Although flight attendants try to remain professional at all times, sometimes even they can’t resist taking the opportunity to have a little dig at their rivals.

And, sometimes, airlines do things that leave themselves wide open to abuse from their competitors… as United Airlines knows only too well.

Cast your mind back to April this year when Dr David Dao was dragged off a United Airlines flight, sparking anger and uproar around the world. Just in case you haven’t seen it (where have you been?), the footage shows Dr Dao being unceremoniously dragged off a plane at Chicago O’Hare International Airport after the flight was overbooked and he reportedly refused to move (from a seat he had paid for, might we add!).

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Ok, now you’re all up to date, back to our clip.

This flight attendant decides to add a bit of comedy into her final on-board announcement, and manages to have a sly dig at United Airlines for good measure.

It all starts like any old announcement: “If you’re making connections on another Southwest Airlines flight, check the TV monitor in the gate area for your correct gate and flight number.”

Then, she drops in a casual Hunger Games reference… “If you’re making a connection on United, may the odds be ever in your favour.”

And finally, with her closing statement, she goes in for the big one…

“It has been our pleasure to have each and every one of you on board today. We know you have many choices when it comes to flying so we always appreciate it when you choose SouthWest, where we only beat our competitors, not you.”

Let’s just look at that one more time. “Where we only beat our competitors, not you.”