Thousands face Christmas getaway delays due to thick fog at London Heathrow Airport

Thousands of passengers hoping to make it home in time for Christmas face travel chaos on one of the busiest travel days of the festive period, after thick fog and poor weather conditions cause flight delays and cancellations.

As the fog shows no signs of letting up, Heathrow Airport has announced that all Sunday morning flights to Paris, Milan, Munich, and a number of other popular routes have been cancelled.

Heathrow is one of the UK’s busiest airports and the knock on effects of these delays and cancellations on one of the busiest travel weekends of the year, has resulted in more than 60 flight cancellations.

A number of popular air carriers had to cancel their flights to various domestic and European destinations. BA cancelled more than 50 domestic and European flights and Air France, Aer Lingus, and KLM were also forced to ground many of their flights.

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And it wasn’t just Heathrow that was forced to deal with the knock on effects of the fog. London City Airport had to divert all inbound flights, and the vast majority of departures were cancelled before the airport was left with no alternative but to close at 1pm on Saturday. A spokesperson from the airport has stated that it should be open again by 12.30pm on Sunday.

Gatwick has released a statement to the press stating: “Fog is causing significant delays to both arriving and departing flights. Flights to Rome, Amsterdam, Geneva and Glasgow have been cancelled, whilst a departure to Madeira was delayed by 24 hours.”

It wasn’t just London airports that descended into chaos due to the weather conditions. Liverpool was also forced to cancel all of their departing flights to Geneva and the Isles of Man, as well as enforcing a number of diversions.

Passengers at Manchester Airport were also left with no other option but to endure long waits and several cancellations due to the disrupted operations caused by the extreme weather.

Affected airlines have stated that all passengers whose flights have been cancelled due to the fog are entitled to accommodation and meals until the airline can arrange a new flight to take them to their destination.

Several railways also experienced travel disruption as a result of the weather.