We’ve all been there. You’re super excited for your holiday. You’re surrounded by your favourite friends. Everyone’s having a nice, medicinal beverage whilst they’re waiting for the flight. It’s all good fun right?

But there’s always someone who has to take it too far. Have one drink too many and end up drunk dialing their ex-boyfriend, falling over…or having a major outburst on a plane, getting kicked off the flight, and arrested.

From where the camera is positioned, we can’t really see all that much of what’s going on in this clip, but we can get a pretty good idea of what’s unfolding.

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First up, the passenger who’s not ready for their 5 minutes of fame - “I don’t want to be on TV.” You’ve boarded the wrong plane sir! At least 10 people are holding their mobile phones up at this point, desperate to capture some internet gold!

When the drunk passenger starts shouting and becoming seemingly more aggressive, passengers around the cameraman can be heard exclaiming their concerns …“Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh!” To which another passenger can be heard saying, “I think our flight is going to be delayed.” A third passenger chips in…“They said she was drunk when she came in!” There’s nothing like a bit of drama to bring out the community spirit is there?

We can also hear a child singing along in the background – at least someone’s enjoying this delay. Not so sure if her fellow passengers are appreciating it though.

Whilst we still can’t see what’s happening, we start to hear a lot of shouting and commotion. All of a sudden, passengers start jumping up out of their seats to help (or just get a better view of this spectacle as it unfolds!)

And this drunken lady certainly isn’t going down without a fight. As she’s led off the plane in disgrace, she can be heard telling the security guard, “You better get your hands off me, or I’ll sock you just like I did that b***h back there!”

The moral of the story kids, no matter how excited you are for your holiday or no matter how scared you are of flying, extreme alcohol consumption before boarding a flight is not a good idea. In fact, in this woman’s case, it was a really, really bad idea! There’s nothing worse than waking up with a hangover in a police cell when you should be on holiday!