Jet2 flight from Manchester to Tenerife bursts wheels on landing

Passengers were unharmed but left shaken after a Jet2 flight travelling from Manchester to Tenerife burst its wheels on landing.

The British, low cost airline based at Leeds Bradford Airport, travels to more than 58 destinations worldwide and as a result, is now recognised as the fourth largest scheduled airline in the UK.

Following this recent incident, the airline was quick to reveal that there had been no injuries as a result of the incident.

A Jet2 spokesperson said: “We can confirm that Flight LS917 from Manchester to Tenerife experienced tyre damage upon landing at Tenerife South Airport on Tuesday 27th June.

"All customers disembarked via the steps as normal and have been transferred to the terminal. We apologise to all customers affected today. The safety and comfort of our customers and crew is our number one priority at all times.”

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However, many passengers were left in the dark when it came to finding out how the incident occurred in the first place, as the airline did not release any further information about the how the damage was caused.

A number of passengers also took to their social media accounts to reveal the extent of the damage caused by what Jet2 has said was the result of a bad landing.

Spanish Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido was quick to announce the news on his Twitter account, and Aviation website, Flight Radar 24, and was quick to keep their audience updated with delays caused by the incident. Media reports documenting the incident have revealed that almost every flight out of the popular sun-drenched destination was delayed, cancelled or diverted, which inevitably caused travel chaos.

There were also reports of travellers being trapped for hour’s on-board Tenerife-bound planes that had been grounded at some of the UK’s major airports as a result of the incident.

One passenger, who was due to be flying with Ryanair from Tenerife to Birmingham has been quoted in a well known media publication stating:  “The place is just madness. We were told the flight was cancelled, then that it was back on, but there was no one at the gate and no plane on the runway.”

A number of other major airlines were also severely disrupted including Ryanair, British Airways, Thomson, Thomas Cook and Monarch.

The damage to Flight LS917 could clearly be seen on many of the images that passengers uploaded to their social media account. The wheel was clearly bust and the damage was extremely noticeable.