This gentleman is furious. And we can kind of see why. But he’s certainly not taking it lying down!

“I’m legally in the right by law.” He explains that he is disabled following military service in Vietnam and that, by law his service dog is allowed on flights with him.

However, the pilot and crew don’t seem to feel the same way about the situation. In fact, they are adamant that this disabled veteran will not be flying with his dog today.

The flight attendant tries to reason with the increasingly annoyed passenger who really isn’t having any of it. “Sir, it will really be easier to have this conversation on the tarmac.”

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Despite his anger at the airline and the crew, our veteran is very concerned about his fellow passengers and is extremely apologetic about holding them up (albeit in a rather loud, shouty way!)

“I’m sorry folks. But I’ve earned the right to have this service animal. Because of my service to this country in Vietnam… so I’m sorry, but I’m not budging….please excuse me.”

“And if they shoot me, make sure it gets put in the newspaper.”

He has also apparently just got off one flight, with absolutely no problem. There’s a lot of waiting around now. Presumably whilst they call for back up and try to find a way to deal with the situation….

“Where are they? These people are in a hurry. If you’re gonna arrest me, come and do it!”

Enter the police who eject the man from the flight in handcuffs. And the dog is lead away too, wagging its tail as it goes.

Two people in front of the camera decide to take the opportunity to swap seats so we can’t see what happens next. But we hope this chap and his guide dog eventually reached their destination.