Winning compensation for EU flights cancelled due to strike action

Taking care of the entire process

The Flight Delay Claims 4 U team provides expert support all the way through the claims process. We have a group of talented and knowledgeable individuals at our disposal; all of whom are able to assess cases where passengers have had their flight cancelled due to strike disruption. The specialist solicitors that we select for claimants are all experienced in flight compensation claims and will enforce passenger rights in accordance with EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004).

  • An understanding of your circumstances

    One of our helpful claim handlers will devote time to understanding your case before advising what to do next

  • Doing all the legwork

    The Flight Delay Claims 4 U process is very comprehensive, leaving clients to relax while all the formalities of a claim are cared for on their behalf.

  • Imposing EU legislation on airlines

    A qualified solicitor will look to enforce your EU passenger rights if the flight cancelled due to strike was within the control of your flight operator.

Further benefits

Our ‘no win, no fee’ policy makes us a risk-free option for those looking to claim EU flight delay compensation for strike-affected journeys.

If you have had a flight cancelled due to strikes, compensation may be owed to you by the airline responsible.

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A network of specialist lawyers, devoted customer service personnel and access to weather and flight history data are also key reasons to choose Flight Delay Claims 4 U to present your claim for compensation if a flight cancelled due to strike action has caused inconvenience to you and fellow passengers.

How to get compensation for flight cancelled due to strikes

The easy way to claim

We can get started on a claim with just a few details about your case. The information you share will then get used to help enforce your passenger rights in pursuing compensation for a flight delayed because of a strike.

No initial payment is needed, and we will provide advice and representation for free unless we successfully retrieve compensation from the airline responsible.

Flight cancellation and strike compensation experts

Experienced in compensating strike-affected passengers

Occasionally, passengers will have a flight delayed due to strikes. EU legislation is in place to permit compensation claims when flight delays due to strikes by airline staff occur.

The solicitors assigned to claimants’ cases have extensive knowledge of the regulations regarding flight compensation, and will provide you with strong representation when retrieving compensation from flight operators

  • ‘No win, no fee’

    We don’t charge an upfront fee, so if your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t owe us a penny

  • Solicitors experienced in strike-related delay claims

    A renowned network of compensation solicitors ready to apply their expertise to a case and recover compensation from the airline concerned

  • UK-based claim handlers

    Our claims handling department are ready to take your call and provide expert advice if a strike causes your flight to be delayed or cancelled.

Flight cancelled due to strike compensation solicitors

Although strikes are not necessarily an everyday occurrence, they can be experienced by travellers anywhere in the world at any point in time. Passengers experiencing flight delays due to strike action should seek the advice of professionals at Flight Delay Claims 4 U who have the have prior experience of helping claimants win compensation in similar situations.

Have you ever had a flight cancelled due to a strike? Compensation could be a possibility if it happened in the last 6 years and your airline was at fault.

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What if my flight was cancelled due to strikes?

Passenger rights when a strike occurs

For a flight cancelled due to strike, rights defined in EU legislation dictate that passengers will be entitled to compensation if it is reasonable to believe that the strike action was preventable on the airline’s part. Flight operators will be liable to pay compensation if they are directly responsible for the workers that are on strike (i.e. actively involved in a dispute with employees and union representatives). If a carrier is already aware of strike circumstances more than 2 weeks ahead of the event, but fails to notify passengers of planned cancellations, they will also face the prospect of compensation claims being raised against them.

Once a carrier has cancelled flights, passengers become entitled to a standard level of assistance to alleviate some of the cost and inconvenience caused by the flights cancelled. Where required, the flight operator must offer meal vouchers, hotel accommodation, transport, rerouted flight and a refund to everyone affected. Claims for additional cash compensation are dependent on certain criteria being met; flights need to be on an EU-based airline or departing an airport in an EU member state, and any delays resulting from cancellation have to be over 3 hours in length.

  • Airline responsibility

    Flight operators will only be liable to pay compensation if they are in some way responsible for the strikes taking place or have failed to notify passengers despite prior knowledge of strike action.

  • Right to compensation

    The strike disruption must have occurred in the last 6 years and led to a delay of at least 3 hours

  • Compensation types

    Cash compensation for can be obtained in addition to standard airline support (refund, alternative flight, meal vouchers, hotel accommodation etc.)

Compensation for flights delayed by a strike

During the initial stages of a cancellation, passengers will normally be given the option of a refund or alternative flight (if feasible). If a delay ensues following the decision to cancel the flight, travellers will be offered the standard levels of assistance as appropriate for the circumstances. This could include food & drink vouchers, hotel rooms and transport.

Beyond these basic entitlements, any ticket holder impacted by the strike can make a cash compensation claim for the inconvenience that a flight cancellation has caused.

Have you had a flight cancelled by strikes? Compensation lawyers are ready to help you claim up to £540.

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  2. Our experts call you right back
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Strike compensation claims process

Submit your strike-disrupted flight details

The basic information in our claim submission form is all that is needed to put forward a claim

Our claims department get back to you immediately

A helpful claim handler will process everything on your behalf, working quickly to retrieve compensation.

A legal professional pursues the accountable airline

By enforcing passenger rights established by EU regulations and precedent cases, the lawyer assigned to your case can work on your behalf to obtain compensation for an EU flight cancelled due to strikes.

Funds transferred to your account

If clearly accountable, airlines will often want to offer a settlement before legal action is taken. In these situations, compensation will be received relatively quickly and the amount owed to you will be transferred soon after by our payment processing colleagues.

A claim that gets dismissed by the airline will be brought to court if necessary – this would obviously cause a slight delay on any compensation payment.

  • Collect potential evidence
  • Request airline assistance as necessary (meal vouchers, hotels etc.)
  • Keep hold of airline documents
  • Capture relevant images

What happens if my flight is cancelled due to strikes?

Extra evidence will strengthen a claim

Although the situation at the airport is likely to be fairly hectic in a strike scenario, it is important to be attentive to announcements and other communications made by airport and airline staff. Making a note of what gets communicated to you and fellow passengers will not only help us understand the situation, but can also be levied against the airline when making your compensation claim.

Mandatory airline assistance in strike situations

When a passenger has a flight cancelled due to a strike, rights defined by EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004) entitle those affected to a standardised course of assistance from an airline. The support provided will escalate in proportion to the length of delays beyond 2 hours. Refreshment vouchers, ground transport, hotel accommodation, flight refunds and reroutes can all be obtained by passengers as necessary. Be aware of what provisions you qualify for and request them if you aren’t offered them by airline staff.

Retain airline documents

If you have had your flight cancelled due to strikes and you wish pursue compensation from the flight operator, it is advantageous to have documents given to you by the airline to hand. This can include copies of boarding passes, vouchers and any correspondence you receive before and after the incident.

Photographs and videos can act as visual evidence

Recording your experience through pictures and video footage can sometimes be useful to recall any relevant incidents that take place during strike-related flight delays.

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Reasons why strikes affect flights

General operational issues

Passenger services

A shutdown of key passenger services such as check-in and baggage handling can cause long queues that can potentially lead to subsequent delays and cancellations.


The biggest logistical issues are caused by strike action being taken by integral personnel such as pilots and air traffic controllers. These are specialist occupations where individuals are difficult to replace at short notice, and are pivotal to the flight operation. The number of flights cancelled due to Air Traffic Control strikes tends to be particularly high because these workers are responsible for thousands of aircraft movements across numerous airlines.

Passenger safety


Security procedures at airports have become more and more important over the years. Strikes by security staff will disrupt flights as airlines would not be able to guarantee passenger safety without checks taking place before boarding. Partial strikes cause large queues and delays across the airport terminal and complete strikes will force full flight cancellations.

Cabin crew support

Not only do cabin crew provide inflight services such as meals and general assistance, they are also crucial to ensuring passenger safety on any flight. They instruct safety procedures and are first aid trained and without them on-board a commercial flight is unable to operate. Due to the high level of training required, it is difficult to find replacement staff – although British Airways managed to operate with Qatar Airways flight attendants during the prolonged 2017 cabin crew strikes.

Our strike compensation experience

Expert lawyers taking on strike-related flight compensation claims

The solicitor assigned to you will have specialist experience of claims involving flights cancelled due to strike action. Their knowledge of EU regulations and case law makes them the right choice for a flight compensation claim.

Strike compensation solicitors

Your legal representative will also have dealt with a wide range of different airlines, so will have a good idea of which approach will work best in any given scenario.

Comprehensive support throughout your claim

The friendly claims team at Flight Delay Claims 4 U relish the opportunity to help those that have suffered flight delays due to strikes and will always provide thorough support from the very start of the claims process.

All admin and legal processes are taken care of by our team, aided by their extensive knowledge of EU Flight Compensation Regulation (261/2004).

We have worked on numerous strike-related flight disruption cases – combining this experience with weather assessment capabilities and historical flight data, we can build the strongest claim possible to earn you the compensation that you deserve.

Our allocated legal professionals will have the experience, skills and know-how to deal with any scenario relating to a strike compensation claim.

The likelihood is that a claim gets settled before court proceedings are required. However, there will be the occasional need to take legal action against an airline – in such situations the representation provided by a specialist solicitor really is invaluable.

Our allocated legal professionals will have the experience, skills and know-how to deal with any scenario relating to a strike compensation claim.

Compensation for strike-impacted flights

When travellers suffer a severe flight delay due to strike, compensation amounts will be decided based on the delay duration and the scheduled flight distance. The four main categories for establishing compensation amounts are summarised in the table below.

As compensation claims become more commonplace in the commercial aviation industry, many flight operators are familiar with them now and will usually endeavour to settle cases quickly to avoid further costs associated with court cases.

Compensation Table

Amounts set by EU Regulations 261/2004
Flight distance Delay on arrival (hours) Compensation
Up to 1,500km 3 or more £226†/€250
1,500km - 3,500km 3 or more £361†/€400
Over 3,500km‡ 3 to 4 £271†/€300
Over 3,500km‡ 4 or more £540†/€600

For distances of greater than 3,500km, for the higher amount of compensation the journey will need to have departed from an EU (European) airport and be delayed on arrival in a Non-EU airport (Such as Manchester to Diagoras.) The airline is eligible to apply a 50% flat reduction on compensation awarded if the delay was between 3 and 4 hours.

Your claim will be settled at the Euro equivalent on the exchange rate at the time of the delay, or on the date your claim is settled
(This will depend on the airline).

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Flights cancelled due to French strikes

Flights cancelled due to French strikes

Damian Anstee-Brown Windsor

When my annual holiday got disrupted by a French Air Traffic Control strike, compensation didn’t seem to be a possibility. However, the solicitor selected to work on my case uncovered that my airline was aware of the strikes and subsequent need for flight cancellations weeks in advance. Because I wasn’t notified in accordance with EU law, my lawyer was able to retrieve compensation when the case went to court.

Flight Delay Claims 4 U made my day

Flight Delay Claims 4 U made my day

Paula Langford Taunton

When I had a flight delayed because of a strike by cabin crew, I decided to turn to Flight Delay Claims 4 U. It was definitely the right choice, after hearing about my case; the claim handler was completely on my side and was able to initiate the claim on my behalf. Within 3 weeks I had the £340 compensation transferred to my account and couldn't of been happier – what a fantastic service, thanks again!

£220 strike-affected delay compensation win

£220 strike-affected delay compensation win

Rizwan Chandhok Bury

When my wife and I suffered flight delays in France, strikes by airline crew were to blame. The airline failed to find replacement staff and as a consequence my flight was cancelled. I picked up the phone and called Flight Delay Claims 4 U as I’d heard from a friend that you can claim for this kind of thing. Sure enough I was told that a claim could indeed be made. My solicitor was brilliant and recovered £220 on my behalf.

Strike-affected flight compensation calculator



Check compensation amounts for strike-related delays

To find out what you could be owed for a flight delayed due to strikes, just submit your flight details in our user-friendly claim form. Once our claim handling team have this information, they will be in touch to give an estimated compensation figure and advice regarding our claims process.

How are compensation amounts calculated?

There are two main factors considered when calculating compensation payments for strike-related claims – flight distance and delay duration are combined to establish four levels of compensation which are proportionately reflective of these factors.

Compensation gets paid to each individual that has had their flight disrupted; so if you have other travellers in your party, don’t forget to include them in your claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do airline staff take strike action?

Strikes are normally planned in advance with trade union representatives and most commonly relate to working conditions or pay disputes.

Are Air Traffic Control strikes legal?

As is the case for all strikes, they must be staged under the guidance of trade union representatives.

Can you claim compensation for an air traffic controller strike?

When you have a flight cancelled due to air traffic control strikes, compensation is dependent on the prior knowledge of your airline.

Air traffic controllers are employed independently from any airline, and as such, no airline will be accountable for strike action carried out by these individuals. However, if the flight operator has cancelled flights following at least two weeks advanced notice of these strikes, they are obligated to notify passengers as direct by EU regulations – failure to do so may result in the airline being liable for passenger compensation.

Can I claim for strike-related delays that have impacted a domestic flight?

Yes, both international and domestic flights are eligible for claims as long as they are departing an EU airport or being operated by an EU-based airline.

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Why do strikes cause delays and cancellations?

Strikes are designed to be disruptive but each one will impact air travel in different ways. The two main reasons for flight delays will either be operational difficulties (e.g. no baggage handlers) or safety issues (e.g. no security personnel or cabin crew).

I bought my ticket using my frequent flyer points – can I still claim compensation for a flight cancelled due to strikes?

Yes. As long as other qualifying criteria are met, there is nothing preventing somebody that has purchased a ticket with frequent flyer points from making a claim.

I bought a Business Class ticket – will I get more compensation?

No. In most cases where there have been flights cancelled due to strikes by airline staff, the flight operator will have already refund the cost of your ticket. The compensation we recover is purely for inconvenience caused to passengers and is therefore a standardised amount.

How much compensation will I get for a flight delayed due to strikes?

A successful claim will return compensation of between £220 and £540 depending on delay duration and scheduled flight distance.

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Am I entitled to any vouchers if a strike has delayed my flight?

Potentially. If the delay caused extends beyond 2 hours, the airline may become liable to offer the standard levels of assistance which can include meal vouchers, hotel rooms, transport and flight refunds.

My family were with me when we had a flight delayed due to strikes – can I claim for them too?

Yes, all passengers with a valid reservation (including children) have a right to compensation. You can add them to your claim when submitting your flight details to us. Any subsequent compensation will be paid for each person attached to your claim.

My airline has rejected my claim because it related to strike-disrupted flight from more than 2 years ago – can they do this?

It has become apparent in recent years that airlines are looking to avoid claims being made against them by trying to impose their own 2-year restrictions. However we always recommend that this is contested as the Goel and Trivedi vs. Ryanair Ltd precedent case has reinforced the legitimacy of the 6-year limit described in the UK Statute of Limitations.

Will I have to go to court to claim money for a flight delayed by a strike?

Most cases are settled outside of court with an agreement being reached directly with the airline responsible. However, even if the case does require a court hearing, there is no requirement for you to attend though because an allocated lawyer will attend on your behalf.

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I recently suffered flight delays due to Spanish strikes – can I claim if I no longer have my boarding pass?

You can still claim compensation without original documentation. We are able to track down your flight information based on the details you provide. A flight number is ideal as it will allow us to find out everything we need to commence a claim.

My flight has been rescheduled for tomorrow – will the airline pay for me to stay at a hotel?

Yes, if the airline is deemed accountable and the circumstances surrounding a flight cancelled due to strike dictate that an overnight stay is required, you will be entitled to reimbursement for the cost of a local hotel and transport to and from the airport.

Can I claim flight delay compensation for air traffic control strikes taking place outside of the EU?

As long as you are flying with an EU-based airline or departing from an airport in an EU country, you are eligible for any potential claims made in relation to the strike-affected flight.

Will I need to pay anything upfront before my case is settled?

No. Flight Delay Claims 4 U are a ‘no win, no fee’ organisation. We recover our costs upon successful retrieval of compensation from the airline responsible for you strike-affected flight.