Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘flight ban’ once again comes under the spotlight

Following a 2014 Top Gear controversy, Police in Germany have once again been forced to investigate claims that high profile TV personality Jeremy Clarkson was banned from a UK bound flight at Stuttgart airport.

At the time of the incident, Jeremy Clarkson had claimed that a German airport worker had sworn at him boarding a plane, stating he was from Argentina.

However, in response to the claims, a Reutlingen police spokesman has been quoted stating that it is: "not comprehensible to link the furore with Clarkson's inability to board a plane at Stuttgart Airport.”

The verbal dispute with the airport employee, which was apparently the result of Jeremy and his team arriving late at the gate after failing to hear final calls for the flight, has been well documented in the press.

A police spokesman has been quoted stating: "The film crew with Mr Clarkson paused in the lounge and therefore did not hear the call for the delayed flight to London.”

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Jeremy Clarkson was returning from Germany having visited the country in order to record his new show, The Grand Tour.

A spokesman for Stuttgart Airport has stated that the late arrival of Mr Clarkson and his team resulted in all of their luggage being removed from the aircraft and their names withdrawn from the passenger list. The spokesman said: "From this point there is no chance for boarding, even if the passengers show up.”

Due to the nature of the high profile complaint, Stuttgart airport has stated that the incident will be thoroughly investigated by its partner company, S.Stuttgart Ground Services.

Mr Clarkson, stated that Mr Pereira, the airport worker in question had claimed that he was Argentinian and used profanity before, in the words of Mr Clarkson: "marching off looking pleased with himself".

In the midst of the altercation, Mr Clarkson has also stated that Mr Pereira insinuated that Jeremy and his co-workers, James May and Richard Hammond, were actually too drunk to fly. This is despite the fact that the team had apparently only had one can of beer each.

In response to the claims, Mr Pereira stated that he did not say that he was from Argentina nor had he sworn. He has been quoted stating: "I would never say such a thing. I wasn't rude. I was polite and professional."