Flying can be a stressful, tedious and loathsome experience, so it must have been a pleasant surprise on a recent Southwest Airlines flight to Las Vegas when this comedy duo showed up.

Delayed flights are one of the annoying aspects of modern air travel, another is the harassment faced by passengers as they are continually asked to purchase useless toot that no human being really requires, just so we can boost the airline's profits. We've all been on that budget flight to sunny Spain where robot-like cabin crew cruise up and down the aisle with added extras the airline bigwigs are desperate to flog. It really does seem to know no bounds; scratch cards, perfume, Paninis, booze, electric can openers, cuddly toys...

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Well, just when you thought you had seen it all, two air stewards on American airline, Southwest, took things to a whole new level. While keeping passengers entertained on the flight to 'Sin City', the pair presents the opportunity to purchase an onboard 'Vegas-style' wedding package for just $29.95.

Next up was some self-deprecation relating to the quality of service that was to be expected by those onboard. One of the stewards can be heard joking that neither he nor his colleague had ever won awards for customer service, "so that's the kinda service you're gonna get from us... if you wanna drink, get it yourself!" A novel approach I suppose, but at Flight Delay Claims 4 U we prefer to look after passengers a bit better than that; providing friendly advice and support for everyone.

When tasked with the more serious business of the pre-flight safety demonstration, the two flight attendants took a 'less than serious' approach to getting the message across – those life vests really do look like yellow toilets seats though, don't they?!

Funny sound effects accompany the demo and the show ends with the apparent peddling of 'flight announcement CDs' for the bargain price of $9.95, or 2 for $30!