Pobeda is quickly becoming the world’s fastest growing low cost airline

With more people than ever before travelling by air, the demand for low cost flights is at an all-time high.

Low cost Russian passenger airline, Pobeda, has managed to position itself as one of the major new and up and coming airline in terms of growth after becoming the global leader among some of the world’s most popular budget air carriers.

Specialising in budget travel, Pobeda is part of the Aeroflot Group. Taking the top spot among low-cost airlines, the success of this budget airline is down to their customer and performance focused approach to the way they run their business.

Having featured in a magazine that published rating based results of low-cost airlines’ performance in 2016, the figures from the results showed that the airline finished first globally in terms of revenue growth rates.

But that’s not all, the results also revealed that Pobeda led in Europe during 2016 in terms of load factor growth, revealing that its seat occupancy grew by 7 percent and reached 88 percent.

The growth rate of the Russian airline’s passenger traffic also exceeded the global average by more than 300%.

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Pavel Sigal, first vice-president of the OPORA Rossii Association has been quoted in a well-known media outlet stating that the airline owes its success to a number of different factors. He stated: "Against the background of a continuing decline in incomes, more and more Russians are forced to spend less money on air travel. Obviously, in these circumstances the demand for the services of low-cost airlines has significantly increased, allowing the company to achieve revenue growth, both in Ruble and Dollar terms.”

Many experts have also claimed that Pobeda’s strong performance is directly related to the fact that it is the only low-cost airline in Russia.

Mark Goichmann, a leading analyst at the TeleTrade group of companies has also been quoted in a media outlet stating: "During the crisis years, many foreign discount carriers left the country owing to unprofitability - for example, Italy’s Blu Express and Great Britain's EasyJet. Therefore, Pobeda practically has no competition on the Russian market.

“Thirdly, Pobeda operates - in a literal as well as figurative sense - under the wing of a powerful owner, Aeroflot. This is important not only because it allows for common costs to both carriers to be shared, but, most importantly, the low-cost company is subsidised.”