Ever wondered what it’s like to be a fugitive in an airport? Waiting for your flight and hoping no-one notices that your face is plastered all over wanted posters and news reports.

Now imagine you find yourself in that same position only you haven’t done anything wrong and you didn’t even know you were ‘wanted’ until you saw your face staring back at you from a fellow passenger’s newspaper.

The lovely people at Nivea gave some unsuspecting passengers the opportunity to experience that very situation as part of a marketing campaign. Whether it’s effective in making them buy deodorant or not, it will certainly have got their heart rates going (and provided a little entertainment for the rest of us, of course).

 (Oh, and don’t be alarmed, this one’s in German, but don’t worry, you’ll get the gist!)

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Our first victim is sat, minding her own business in departures, when she glances up to see that the man sat opposite her is reading the newspaper. Imagine her surprise when she sees her own face staring back off the front page. She’s still absorbing this when a Breaking News report comes up on the screen with a photo of her, the headline ‘WANTED’, and a detailed description of her appearance.

The same thing happens to a further 5 passengers, all of whom look equally as confused, concerned, and bewildered.

Finally, two stern looking policeman arrive on the scene with an ominous looking box. “Excuse me, are you stressed?” The answer is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Of course these poor folk are stressed. They’ve just found out they’re wanted on a national, maybe even international basis!

When the passengers advise the policemen that, yes, they are in fact stressed, the officer opens up the large silver box. Surprise! It’s a handy can of deodorant. Bet you didn’t see that one coming!