire compensation claim on your behalf

Flight Delay Claims 4 U offer a comprehensive claims service; every aspect is expertly handled by our team of case managers and legal partners. Your case manager will start the process by understanding your circumstances, providing advice and proposing next steps before passing your case onto a specialist solicitor who will enforce your EU air passenger rights and submit a formal request for compensation.

  • Advice around your passenger rights

    An experienced claim handler will provide an assessment of your case before passing your case onto a highly-qualified legal representative

  • Support through the whole process

    All the administrative and legal elements of a claim are dealt with by us in order to give you a stress-free experience

  • Enforcing EU passenger rights in flight delay situations

    A trusted network of solicitors are ready to utilise their extensive knowledge of EU air passenger rights regulations.

Further benefits

With Flight Delay Claims 4 U you will always receive unparalleled levels of customer service from a team of knowledgeable advisors and legal partners. The specialist solicitors that we allocate to our clients have valuable experience of enforcing EU passenger rights in delayed flight cases. To supplement their expertise, we can also utilise detailed weather assessments and historical flight information if necessary.

Up to £540 can be claimed by enforcing EU passenger rights for delayed flights compensation

Start your claim now

It is relatively unlikely that a legal challenge will need to be made against the airline, but if your case does require court action, this doesn’t represent an issue as your designated lawyer will be able to present your case to the judge on your behalf.

If your claim is a success, the compensation you are owed is transferred to you by our payment processing colleagues as soon as the funds have been received from the accountable airline.

Making a claim in line with EU passenger rights regulations

Convenient claims procedure

To commence proceedings, our claims team require nothing more than a few details about you and the flight disruption you’ve encountered. Once the circumstances surrounding your delay have been assessed, the lawyer allocated to your case will cite EU passenger rights in a compensation request letter sent to the airline responsible for your delay.

No fee is charged to you at this stage – our team will manage the entirety of a new EU passenger rights claim on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

Experts in air passenger rights and European Union regulations

Regular enforcement of air passenger rights in EU flight delay cases

Delays, diversions and cancellations impact a huge number of flights every year, but thanks to EU passenger rights directives, compensation can be claimed for the disruption caused.

If you have suffered delays on an EU flight, passenger rights can easily be enforced by our highly-qualified legal partners to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

  • ‘No win, no fee’ approach

    We have the utmost confidence in our trusted network of solicitors – thanks to an exceptional claim success rate we are able to guarantee that no fees will be incurred until compensation is successfully retrieved from the airline in question

  • Market-leading legal representation

    Any solicitor that we assign to a case will have considerable experience and be adept at enforcing EU air passenger rights in delayed and cancelled flight cases.

  • Dedicated claim handlers

    A member of our claims team will keep in touch with you as your claim progresses, taking care of all paperwork and providing updates as things develop.

Air passenger rights solicitors

Professional assistance is the key to successful flight compensation claims. The Flight Delay Claims 4 U team work in tandem with expert passenger rights compensation lawyers that have a proven record of successfully enforcing EU air passenger rights when delays have caused 3 or more hours of disruption.

By imposing EU passenger rights, delays of 3 or more hours can result in as much as £540 compensation being retrieved from the airline responsible.

Start your claim now

Flights cancelled at the airport

EU passenger rights regarding cancelled flights

The EU Air Passenger Bill of Rights (2011) directs airlines to assist passengers in a standardised manner in the event of a flight being cancelled at short notice. If the cancellation causes a delay of more than 2 hours, the flight operator concerned is required to provide affected passengers with food vouchers, hotel accommodation, transfers or ticket refunds as appropriate in the circumstances.

As well as this, travellers may also claim cash compensation for the inconvenience caused. To do so they must have a valid reservation for the corresponding flight. Only claims relating to EU departures or EU airlines will be considered and the delay suffered must exceed 3 hours in length.

  • Qualifying criteria

    The delay duration, airline nationality and departure airport all need to meet criteria EU air passenger rights directives for a compensation claim to be possible

  • Standard passenger assistance

    Meal vouchers, overnight, accommodation, flight reroutes and refunds should be offered where relevant for subsequent delays of more than 2 hours as instructed by the EU Passenger Bill of Rights

  • Advanced notification

    An airline will not be required to compensate passengers if they have given them at least 2 weeks’ notice of impending cancellations

Notifying passengers of planned cancellations

In terms of passenger rights regarding cancelled flights, European Union regulations will only permit a passenger to make a successful claim if the airline has failed to provide advanced notice of the flight cancellation (at least 2 weeks prior to scheduled departure date).

By enforcing EU air passenger rights, cancellation compensation up to the value of £540 can be claimed by those affected in the last 6 years.

Start your claim now
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  2. Our experts call you right back
  3. We enforce your rights
  4. You receive our compensation

Flight Delay compensation process when enforcing air passenger rights

Submit an enquiry form

After we receive a few basic details relating to your flight, we’ll be able to assess your case and give you a compensation estimate before making your claim official.

An advisor will get in touch immediately

A member of our claims team will contact you straightaway to make sure your claim is made at the earliest opportunity.

A specialist solicitor is assigned to your case

Once we have assessed the circumstances surrounding your delayed flight, passenger rights regarding European Union departures are enforced by a qualified solicitor.

Compensation is acquired

Most of the time, an airline will offer a cash settlement before legal action is required, and in these situations the money owed to you is recovered relatively quickly. If a claim is ignored or rejected by the flight operator responsible for your delay, a designated legal representative will attend court on your behalf to retrieve compensation. Although cases that end up going to court take longer to resolve, we are still able to process payments quickly once funds have been released by the airline in question.

  • Gather information
  • Demand meal vouchers from airline staff
  • Keep documents given to you by the airline
  • Take photos and capture video footage

What should I do when I encounter flight delays?

Extra information can help strengthen a claim

When an impending flight delay becomes apparent, it is advisable to start gathering any potential evidence that could help us impose your air passenger rights when EU delay compensation is being claimed from the airline responsible.

It is important that you listen out for airport announcements and ask for further information from airline staff if necessary; making a record of responses to refer back to later.

Food & drink vouchers

In addition to passenger rights regarding flight delays, European Union legislation such as the Air Passenger Bill of Rights is in place to ensure that affected passengers are not forced into further expenditure such as airport meals and refreshments. Any meal vouchers provided by an airline must be proportionate to the extent of the delay incurred and should be made available to passengers once the delay duration extends beyond two hours.

Keep copies of travel documents and airline correspondence

Airline correspondence and key documents such as tickets and boarding cards should be retained to aid the enforcement of EU air passenger rights regarding delayed flights. Making copies is also recommended in case any original versions get misplaced.

Photo and video evidence

A visual record of events surrounding your flight delay is useful when looking to put forward an impactful claim against the airline responsible.

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Experienced EU passenger rights experts

Working alongside highly-skilled legal representatives

When an airline has caused delays to EU air travel, passenger rights are best enforced by specialist lawyers with the experience and expertise to swiftly retrieve compensation – from our extensive network, we are able to assign a solicitor with the exact skills required.

Cancelled flight compensation solicitors

Over the last decade, our legal partners will have worked on countless cases, giving them vital experience in the application of EU law and passenger rights.

Ongoing assistance from a dedicated claims team

Claims advisors are ready to guide you through the entire process, applying their firm understanding of the EU directive on passenger rights and airline compensation procedures. With a professional team providing assistance, there is no need for you to worry about the legal aspects of your claim – your designated solicitor will be familiar with flight delay regulations as well as any case precedents relating to the enforcement of EU air passenger rights.

In addition to the vast experience acquired from numerous flight delay cases, we have the ability to assess detailed weather reports and obtain historical flight data from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Every solicitor we assign to a case has been handpicked based on their knowledge of EU legislation and experience of recovering compensation from various major airlines. By bringing these attributes together, a settlement can be reached in the shortest timescale possible.

Legal action is sometimes required if an initial compensation request gets rejected by the airline. Even so, the lawyer assigned to your case will be able to represent you in court and enforce your European passenger rights when delays are a result of the flight operator’s failings.

Due to the volume of flight delay claims made by our legal partners, it his highly likely that they will have encountered cases just like yours, meaning you can have the upmost confidence in their ability to take the right approach when demanding compensation from the culpable airline.

Flight Delay Compensation Amounts

The final settlement figure is determined by two main factors – scheduled flight distance and delay duration. The grading for compensation payments is summarised in the table below.

Due to the volume of claims brought against them, most major airlines will look to settle claims as soon as they can to avoid costly legal fees.

Compensation Table

Amounts set by EU Regulations 261/2004
Flight distance Delay on arrival (hours) Compensation
Up to 1,500km 3 or more £226†/€250
1,500km - 3,500km 3 or more £361†/€400
Over 3,500km‡ 3 to 4 £271†/€300
Over 3,500km‡ 4 or more £540†/€600

For distances of greater than 3,500km, for the higher amount of compensation the journey will need to have departed from an EU (European) airport and be delayed on arrival in a Non-EU airport (Such as Manchester to Diagoras.) The airline is eligible to apply a 50% flat reduction on compensation awarded if the delay was between 3 and 4 hours.

Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent on the exchange rate at the time of the delay, or on the date your claim is settled
(This will depend on the airline).

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Overbooked flight claim success

Overbooked flight claim success

Dawn Palmer Bedford

I got in touch with Flight Delay Claims 4 U because I didn’t really know much about EU passenger rights. Overbooking had led to me being denied boarding for my flight to New York and I suffered severe disruption to my trip as a result. Thanks to the hard work of the team at Flight Delay Claims 4 U, compensation was on its way to me just a few weeks after submitting my claim enquiry. Thanks again guys!

EU plane delay won successfully

EU plane delay won successfully

Pat Hughes Sunderland

I’d heard about the enforcement of EU air passenger rights in weather-related delay situations, so when I was left stranded due to the fog at Dublin Airport, I decided to contact Flight Delay Claims 4 U and get compensation from the airline. The solicitor I was given was able to prove that the flight should have in fact taken place as normal despite the conditions, and I was subsequently awarded £220.

Friendly, helpful and efficient

Friendly, helpful and efficient

Delia Poulsen Redditch

The brilliant team at Flight Delay Claims 4 U helped enforce my EU passenger rights when cancellations had left me stranded on my way home from holiday in Greece. I was kept updated by my claim handler and promptly received my compensation thanks to the diligence of the lawyer in charge of my case. Thanks again for being so patient with me and winning my claim and paying me super quick!

Flight Delay Compensation Calculator



Check how much you could be owed

Simply fill out an enquiry form and our claims team will be in touch right away to give you a compensation estimate based on the specifics of your case.

How are compensation amounts determined?

The compensation awarded is calculated in accordance with both scheduled flight distance and delay duration. Generally, the amount owed increases in line with these factors.

According to the legislation set out by the EU Commission, passenger rights are applicable to everyone with a valid reservation for the flight in question, including children. Compensation is paid per passenger too, so it is important to inform us if you wish add additional passengers to your claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to impose passenger rights outside of the EU?

Yes – as long as you are travelling with an EU-based airline to an airport situated in the EU, it will be possible to pursuit compensation in line with EU air passenger rights legislation.

What is the EU Passenger Bill of Rights?

Under the governance of the Air Passenger Bill of Rights, European travellers are eligible to receive basic airline support when delayed at an airport for more than 2 hours. Food vouchers, hotel accommodation, transport, alternative flights and refunds are available depending on the circumstances.

Will the new EU air passenger rights revisions impact my claim?

The revisions made to EU passenger rights regulations in 2013 are now being enforced but have mostly been used to clarify commonly misinterpreted elements of the original 2004 legislation. The majority of the changes made will only have positive consequences for claimants, as greater clarity of regulations has improved the robustness of claims and has forced airlines to take notice of EU passenger rights.

Were any brand new guidelines introduced as part of the amendment to EU passenger rights in 2013?

By reforming air passenger rights in the European Union, lawmakers have not only been able to provide clarification regarding the misinterpreted elements of EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004), but have also introduced new rules to further support disrupted passengers. New EU passenger rights have been brought in regarding; flight rescheduling, misspelt names, mishandled baggage and ‘No Show’ policies (partial use of ticket / return flights).

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Do the amended EU passenger rights make it easier to claim?

Yes – modified EU legislation provides greater power to National Enforcement Bodies (NEBs); allowing them to assist claimants through technical support and complaint investigation.

Under the revised EU passenger rights, airlines need to have clear complaint-handling procedures in place to facilitate more out-of-court settlements.

What happens if a plane delay causes me to miss my connecting flight?

Under EU passenger rights, missed connection cases are treated in a similar way to conventional flight delay claims. The delay length is measured from the point of your arrival at your final destination – any compensation claimed will be based on this as well as flight distance.

Will I be able to claim compensation if my flight was rescheduled?

Yes – the initial 2004 legislation didn’t make it clear whether a rescheduled flight granted passengers the same rights as delayed or cancelled flights.

The legal interpretation of such circumstances has been reiterated by the EU and your passenger rights are indeed exactly the same providing the flight was rescheduled less than two weeks prior to the original departure date.

I had my flight delayed by baggage handler strikes – can I claim compensation?

To successfully make a claim using EU air passenger rights, flights delayed by baggage handler strikes must be attributed to the actions of your airline. Due to the fact that airport ground staff are nearly always non-airline employees, it is likely that passenger claims will be rejected on the basis that circumstances were beyond the control of your flight operator.

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What are my rights if my flight is delayed until the following day?

According to EU passenger rights, hotel accommodation must be provided by an airline when flight delays necessitate an overnight stay. This is regardless of airline accountability for the delay itself and is a standard requirement as defined by the EU Passenger Bill of Rights Act of 2011.

The airline lost my wheelchair – will I be compensated?

Yes – EU disabled passenger rights mean that an airline will be required to reimburse the full value of lost or damaged mobility equipment (providing that it has been checked-in).

Do EU passenger rights require airlines to provide information regarding ongoing flight delays?

Yes – the changes made to EU air passenger rights regulations in 2013 mean that airlines must give adequate information to passengers regarding their rights the cause of the delay – this must be done at the earliest opportunity and no later than 30 minutes after the scheduled departure time. An estimated departure time should also be provided once further information is available.

Do my air passenger rights allow me to make a claim if I have been denied boarding?

Yes – by enforcing your EU passenger rights, denied boarding compensation can be obtained providing that the incident was caused by overbooking.

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Do I have the right to a full ticket refund if I am delayed after boarding my flight?

Yes – a refund may be requested in line with EU passenger rights. Under EU regulations any passenger that has been severely disrupted by a flight delay or cancellation is entitled to a refund equal to the price of their ticket. If passengers have already boarded the aircraft and subsequently endure more than 5 hours of tarmac delays, they can make a request to disembark the aircraft and relinquish their right to travel in order to be fully reimbursed.

Am I entitled to free food and drink if there is a tarmac delay?

Not necessarily – for tarmac delays in excess of 1 hour, your European passenger rights entitle you to basic levels of care such as access to toilet facilities, free drinking water and medical assistance. Any further services provided (including free refreshments) will be at the discretion of the airline itself.

What are my options in the event of a lengthy flight delay?

Air passenger rights in the European Union dictate that if a passenger has had their flight delayed or cancelled, the airline must immediately offer the following three options; reimbursement, re-routing or alternatively flights. These options must be made clear to travellers as soon as the disruption occurs.

What happens if my airline can’t put me on another flight today?

This kind of scenario has been helped by the recent reinforcement of air passenger rights – European Commission guidelines demand that airlines provide a suitable re-route via another flight operator if it fails to find space on any of their own planes that are departing within 12 hours. Alternative transport methods should also be offered where appropriate.