Heathrow baggage system crashes forcing passengers to travel without their luggage

It’s every passenger’s worst nightmare - the dreaded fear that your luggage won’t make it onto your flight with you.

This became the reality for thousands of passengers travelling to various destinations from London Heathrow after a baggage system failure affected terminals 3 and 5.

The technical issue meant that passengers were forced to travel without their luggage. Instead, all affected travellers were told to pack their essentials in their hand luggage, as it was highly likely that their luggage would not reach the destination they were travelling to.

Naturally, passengers were furious and took to social media to vent their anger. And, to make matters worse, it was only a few weeks ago that London Heathrow witnessed similar chaos after a British Airways IT failure affected thousands of passenger’s travel arrangements.

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One passenger tweeted: “British Airways let us down again. No baggage being loaded this morning and no information for passengers.”

Whereas another passenger took to the popular social media platform to say: “What a joke flying Heathrow to Lyon for a cycling break and you fly us out without telling us you’ve left the bikes in London.”

Others said: “Baggage failure at Heathrow this morning. Bags won’t be making it onto flights. Absolute shambles.”

In response to hundreds of furious tweets from frustrated passengers, London Heathrow Airport were forced to reply stating: "Further to the baggage issues we experienced earlier this morning, bag drop desks are now open and operating normally in Terminals 3 and 5.”

Thousands of passengers touched down at their destinations without their luggage.

And, although BA issued a statement apologising for the disruption, passengers were still forced to endure the inconvenience of beginning their holidays without their luggage in tow.

BA’s advice was: “We're currently unable to accept bags and strongly encourage customers to pack essentials in their hand baggage.

"Heathrow Airport is working hard to fix the faults. We're sorry for the disruption that customers are facing and more information is available on BA.com."