Your friend is due to arrive at the airport and like a good friend, you’ve arranged to go and meet him when he lands. How do you greet him? You arrange a fake strip search, of course!

And that’s exactly what Australian social media sensation Shammi did to his friend Jackson as he landed at Brisbane airport. Maybe Jackson’s flight had been delayed and Shammi had nothing else to do but to come up with the extreme prank…or maybe he’s just that kind of guy.

The unsuspecting Jackson walks excitedly towards his (so-called) friend, filming as he goes, when he’s accosted by two fake strip search guards who inform him that they’ve received a tip off and they’re going to have to carry out a full strip search. At this point it’s fair to say Jackson looks far from impressed, some might say terrified - just look into his eyes, the fear is real

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Despite his protests that he’s just walked through the ‘screen thing’ (we can only assume he means the security scanner), he’s whisked off to a private room for the dreaded strip search.

5 minutes later, the door opens and we are greeted by the sight of Jackson, naked as the day he was born. The imposturous security guards exit the room with Jackson’s clothes in hand, as Shammi throws in a handful of small, lacy clothes for his understandably traumatised friend to put on.

Left to walk through arrivals in nothing but the teeniest, tiniest pair of hotpants and a bra, the poor chap is understandably humiliated, embarrassed, and enraged. Although you can’t deny that he pulls off the look pretty well!

Not surprisingly, Shammi received a shove and a punch when Jackson finally reached him. And, to be honest, he’s lucky to have got away so lightly.

Hopefully Jackson recovered from his unexpected encounter with the law. We’re pretty sure he gave plenty of other passengers a good laugh as they touched down in Brisbane!