Helping passengers get compensation for overbooked flights

Taking care of the whole overbooked flight claims process

Flight Delay Claims 4 U is with you every step of the way when making an overbooking compensation claim against a flight operator. We have a wealth of talent and experience to hand – once we’ve assessed the circumstances surrounding any overbooked flights, your rights can be enforced by a specialist solicitor who will submit a formal demand to the airline responsible.

  • Understanding your case

    A knowledgeable claim handler will grasp the specifics of each case before deciding on next steps

  • Doing all the admin

    Every detail is dealt with by our dedicated team, ensuring a stress-free experience for our clients

  • Implementing overbooked flight passenger rights

    With an extensive understanding of EU compensation regulations, our legal partners can easily retrieve compensation from the airline accountable.

Other advantages

By choosing Flight Delay Claims 4 U to process your overbooked flight compensation claim, you will benefit from our risk-free ‘no win, no fee’ approach, a panel of expert lawyers, diligent claim handlers, full weather assessments and flight data archive access.

Claimants will also benefit from the reassurance that they will not need to attend a court hearing if one is required; designated legal professionals will represent them when pursuing compensation from overbooking airlines.

If an overbooked flight has led to a delay of at least 3 hours, you could claim as up to £540 compensation.

Start your claim now

Processing overbooked flight payments is hassle-free too – the moment the agreed compensation is received from the flight operator, we will swiftly transfer funds owed to you through our accounts system.

How to get overbooked flight compensation

Making overbooked flight claims easy

All we need from you to start a flight overbooking compensation claim are the basic details requested in our claim submission form. The information provided will then be assessed by your claim handler before allocating a lawyer to enforce EU overbooked flight rules against the offending airline.

We won’t need anything else, even payment isn’t required from you unless your case is successful. We’ll carry out due diligence on your behalf, retrieving the compensation you are owed for an overbooked airline flight.

Airline overbooking compensation specialists

A record of successful overbooked flight claims

Each year, thousands of overbooked flight complaint letters are sent to airlines worldwide. EU regulations have allowed passengers to claim compensation for overbooked flights departing UK and EU airports. Within our network of legal representatives, we have a comprehensive understanding of these regulations, making them the perfect choice to enforce overbooked flight rights and retrieve compensation on your behalf.

  • ‘No win, no fee’

    There is no upfront fee; we only get paid when we succeed in getting compensation for overbooking of flights

  • Solicitors proficient in overbooked flight law

    We’ve partnered with specialist legal professionals who have years of experience in cases in which airlines have been at fault for the overbooking of flights

  • In-house support team

    Our highly trained colleagues in the claim handling department are on hand to provide overbooked flight advice and process claims.

Overbooked flight compensation solicitors

Airlines overbooking flights is a daily issue experienced by passengers at airports all over the world – if you are one of the unlucky ones denied boarding as a result of this, getting specialist support from Flight Delay Claims 4 U is vital. We have helped countless passengers retrieve compensation when overbooked flights have led to denied boarding, and can do the same for you.

You could claim as much as £540 compensation if a flight overbooked by the airline caused 3 or more hours delay.

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What if my flight was overbooked?

Overbooked flight rights

EU legislation determines overbooked flight rules regarding compensation for passenger inconvenience.

The overbooking airlines will be hoping that enough passengers fail to show up so that the plane does not exceed capacity. If this isn’t the case, and too many passengers arrive at check-in, the airline will be forced to disappoint a small number of travellers by denying them the opportunity to board. If you are unlucky enough to be chosen, you will become entitled to basic standards of care from the airline; this can be in the form of meal vouchers, a full refund or a seat on an alternative flight. Beyond this, it may also be possible to claim financial compensation for inconvenience caused – to do so, claimants must adhere to eligibility criteria such as departure airport, delay duration and airline nationality.

  • Passenger eligibility

    Criteria regarding departure country, delay length and airline nationality must be met

  • Standard passenger care

    Individuals impacted by a flight overbooked by an airline are to be offered basic assistance and reimbursement (meal vouchers, alternative flight, ticket refund etc.)

  • Voluntarily denied boarding

    Overbooked flight volunteers will give up their seats willingly, usually in return for some form of reward or compensation

Volunteering to give up your seat

Airlines will always look to avoid the controversial task of selecting who gets bumped on overbooked flights. Therefore, they will gladly encourage volunteers to give up seats before departure – this encouragement normally comes in the shape of incentives such as vouchers, cash or upgrades on alternative flights.

Up to £540 compensation can be obtained for overbooked flights that lead to a delay f at least 3 hours.

Start your claim now
  1. Enter your flight details
  2. Our experts call you right back
  3. We enforce your rights
  4. You receive our compensation

Overbooked flight claims process

Enter your overbooked flight details

You can quickly complete an overbooked flight claims form to provide us with the basic information we need to get started. A flight number is preferable because it will allow us to uncover more details such as flight schedule and aircraft type.

Our friendly claim handlers respond right away

Our people will work at speed, ensuring that overbooked flight compensation is retrieved as soon as possible.

A specialist solicitor on hand to enforce your passenger rights

Using overbooked flight rights described in EU flight compensation legislation, your allocated solicitor will put their extensive knowledge of case law into practice when submitting your claim to the airline responsible.

Compensation is received

Most overbooked flight claims handled by us are settled prior to legal action being instigated because airlines want to avoid court costs. When this is the case, our payment processing colleagues will transfer the funds that you are due via a method of your choosing. If your claim is ignored or rejected by the airline, we will take them to court, with your assigned solicitor attending to present the case on your behalf.

  • Collect potential evidence that will support a claim
  • Ask for refreshment vouchers (these are a passenger entitlement)
  • Keep all documents given to you by the airline
  • Take photographs and video footage

The airline overbooked my flight, what do I do?

Additional evidence can strengthen overbooked flight claims

From the moment you learn of a flight overbooking problem at check-in, we recommend that you begin gathering information that might be conducive to a potential claim.

Listen carefully to airline announcements as it is likely that information relating to the passenger selection process will be broadcast over the PA system.

Overbooked flight vouchers

If you have your flight overbooked and are unfortunate enough to be denied boarding and choose to transfer onto a later flight, refreshment vouchers are attainable if a subsequent delay of at least 2 hours ensues.

Keep all associated airline documents

If your flight was overbooked and you wish to mount a compensation claim, it is beneficial to have copies of any tickets, vouchers, letters and emails the airline has given to you.

Video and photographic evidence can help create impactful overbooked flight claims

A visual record of events and documentation can be important as they can be called upon at any time if necessary. In the case of an overbooked flight, it may be useful to capture images of the aircraft itself because the plane’s size could be a key factor.

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Reasons why airlines overbook flights

Operational reasons

Aircraft efficiency

Airlines overbook flights in an effort to maximise seat occupancy rates on their aircraft, limiting the number of planes that they operate and reducing their carbon footprint and overhead costs.

Revenue generation

Improved efficiencies will also boost profit margins, especially if an airline can operate a smaller fleet and employ fewer pilots and cabin crew. Additionally, working on the premise that a percentage of passengers will not turn up, oversold flights can provide the best possible financial return for flight operators.

Unplanned circumstances

Incorrect aircraft

An airline may need to switch to a different aircraft at short notice, if the capacity of the replacement plane is smaller; it will result in an unplanned overbooked flight situation. The carrier will be liable for any compensation paid to passengers as a result.

Booking system malfunction

If a computer error affects the booking process, it could result in too many passengers purchasing a seat. Unless the airline becomes aware of this in advance of the departure date, they will potentially have too many passengers arriving at check-in and be forced to deny boarding in order to bring passenger numbers down in line with plane capacity, compensating those that are subsequently suffer severe delays.

Our overbooked flight compensation expertise

Highly-skilled solicitors specialising in overbooked flight claims

The solicitor allocated to your case will have all the traits required to successfully pursue overbooked flight compensation. Their knowledge and experience of EU legislation and case precedents sets them apart from non-specialist lawyers.

Overbooked flight compensation solicitors

As well as their detailed understanding of overbooked flight rules detailed in EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004), our legal partners have a history of successful claims similar to yours and have the determination to retrieve what is owed from the flight operators accountable.

Step-by-step claims support

Flight Delay Claims 4 U provides you with the highest standards of assistance during an overbooked flight compensation claim.

You won’t need to worry about complex legal matters, as your diligent claim handler will take the information you provide and their personal knowledge of EU regulations to commence your claim.

We have expertise built up through regular exposure to legislation and precedents in countless flight compensation claims. Combined with our access to historical overbooked flight data and weather assessment technology, we have all the tools needed to mount a robust claim for overbooked flight compensation.

Your designated lawyer will draw on their significant abilities and experience of dealing with major flight operator’s legal representatives to provide a strong representation of your case.

A high percentage of overbooked flight claims will result in a settlement outside of court. However, there are some situations where formal legal action will be necessary – this is when the support of an expert lawyer becomes invaluable as they will provide the highest standard of representation when attending court on your behalf.

Any solicitor provided by Flight Delay Claims 4 U will have previous experience cases just like yours, so there is very little that can take them by surprise, meaning that they are prepare for any situation relating to an overbooked flight.

Overbooked flight compensation amounts – EU stipulated payments

When passengers have a flight overbooked, compensation amounts paid for a successful claim will differ based on the combination of two factors – flight distance and duration of subsequent delay. A summary of compensation thresholds can be found in the grid below.

Over the last decade, airlines have become familiar with the concept of overbooked flight claims and as a result will attempt to settle cases quickly without the need for expensive court hearings.

Compensation Table

Amounts set by EU Regulations 261/2004
Flight distance Delay on arrival (hours) Compensation
Up to 1,500km 3 or more £226†/€250
1,500km - 3,500km 3 or more £361†/€400
Over 3,500km‡ 3 to 4 £271†/€300
Over 3,500km‡ 4 or more £540†/€600

For distances of greater than 3,500km, for the higher amount of compensation the journey will need to have departed from an EU (European) airport and be delayed on arrival in a Non-EU airport (Such as Manchester to Diagoras.) The airline is eligible to apply a 50% flat reduction on compensation awarded if the delay was between 3 and 4 hours.

Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent on the exchange rate at the time of the delay, or on the date your claim is settled
(This will depend on the airline).

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No hassle whatsoever

No hassle whatsoever

Ronan McGraw Liverpool

I was previously unaware of the flight overbooking practice which is apparently quite common. After being denied boarding, I decided to look into overbooked flight compensation and made my claim with Flight Delay Claims 4 U. It didn’t take long to get compensation and I didn’t really need to do much at all… they took care of everything.

Professional & efficient

Professional & efficient

Melissa Swanbrook York

I became a victim of the airline’s ludicrous flight overbooking policy so decided to pursue compensation for the delays that I suffered as a result. The lawyer I was assigned negotiated with the airline on my behalf and won £360 compensation. I’ll be putting in towards another holiday! So a huge thanks from me!

Smile on my face

Smile on my face

Dinesh Patel Birmingham

The airline overbooked flight and bumped me from my seat – I was fuming! All I received from them was an overbooked flight credit voucher for another flight later that day. I took them up on the offer as I needed to get to a wedding but when I got back I decided to try and get some cash compensation too. Flight Delay Claims 4 U really helped me out!

Overbooked flight compensation calculator



How to check overbooked flight compensation amounts

To work out how much you are likely to receive from the flight operator, simply enter your details into the form provided and a knowledgeable claim handler will calculate the amount for you based on the information you provide and contact you and initiate a claim if necessary.

How is my compensation calculated?

By combining scheduled flight distance and subsequent delay duration, we are able to identify what compensation bracket overbooked flight claims fall into. Generally speaking, the longer the delay and flight distance are, the larger the payment will be.

Overbooked flight compensation is paid per individual – if you are claiming for multiple passengers on one claim, the agreed compensation will be multiplied by the number of people associated with that claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is overbooking flights legal?

Yes, airlines have been overbooking flights legally for many years now. It may not be illegal, but if they deny boarding to passengers on an overbooked flight, they are potentially liable to pay compensation for the delays those individuals incur as a result.

Why is overbooking flights legal?

The reason why overbooking flights is within the law is that it generally has a beneficial impact on air passengers as a whole. For instance, it is rare for a passenger to be forcefully denied boarding, and by running at maximum efficiency (thanks to overbooking flights); airlines can offer lower ticket prices and in effect, benefiting the wider population.

Can I claim for an overbooked international flight?

Yes, international flights are covered by flight compensation regulations. However, the flight in question must be scheduled for departure from an EU airport or on an EU airline heading to an EU airport if departing a non-EU country.

Why is my flight overbooked?

Operational and financial efficiency are the main reasons behind the airline’s overbooked flight strategy, although overbooking a flight can sometimes be an unintentional. For example, an airline could be forced to make a late change to the aircraft type being used or will be overbooked due to a reservation systems error.

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My son paid for a ticket with air miles and then had his flight overbooked – can he still claim if he was denied boarding?

Providing that the other relevant legislative criteria are met, there is no reason why claims will not be possible for passengers that purchased tickets using frequent flyer reward points.

When an airline has overbooked flights, who gets bumped from their seat?

If not enough volunteers are found to give up seats, overbooked flight seat assignment will take place, with the carrier selecting passengers at random.

Do I need overbooked flight insurance to claim compensation?

No insurance is needed because EU law is there to enforce passenger rights.

Do First Class passengers get more compensation?

No, in cases of denied boarding due to an overbooked flight, First Class passengers receive compensation calculated in the same manner as it would be for Economy passengers. The purpose of compensation is to pay for the inconvenience experienced, not the cost of their seat.

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I was with my family when we had our flight cancelled due to operational reasons – can I add them to my claim?

Airlines will look to reduce the passenger numbers to meet a plane’s seating capacity by denying boarding rights. When faced with an overbooked flight, options open to passengers include voluntary and involuntary seat abandonment. If voluntarily offering up their seat, passengers will usually be rewarded with vouchers or cash. Those that are unwillingly denied boarding will be entitled to standard airline assistance (meal vouchers, refund or alternative flight). In addition to this, further compensation in the form of cash may be claimed if EU legislative criteria are met (delayed by at least 3 hours etc.).

How much compensation can I expect following an airline overbooking?

Compensation for overbooked flights generally ranges between £220 and £540 and is calculated using a basic formula that combines flight distance and delay duration factors.

My wife and I were denied boarding after having a flight overbooked due to a booking system error – can I add her to my claim?

Yes, requesting compensation for more than one person on the same claim is allowed under EU flight compensation guidelines. Compensation is calculated and then multiplied by number of individuals attached to your claim submission.

The airline is arguing that I need make my claim within 2 years of the incident, I was denied boarding 4 years ago – what are my rights?

Various airlines have attempted to introduce their own 2-year limit in their terms and conditions. We always advise clients to challenge this when making overbooked flight claims, as a recent case precedent, Goel and Trivedi vs. Ryanair Ltd, has reinforced the validity of the 6-year rule defined by law.

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How do you get compensation for overbooked flights?

All a claimant needs to do is submit some basic details about them and their overbooked flight. After that, every case gets handled by your allocated claim handler and specialist solicitor. Compensation is then retrieved following a private settlement or a court ruling. As soon as funds are cleared and in possession of our accounts colleague, payment will be made to you by a method of your choice.

Do I have to attend a court hearing if my claim is rejected by the airline?

You are not personally required to attend any potential court hearing. Your allocated lawyer will represent you and negotiate overbooked flight compensation on your behalf.

I‘ve been denied boarding and the airline have transferred me onto a flight that departs tomorrow – can I claim back the cost of a hotel?

An airline overbooking a flight should offer accommodation (if necessary) as part of the standard level of care set out by EU regulations. If they haven’t done so and you have been forced to pay for the hotel room yourself, the will be obligated to refund you for this expense if your situation fulfils the required criteria.

Am I entitled to free food and drink if I’m delayed after a flight overbooking problem?

If you are suffering a legitimate delay as a result of being denied boarding, the airline will be required to offer meal vouchers in accordance with the basic assistance obligations defined by EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004).