When you’ve eventually settled in your seat after enduring airport queues, security checks, and a long wait in the departure lounge, the last thing you need is two village idiots kicking off and delaying your flight, right?

After all, there’s a time and a place for everything… and kicking off on a plane to a point where you have to be removed by the police is certainly not one of them.

Although it’s pretty hard to work out what’s going on here, there’s obviously an altercation of some sort. Whatever the reason, those involved have certainly got out of the wrong side of the bed!

At one point, the man in the blue shirt appears to lift his t-shirt over his face, you know the way little kids do when they smell something they don’t like. Maybe the man they were arguing with didn’t smell too good.  Who knows!

But bemused passengers were forced to endure what could only be described as school-yard bickering between two men and another passenger as the flight prepared for take off! Check out the woman sitting next to them – if looks could kill!

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It’s unclear whether they were intoxicated or not, but the two gentleman seemed to be enjoying the altercation and humiliating the passenger they were arguing with.

And after being asked repeatedly by passengers and crew to tone it down, the police were forced to intervene! And it definitely shut them both up!

First the man in the blue shirt was removed, making his way down the plane with a smirk that screamed – I’m not bothered but really am. And just when it looked like his partner in crime was getting off scot-free, the police arrived for him too! Hooray, there is justice in the world. Again, he was removed to the sound of passengers cheering and laughing – the shame!