New direct flights to be launched at Manchester Airport

With some of the world’s most far-flung destinations more accessible than ever before, the UK’s major airlines and airports have come under increasing pressure to host a number of exciting new worldwide destinations.

This week, Manchester Airport bosses announced that they are currently in talks to secure a new flight schedule that would allow passengers to fly directly from Manchester to some of the world’s best long haul destinations.

Ken O’ Toole, the hub’s managing director, was quick to reveal that some of those hotspots included Shanghai in China, Delhi and Mumbai in India, Houston, San Diego, and Detroit in the USA, as well as Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa.

It is also hoped the Manchester Airport will be able to offer direct routes to mainland China, allowing travellers to explore a wide range of iconic landmarks and attractions.

Ken O’ Toole stated: “China is one of those long-haul route opportunities which we think we are well positioned for in the short to medium term.”

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After attending a recent conference at Manchester Town Hall, a senior Air India rep has made no secret of the fact that their airline is considering launching flights from Manchester Airport.

Goa is currently the only Indian destination to operate from Manchester, however if the plans go ahead, customers will be able to visit other key destinations such as Mumbai and Delhi.

Ken added: “There are very strong indirect traffic flows between the north-west and India that are driven by trade or the ethnic relationships between the regions, so the likes of Mumbai and Delhi are two routes that we have a business for and would make for robust and successful routes.”

 “Air India is pretty optimistic about the merits of connecting Manchester but these things take time and a lot of effort.”

Manchester Airport is currently the only airport outside of London to provide flights to Miami, Atlanta, and Washington, and these new destinations will attract even more passengers.

During the summer of 2016, approximately 400,000 passengers flew from Manchester to America.