If you’re ever taking a SouthWest Airlines flight, you’d better hope you strike lucky and get Frank and Clarence as your attendants. These guys really are one of a kind, a proper comedy duo!

The clip starts with Clarence introducing Frank by informing the passengers that he has just been awarded the Sexiest Senior Alive Award by AARP magazine. Frank laps up the whoops and cheers from his delighted audience and even tries to use the opportunity to secure himself a date.

It’s safe to say that, by this point, it’s pretty clear that this isn’t going to be a run of the mill flight!

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Frank himself then takes over the microphone and runs through a weather report covering the flight’s various destinations.

“Ok we’ve got one person for Phoenix, Arizona. Sir, the current temperature in Phoenix is 175 degrees. No I’m serious. It’s so hot in Phoenix right now that people’s hair is melting. I was there two days ago, check this out…” At which point he turns round to reveal his blading head. “I had a full head of hair, it’s gone. If you want to keep your hair, do not go to Phoenix.”

Now it’s back over to Clarence, who demands that Frank puts on the wig he claims he had to buy to cover his now bald head for their pre-boarding inspection. Frank disappears into his ‘dressing room’ and naturally returns in what can only be described as a Donald Tump style wig.

The passengers absolutely love it. There’s whoops, cheers, and applause echoing round the cabin.

The comedy show then becomes an award ceremony as it is announced that flight attendant Amy has been awarded the prestigious Customer Service Award for being the best flight attendant out of 1389 staff.

Next up, the shopping channel. Clarence and Frank try to find ways to make some additional cash on the flight, offering flu shots, wedding ceremonies, and more.

The double act then run through the usual safety announcements with a hilarious twist. Expect to see this pair on a stage or screen near you sometime soon!