How to claim compensation if your flight is delayed this summer

It is estimated that approximately 2.4 million Brits will head to sunnier shores this summer, and whether you’re traveling Europe or a far flung destination, the last thing you want is a flight delay effecting the start of your family holiday.

However, despite the best efforts of airlines to ensure that their timetables run to schedule, the sheer volume of passengers passing through the world’s busiest airports means that delays are inevitable.

The good news is, if your flight is delayed for more than three hours, you may be eligible to claim for compensation according to EU regulations however, this is only if you are travelling to another EU country.

There are many reasons why your flight could be delayed, and you could be entitled to compensation if the reasons for the delay were caused by any of the following:

  • Technical faults
  • Staffing issues that resulted in the delay of your flight
  • Weather conditions on a previous flight which then affected your connecting flight
  • Unable to board due to the flight being overbooked
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However, you will not be entitled to compensation if the reason why your flight has been delayed is outside of the airlines control. This could be for the following reasons:

  • Planned industrial action. It’s not uncommon for air traffic control or ground staff to take action.
  • Extreme weather conditions and natural disasters such as storms, rain or snow
  • Emergency – a crew member or passenger falling ill in the air
  • Political unrest, terror attacks and security risks

The amount of compensation you will receive for your delayed fight will depend on a number of different factors including how long you were actually delayed for and the distance of your flight. Unfortunately, the price of your ticket will not be taken into consideration.

The majority of passengers that claim for compensation receive between £220-£540, so although it may not cover the price of your ticket, it will help to cover additional costs such as accommodation, meals etc. that you had to cover the cost of due to the delay.

Just make sure that you have your booking number, flight number, destination date and destination airport to hand.