We all know how mundane flying can be – trapped in a small tin box with very little entertainment or room to manoeuvre for hours on end, it’s not exactly the most exciting way to pass the time, right?

But then comes along the comedic flight attendant. The answer to all of our prayers. A hilarious individual who is fully committed to making your journey enjoyable, whatever it takes.

And this video stars one such flight attendant. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Randle…

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His opening statement is strong.  “I know 50 ways to lose your kids at the Magical Kingdom. But only 6 ways to lose yourself out of this aircraft. We have two window exits located mid-cabin over the wings, two emergency exits located in the forward, and two emergency exits located at the rear of the plane. Reminding you folks that, should you don’t like our customer service, you can use one of these exits at any time.”

It doesn’t stop there. Randle continues, making the passengers the butt of his next joke. But none of them seem to mind....or perhaps they’re quietly crying inside.  

“…the oxygen mask will drop from the panels located above your oh so natural hair colour or possibly sun burned head.”

And his fellow attendants don’t get off any lighter, “secure it behind your head with the elastic strap, pull on the loose ends of the elastic strap, and you too could look as good as these ladies.”

But just because he’s a jovial sort of chap, doesn’t mean Randle suffers fools lightly. If you don’t pay full and proper attention to his safety run down, expect to be pulled up in front of everyone. This guy certainly won’t make the same mistake again.

“Folks if you are travelling with little ones today, or wives if you’re travelling with a husband with a headset on his head that’s not listening to me…oh, there he is…please make sure you help yourself out before you help the others.”