Here we have a case of a flight attendant who’s prepared to go one step further to make sure his passengers have an enjoyable, entertaining, and frankly hilarious flight. This certainly isn’t the first time SouthWest Airlines have brought us a superstar attendant and we’re pretty sure it won’t be the last.

It all gets off to a normal start. Our attendant informs the passengers of all the usual flight details – duration, destination, eta, you know the drill.

But then it takes a far more entertaining twist. Rather than the usual introduction to the safety announcement, our attendant asks the passengers to turn their attention to his three ex-wives in the centre aisle who are going to point out the safety features of the aircraft.

“Now folks, in the event that you haven’t been in an automobile since 1942, these qualified ladies have to show you how to fasten a seatbelt. It really is extremely difficult so make sure you watch closely.”

At this point the passengers surely suspect that they’re in for a treat … and they certainly aren’t disappointed.

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But this superstar attendant isn’t just hilarious, he’s considerate too. Understanding that not all passengers will appreciate his humour, he advises them that there is, in fact, an alternative – “Now folks, if you don’t like the jokes that this service provides, there are 8 ways out of this plane so feel free to use them. Those signs on the ceiling and the disco lights on the floor shall lead you to the exits.”

He needn’t worry. The amount of laughter emerging from the cabin confirms that the passengers are lapping this up, no one’s going anywhere.

As he continues to run through the safety instructions, the attendant keeps up the same level of jest, informing the passengers that he’s noticed most of them could do with a little fashion consultation, and suggesting that the smokers visit the entertainment lounges on the wings.  

The performance ends with a rendition of a very special song.

If only all flights started in this hilarious manner!