We’ve all seen the clips of flight attendants who secretly wanted to be stand up comedians but never got the opportunity, right? You know the ones, where they stand up and deliver a hilarious interpretation of the safety announcements, prompting plenty of laughter and applause from their delighted passengers.

Well this time it’s the turn of the Captain to take the limelight.

It all seems pretty standard, nothing out of the ordinary. But then comes the game changer…

“Now folks, this is your Captain for the night. My name’s Luke Skywalker. Here in the cockpit with me tonight is Princess Lea, and our flight engineer for the duration is Chewbacca the Wookie.”

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Any Star Wars fans on board are sure to be going crazy right about now! And it doesn’t stop there…

“Well Folks, Chewie is underneath the aircraft right now, he’s working on the Hyperdrive unit. If he manages to install it in time for blast off we’ll make the jump up to Hyperspace and have you up to Buffalo in just a matter of moments. If Chewie can’t get it working in time for blast off, we’ll have to remain in lower orbit at 35,000 feet tonight and it should take about one hour and forty five minutes from blast off to touch down in Buffalo.”

After providing the necessary destination weather and time information, it’s back to Star Wars mode…“Please make sure you’re snuggled up and buckled up in those anti-gravity seats.”

And he doesn’t let the moment pass without a comedic shout out to his cabin crew, “Now ladies and gentlemen, last but not least, I’d like to introduce you to three of American Airways finest cabin crew. But folks, unfortunately, they were on the 1 o’clock flight to Los Angeles.”

Back to Star Wars. “However, in your cabin tonight, you got Yoda, R2D2, and C3PO.”

And of course, no Star Wars themed safety announcement would be complete without the ultimate sign off – “May the Force be with you.”