We’ve seen plenty of hilarious flight attendants attempting to add a touch of humour into the often monotonous flight safety announcements.

But this Southwest Airlines flight attendant is determined to make sure her passengers are kept entertained from take off to landing. Here’s her hilarious take on the final announcement (you know the one…we’ve landed safely, thanks for flying with us, enjoy your trip, etc, etc.).

First she goes in with a tried and tested, inexperienced pilot joke… “How about that for a landing? Not bad for his first day!”

This is swiftly followed by a location based quip… “On behalf of SouthWest Airlines and particularly this flight crew, we would love to welcome you to Maui….but we’re in Minneapolis.”

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Now we’re realised that this flight attendant is far from dull, we wouldn’t expect a standard “please stay seated until we land, blah, blah blah” would we? And she doesn’t disappoint!

“For your safety and the safety of those you may fall on, please remain seated with your seatbelts fastened, seat back and tray table in full upright position…” All seems pretty standard so far, right? Wait for it….

“….until Captain Kirk and Boy Wonder bring us to a screeching halt at the gate and turned off the fasten seatbelt sign.”

Before we can even catch our breath, she’s back in with another winning line… “Please be careful when opening over head bins because, you know, shift happens.”
As if this clip couldn’t get any better, it finishes with a shout out to two passengers on board - a pair of 75 year old twin gentlemen who have just completed their first ever flight.

Sadly the video cuts out before we get to see these two chaps, but we’re sure that, in this attendant’s capable hands, they had a great first flight!