You know that moment when you’re running for the bus and the driver closes his doors ready to drive off. So you bang on the doors and the windows praying that they’re kind enough to let you on, so you don’t have to endure the long wait for the next bus? We’ve all been there, right?

Well these two hopeful passengers took the same approach to their missed flight!

The two stranded passengers can be seen banging on the windows in the departure gate, as their plane prepares for take off below.

Now they’re waving their arms around. And they’re shouting, real loud. “Please open, please open”.

More banging. Bang, bang, bang “Please open. Please open.” They seem to think that if they shout and bang loud enough the pilot will hold the flight and let them board. Not the usual approach, but it’s worth a try, right?

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Concerned that the crew aren’t convinced he is a genuine passenger, the gentleman even adds in that he’s got a ticket (whilst waving his ticket in the air as evidence). But it looks like the only ticket these two can look forward to is a one way ticket back to the check in gate…to book a new flight.

Fed up of all the banding and shouting (these guys know how to make a racket), an airline worker goes over to the late comers to inform them that, even if the pilot could hear them, he’s actually not allowed to stop the flight to collect them.

The moral of the story? Allow plenty of time to get to the airport and through security. The last thing you want is to be left desperately banging on the window in the departure gate, hoping that the pilot will notice you and re-open his doors (hate to break it to you, but he won’t!).