Some people just don't know when to shut up... this guy is definitely one of those people.

Having clearly overindulged at the airport bar (probably since "4.30 in the morning"), there is no reasoning with this chap. It appears that the flight attendant is looking to remove him from the aircraft for everybody else's safety (and sanity!), but the inebriated soul is having absolutely none of it – he's been waiting at the airport since 4.30 after all...

The worrying thing for his fellow passengers is he happens to be seated next to one of the over wing emergency exits – a position of great responsibility, and not the best place for a somewhat sozzled young man to be sat. In fairness to him, he does offer to swap seats (several times), but it doesn't look likely to happen, does it?

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Of course, unruly passengers like this can lead to diverted and delayed flights; if this happens to you, the experts at Flight Delay Claims 4 U are ready to help claim compensation.

So, a drunk bloke on your flight is getting a little agitated with airline staff – what do you do? Why, pick up your phone and film him of course! That's exactly what a passenger on this flight did, and our tipsy friend across the aisle did not appreciate it one bit! He launches into a tirade of abuse, urging the man behind the camera to stop filming. The anger builds as he growls and curses at anyone that will listen. Particular praise must go to the elderly lady across the aisle from him who exhibits some textbook eye-rolling.

Something tells me this didn't end well for the argumentative traveller...