SouthWest Airlines has earned a reputation for its fun-filled flight attendants who are truly committed to making the more mundane aspects of flying as entertaining as possible.

You may recognise these two particular chaps – they’ve become something of an internet phenomenon as more and more videos surface of them entertaining their passengers.

First up, these two jokers try to find ways to generate some additional cash for their employer…

“What is SouthWest Airlines doing in kind of a poor economy, to make a little extra money?”

“Well, as you know, SouthWest just bought another airline called AirTran. The bills are now due and we’re trying to figure out ways to increase revenue….If you’d like a flu shot during the flight, the cost is only 10 bucks. We’ve got the stuff from Wallgreens, we’ve got the gloves, we came to play!

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And he doesn’t just stop at flu shots. Frank then goes on to offer his Vegas-bound passengers their very own wedding ceremony… “And, because we’re a Las Vegas flight crew, if you’d like to get married to the person next to you, the cost is only $29.95. It’s a valid Las Vegas wedding, it lasts for 24 hours with an automatic annulment at the end.”

Not surprisingly, this receives plenty of laughter and applause from the passengers on board.

Now it’s time for some well-earned praise for one of the other flight attendants.

“We’ve got a new award. It’s kind of the best flight attendant of the month.” “We just got notification from our base in Las Vegas, that Brooke, the flight attendant in the centre there, just won the Prestigious Customer Service Award for being the best flight attendant out of 1,389. Wow.”

And she gets to work with these two every day - she’s a lucky girl!