Thomas Cook become first British airline to lift laptop ban on Turkey flights

British Airline, Thomas Cook, has recently announced that it has lifted the ban on large electronic devices in passengers’ hand baggage on flights from Turkey.

This follows a prohibition imposed by the UK Government in March that banned all tablets, laptops, and e-readers in aircraft cabins flying from Turkey, as well as five other countries, to the UK.

The ban was imposed due to concerns that bombs could potentially be smuggled on board aircrafts in consumer electronics.

As a result, the Government was forced to intervene. In March, all UK Airlines announced that passengers travelling to Turkey would have to place their devices in the hold. This is despite growing concerns that it could lead to an increased risk of an uncontained fire caused by a lithium battery in the cargo compartment.

Other countries affected include Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia, as well as Turkey. The Department for Transport has continued to impose strict restrictions on the majority of flights travelling too and from these countries.

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Thomas Cook has become the first UK carrier to lift the laptop ban on flights to Turkey however; many other British carriers continue to impose the ban.

The airline has, however, insisted that they have met all additional security measures in order to optimise the safety of their passengers. Seeking guidance from the Government, they have imposed intensive screening at the department gate, as well as several other improved security measures.

The popular holiday firm released a statement justifying their decision: “Following a review by the UK Government and the introduction of new security measures, customers flying from Turkey on Thomas Cook Airlines will now be able to carry laptops, tablets and e-readers in hand luggage. The new security measures include additional screening at the gate, so please arrive promptly when your flight is called to allow sufficient time to board.”

However, it’s worth noting that Thomas Cook has only lifted this ban on flights to Turkey. The restrictions remain in place for Thomas Cook flights travelling from Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.

If you are worried or are unsure about the new restrictions, it’s always worthwhile checking in with your travel company before travelling.